As on gypsum cardboard glue tile: glue for tile, whether it is ceramic, sticker and styling, wall preparation

The technological process of laying tiles on plasterboard has its own characteristics and is much easier than on a concrete surface Technological process of laying tiles on gypsum board has its own features and is much easier than on a concrete surface. Drywall is a material used for interior finishing. It consists of several layers. It has the form of a "sandwich", that is, the filler-filler( gypsum) is between two sheets of very dense cardboard. Has a different thickness. It is advisable to use drywall of different thickness, choosing it based on the application in specific works.

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Plasterboard and tile: pros and cons

The material has many advantages, but there are also disadvantages.

First about the pros:

  1. Drywall is ideal for indoor use, including in apartments, as it is 100% environmentally friendly. The production of drywall does not use toxic substances.
  2. Drywall "breathes".Using such material in the interior of our own apartment, we greatly facilitate the air. After all, drywall absorbs excess moisture, or gives it away if the air in the room is dry. Thus, the microclimate of the room is regulated.
  3. Drywall is a versatile material. If you choose a material with enhanced properties, for example increased fire resistance, strength, the field of application will be significantly expanded. And you can be pleasantly surprised to find that the sheet of this material can be used not only to level the walls, but, for example, to create interior partitions.
  4. Drywall is very practical in use. When working with it, there is almost no debris left.

Drywall is an environmentally friendly material, therefore it can be used for interior decoration of any purpose Drywall is an environmentally friendly material, therefore it can be used for finishing any premises

And like any material, drywall has its drawbacks. During installation, you need to carefully read them and use the knowledge gained in practice.

What is the lack of material:

  1. Even the increased moisture resistance of drywall can not cope with the direct flow in the water. From a long stay in the water, it simply swells and floats. Significantly deteriorate the appearance.
  2. Despite the fact that drywall is considered a durable material, it is easy to damage, for example, a strong blow. It is necessary to take into account this nuance and strengthen additional structures that require special strength.
  3. The complexity of installation. If the drywall is not connected correctly, joints may be damaged. The processing of joints without observing the minimum technical standards can damage the entire structure. Or to lead to a gradual deformation.

The whole process begins with the selection of the material.

Adhesive for plasterboard

Choose adhesive according to the conditions and the required result.

Cement-based glue is a durable and inexpensive material used to fix ceramic tiles on a gypsum board base Cement-based glue is a durable and inexpensive material used for fixing ceramic tiles to plasterboard bases

Adhesive types:

  1. Elastic adhesive. Costly material, but it is considered stronger than all others. Produced by the manufacturers in a dry form, and in the form of already prepared solution. What form to buy, already ready or dry, is for the master to decide.
  2. Cement glue base. Very popular. Carefully read the instructions when diluting the solution. Use such glue is necessary on the pre-wetted surface of gypsum board. Avoid glue stains if the first row starts from the bottom. When used, a notched trowel is used. An economical option.
  3. "Liquid nails". Multifunctional adhesive. Used to connect surfaces of different structures. Water based. The use of this type of glue for the entire amount of work is not economically expedient. Spot application, correction of defects is more practical.
  4. Polyurethane and epoxy adhesives. Lay only on primed surface. Additionally it is a waterproofing device.

Can I glue the tiles on the drywall

When you do repairs in the apartment with your own hands, inevitably there are questions. And now the walls were plastered with plasterboard, and you doubt it. Is it possible to glue a tile on the surface of such a plan?If you take into account when working with tiles and plasterboard all the nuances do not violate the technology, then this method of decoration will seem to you practical.

The installation of ceramic tiles must be done only on moisture-resistant plasterboard The installation of ceramic tiles must be carried out only on moisture-resistant plasterboard

In spite of the fact which room is being decorated, the tile should be placed on a moisture-resistant plasterboard. All the structures must be strengthened to prevent deformation of joints from the weight of the tile.

Before work, you should carefully study all instructions, buy everything you need and preferably consult with a specialist. Choose a ceramic tile suitable for your interior. The tiles should not be large, first, because, with a small tile it is more convenient to work, and secondly, the weight of the small tile will allow the glue to hold it more firmly and to dry completely, which will prevent deformation of the joints.

The basic rule of laying tiles is to reduce the influence of subsequent rows of glued tiles over the first. Observance of intervals of at least one hour is a condition that is mandatory for execution. The time of glue drying is 24 hours. It is necessary to wait for the adhesive to dry completely before proceeding to the next stages of gluing ceramic tiles.

For better adhesion to the surface, no matter which adhesive you use, a primer is applied to the drywall. Equip yourself with a centimeter and a calculator. Responsibly consider the calculations, because it is necessary in order to decide from which part of the wall to begin to glue the ceramic tile.

How to paste a tile on a drywall

At the initial stage, set the level, nail the wooden bar from the bottom. Why is it necessary?A safely nailed bar acts as a support for the tile, which allows it to be protected from sliding down. And according to the calibrated nailed plank, it is possible to orientate with the gluing of ceramic tiles.

Laying of tiles on a gypsum board base is done in the same way as on any other surface Laying the tile on a gypsum board base is done in the same way as on any other surface

As mentioned earlier, carefully study the instructions. Use your measurements when calculating the amount of adhesive. To buy a solution it is necessary in an exact amount that nothing overshadowed and did not stop the process of gluing tiles.

There is no need to apply too thick a layer of glue, because the surface of drywall is flat.

It is necessary to press the tile against the surface covered with glue with effort. It is possible to use a hammer, but only with a rubber tip. The first row fits completely and with particular care, it is the first row that will become the standard and measure of all subsequent series. Use the usual building level, it should not be removed throughout the work. Control them every series, it will help to avoid unpleasant surprises. Tile trim is only a special tile, as the use of artisanal methods without the proper skill will lead to damage to the material. Mark a plastic cross at the corner of each tile.

We proceed to final finishing works only after the adhesive has dried. For grouting joints between ceramic tiles we use fugue. The color of a fugue depends on the interior or on personal preferences. It is important not only to glue the tile, but also to wipe it correctly. After drying the grout is covered with a finishing coat of water-repellent varnish.

Step by step: how to glue a tile on a drywall( video)

As you can see, it's not very difficult to cope with all the works. What glue the tile label will be made - for sure, you have already decided. How to prepare and paste - also know. I wish you success!