Glue non-woven wallpaper: the video - how to stick to the ceiling

Glue non-woven wallpaper - Video: (33 photos) The process of the subtleties of


Table of contents

  • 1 Preparing walls
  • 2 Prepare strips
    • 2.1 thread
    • 2.2 direction stickers
  • 3 sticking
  • 4 Recommendations on the label of the Frisians
  • 5 preparation of the Frisians
  • 6 Summing up
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Glue non-woven wallpaper - photo and video, perhaps it is this request can be considered as the top-end segment in the construction. Why? Because such coatings have many advantages and have proven to be the best solution for the repair of a budget.

Before you start papering the walls of wallpaper you need to check all the rolls on the identity numbers manufacturer, to compare the series, batch number, state of the packaging and roll, as well as pay attention to the color and pattern.

sticky non-woven wallpaper videoRemember that the return to be a roll having manufacturing defects, and claims that relate to compensation for the damages suffered as a result of work performed, will not be accepted.

Preparing walls

Before decorated the walls with his own hands the surface to be cleaned. It will have to carefully remove the old paint, adhesive residue, paint and traces of the previous mark.

label non-woven wallpaper video

Preparing walls for wallpaper

Wall treated high absorbent primer.

Before mounting non-woven wallpaper, check that the wall be durable, smooth and dry. To ensure the smooth conduct thorough sanding and eliminate all the bumps and cracks.

Leave the surface to dry completely. Not recommended for the preparation and pasting at a temperature below 10 ° C and relative humidity greater than 65%.

Prepare strips


Measure and cut the roll to the web by adding to the upper and lower side band of 5-10 cm for further alignment. If you have a drawing canvas, you must clearly take into account the height of the report. Number each of the bands on the inside, and obey the numbering at gluing.

direction stickers

Sometimes the label is produced reversible method. Information about this is more common on the wallpaper, made in the USA.


  • DROP MATCH - necessary when fitting the pattern, the adjacent blade to move the entire height of the figure;
  • HALF - DROP - adjacent web shifted by half the height of the figure;
  • STRAIGHT MATCH - shift the adjacent blade with respect to the first revolution to a height of the pattern;
  • RANDOM MATCH - produce sticker without any adjustment.


Wallpapering on paper basis:

Video shows that the process is very similar to the label paper and vinyl except step glueing.

Ready glue is applied to the entire wall. We recommend the use of adhesive mixtures SEMI MURALE, Pufas, Ovalit M, Perfax Vinyl textile.

On average, per 1 m2 of glue is applied to 200 grams. From the moment of the distribution of the adhesive sticking to the fabric must be at least 5 minutes.

Further, the finished web is adhered to the surface and smoothen it thoroughly using a special spatula or brush, holding the top down.

The use of polyurethane stitching roller is not recommended for priglazhivaniya textile wallpapers, as it may damage the surface structure of the web.

Recommendations on the label of the Frisians

If the coating composition has a web and a frieze, it is recommended primarily to paste the base coat and only after complete drying of the frieze.

preparation of the Frisians

Before pasting apply glue on the reverse side of the frieze (use adhesive for nonabsorbent surfaces) and immediately stick to the surface of the web.


  1. Make sure that the adhesive layer are equally distributed over the entire surface.
  2. Do not use a large amount of glue.
  3. Make sure the glue did not get to the front of the canvas.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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