How to make a frame for plasterboard: the size of the wood and the installation, the correct attachment to the wall

The frame for gypsum board is the basis of the entire metal structure frame for gypsum board is the foundation of all metal construction In carrying out repair and decorating is often used such a modern material such as gypsum board, as it can be used not only to cover up irregularities in walls, but is fairly interesting and original designWhen carrying out the decoration of rooms, in particular such as: arches, alcoves, partitions, complex constructions of ceilings. Drywall has many advantages, because with the help of this material it is possible to translate into reality all the most daring and original ideas. The frame for gypsum cardboard, made of a profile allows you to mount an LED ribbon, built-in lamps or a classic chandelier.

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which may be the size of frames for plasterboard

frame applied for special niches in the room, which, when performed correctly BLke will find very unusual and original look. If you make a frame for plasterboard of metal profile on the ceiling, the ceiling in the resulting space can be very convenient to arrange ventilation pipes, electrical wiring, as well as to carry out insulation and soundproofing. If you want to carry out the installation of the frame for plasterboard alone, you will certainly need to know what size it should be, so the design was reliable and in service has not struck the man.

The reinforced frame must be made when constructing multi-level ceilings, since they have a sufficiently large weight The reinforced frame must be made when constructing multi-level ceilings, as they have a sufficiently large weight.

The gypsum board must be made in the case of:

  • Installation of interior partitions;
  • Wall leveling;
  • Finishing of the ceiling.

The most common size of the frame is 600x600 mm for one cell. Vertical and horizontal racks of metal profile are mounted in steps of 60 centimeters. This is the most optimal size of the structure, as it perfectly matches the dimensions of the sheets of plasterboard. For reliable fixing of drywall for one sheet, it is necessary to make three stands, so that 2 is at the edges of the sheet and one in the middle. In the event that you need to hang the shelves on the wall or the TV, the size of one cell should then be 400x400 mm.

Instructions how to make a frame for plasterboard with your own hands

If it is necessary to finish the walls and ceiling with sheets of gypsum board, then it will be right to start working with the mounting of the metal frame. And for the installation of the frame, it is necessary to pre-prepare the required materials and tools.

In particular:

  • metal profile;
  • Suspensions, screws, screws;
  • Insulation and more.

Before fixing the frame under the plasterboard to the wall or ceiling, it is necessary to carry out preliminary finishing works Before fixing the frame under the plasterboard to the wall or ceiling, it is necessary to perform preliminary finishing works.

When choosing sheets of drywall it is important to additionally take into account the room in which it is assembled. If you need to cover the ceiling or walls with sheets of plasterboard in the bathroom, in the kitchen or in the toilet, you need to choose a moisture-resistant material. If it is required to make a skeleton for sheathing and leveling of walls and ceilings, it is necessary to make a small indentation during its installation so that you can lay all the required communications, insulation and material for noise insulation.

After this, it is necessary to mark up the future structure and fix the guide profiles using self-tapping screws. Then you need to determine the location of the straight hangers, which will determine the position of each individual rack profile. At the final stage of the frame mounting under the gypsum boards, it is necessary to install the rack profiles. To ensure that the whole device is strong enough and stable, it is necessary to fasten direct suspensions, which will be guaranteed to provide a high level of strength and fastening will be more stable.

Important!Racks should be installed so that the joints of gipsokartonnyh sheets were directly to the middle of the profiles, so it is necessary to conduct competent markup taking into account the dimensions of sheets of gypsum board.

Types of frame for plasterboard

When creating a frame from a metal profile for the installation of drywall sheets, it is worth remembering that there may be a variety of types of such a structure.

In particular, such as:

  • Hard;
  • Floating;
  • Sliding.

All these options are great for creating completely any design, but they also have certain distinctive features.

A rigid frame is mounted directly to the wall, which ensures a more tight fit and attachment of drywall sheets The rigid frame is mounted directly to the wall, which guarantees more tight fit and fastening of the drywall sheets

The rigid frame can be:

  • Double;
  • Round;
  • Curved.

The floating skeleton can be mounted on absolutely any part of the house and does not have rigid faces. When creating such a product, special suspensions are used, which do not require any direct fixing to the wall, floor or ceiling. Such a frame can be assembled completely independently, but its subsequent fastening is almost impossible to perform, as it is very difficult to mount drywall sheets on a movable base.

Sliding frame for drywall sheets is used mainly in bathrooms, as it is suitable for moisture-resistant materials.

How to attach drywall to the wooden frame

Quite often, drywall sheets are attached to a wooden frame, since this material is quite simple to install.

To perform such a frame, you will need:

  • Drill;
  • Hacksaw or saw;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Metal corners;
  • Dowels;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Screwdriver.

To mount a wooden frame, you will need a diagram that specifies all the required dimensions, as well as places for the location of openings For the installation of the wooden frame, you will need a diagram that specifies all the required dimensions, and also indicates the locations for the opening of the aisles

When mounting the wooden frame, it is necessary to first attach the top and bottom straps. They need to be attached to the ceiling and floor using self-tapping screws.

After mounting the strapping, special vertical supports must be attached to them, and their correct positioning must be determined using a level. Between the executed vertical wooden racks it is necessary to fix horizontal rejki performing the function of support. After one side of the mounted partition is completely ready and sheathed, it is necessary to lay a special insulation, wiring and, if necessary, ventilation. After filling the free space, it is necessary to attach the sheets of gypsum board to the racks.

Instructions how to make a frame for plasterboard( video)

The frame made of a profile for the subsequent installation of drywall is quite simple to make, it is only necessary to apply a little effort.