Color wallpaper for Feng Shui: a bedroom in the style of Provence, photo for an apartment, Japanese classic

Correctly chosen color of wallpaper for interior design on feng shui will help create harmony in the room Correctly chosen color of the interior design on Feng Shui will help create harmony in the room Modern apartment owners have begun to prefer a culture such as feng shui, which can and should harmoniously create a design that will delight the residentsAnd guests. It is in this culture that much is told about what a bedroom should be like, how to make so that only love, luck and mutual understanding enter the house. On how to choose the right wallpaper, read on.

    • Selecting wallpaper in the bedroom in the style of Provence
    • Feng Shui for the apartment: designer's advice
    • Japanese bedroom bedroom furniture: refinement and style
    • Choose wallpaper in a bedroom in Japanese style
    • Wallpapers in the bedroom for Feng Shui: selection rules
    • When to use classic wallpaper in the bedroom
    • Favorable colors for the bedroom( video)
    • Feng Shui wallpaper color( photo)

Select wallpaper in the bedroomIn the style of Provence

Some people prefer to have a Provence-style wallpaper in the bedroom, as this implies the use of exceptionally safe materials. In this style the advantage is given to all natural, shades, fabrics and, accordingly, the decoration of the walls.

From other styles, Provence is distinguished by the presence of pastel tones, metallized shades, and the absence of bright spots.

Often in the bedroom, decorated in the style of Provence, you need to paste wallpaper with a geometric pattern Often in a bedroom decorated in the style of Provence, you need to paste wallpaper with a geometric pattern

The best option is to use pistachio, terracotta, beige and lilac. Including blue flowers, no less popular colors for Provence, and ivory color. If you plan to finish the bedroom in the style of Provence, it is desirable to choose wallpaper with a small floral print, cage or textured plaster, or in other words, its imitation.

Feng Shui wallpaper for the apartment: designer's advice

There are a number of rules for feng shui, according to which you should choose wallpaper for the apartment and for each of its separate rooms.


  1. The bedroom should be finished in pink or dark red, which ignites the flame of passion between a man and a woman. If the bedroom is used by one person and only for rest, then the color of the wallpaper should be green, blue or beige.
  2. To maintain a favorable atmosphere in the children's room, it is preferable to choose yellow and green tones, with a brilliant effect. This is beneficial for the psyche, invigorates the baby and soothes it.
  3. For the bathroom and toilet green and blue colors are suitable, as a symbol of relaxation and appeasement.
  4. On feng shui, the living room is compared to the ground, since it is the land that bears all the relatives, it brings them closer, makes them stronger and gives them vitality. That is why it is worthwhile to make the living room warmer, lighter and more attractive, and also do not forget about the presence of flowers and comfortable furniture.

White wallpapers in the kitchen symbolize cleanliness and order White wallpaper in the kitchen symbolizes the cleanliness and order of the

The kitchen symbolizes metal, and therefore this room should have a color such as white. It is treated as purity. Do not use wallpaper for black kitchen decor, but red is acceptable, but in a minimal amount and much better to bring it into the room in the form of accessories, tools and supplies for cooking.

Japanese bedroom bedroom furniture: sophistication and style

Stylish wallpaper is wanted by anyone who does the finishing of their own bedroom, but what materials to choose if you want to make a room in the Japanese style?

If it is planned to finish in the real style of Japan, then it is worth paying attention to those wallpapers on which there are real Japanese drawings, in particular:

  • Hieroglyphs;
  • Cranes;
  • Branches of sakura and the like.

Not a bad option will be the choice of wallpaper for painting, which will be applied to the background, as well as a modest decor in the form of a cane or a tree.

Choosing wallpaper in a bedroom in Japanese style

The bedroom is the place where the Japanese style is often used. As a rule, bedrooms are covered with special wallpaper, and preference is given to natural light tones. Very often one can note the presence of one color in the decor of the entire room and in particular in accessories, but in different shades. For example, red, green, beige, brown, etc.

Real Japanese wallpaper is made on special looms or with hands.

The bedroom, decorated in Japanese style, looks very nice and interesting The bedroom, decorated in Japanese style, looks very nice and interesting.

The so-called clothes for walls are not always applied on them, which distinguishes the hand of the master from the banal machine for the production of a huge number of identical products. The highlight of Japanese handmade wallpaper is considered some negligence in the performance, for which they are valued all over the world.

Fen-shui bedroom wallpapers:

selection rules There is one important rule regarding bedroom finishing: it is strictly forbidden to use too bright and saturated colors. The bedroom should create a relaxing and relaxing atmosphere, so that a person can receive a charge of energy and vivacity. There is also an exception, which consists in choosing exactly the red wallpaper, but it concerns only young married couples to kindle the fire of love and not let it go out. It is worth noting that red can be not the main color of the wallpaper, but, as an addition in the form of a picture, or, the same picture on a light background. It is red that can stimulate the sensuality of the relationship between two people who have a passion for each other.

If you have a dislike for red, then you can choose peach or pink tones.

The presence of shades of red in the bedroom emphasizes the love and passion of two people The presence of shades of red in the bedroom emphasizes the love and passion of two people

The effect from them will not be so global, but will remain in a small fraction and besides, the walls will not cause irritation of the psyche and sleep disturbance. When choosing shades, it is first of all necessary to imagine in imagination what the room will look like, how it will affect consciousness, the situation and at all, to stay in it.

When to use classic wallpaper in the bedroom

Classic wallpaper will be relevant in any room and in particular in the bedroom. It is a classic - a symbol of peace, tranquility and lightness. Classics live, many centuries without changes and with each new century becomes more popular and young. This is what makes it completely immortal. The classic design of a bedroom does not at all imply the use of a light, monochrome tone, as it is boring and neutral.

At the moment, an excellent option for a bedroom in a classic style will be considered a material that depicts nature, flowers and animals.

Classic style is always relevant in the bedroom or in any other room Classic style is always relevant in the bedroom or in any other room.

This is how you can achieve peace, tranquility and bliss. The fashion colors of this season are white, the color of the bricks, and also transparent, but among the print, many began to prefer large flowers and cages.

If there is a desire to give preference to the classic coating on the walls, it is much better to avoid complex patterns that not only clutter up the perception, but also can clutter up space with their appearance. Do not choose mottled drawings that will stir up the emotional state of the household. In the classics is important exposure and most importantly elegance, which can be achieved using all of the above recommendations.

Favorable colors for the bedroom( video)

It is important to remember that each color has its own purpose and is chosen only after careful consideration otherwise you can create a repellent background instead of a comfortable interior, which will only bring discomfort and discontent.

Color Wallpaper of feng shui( photo)