Cutter for metal profile for gypsum board: GKL dissector, Matrix and Sparta, reviews and benefits

The cutter is necessary for easy and fast fixing of gypsum cardboard to a metal profile The cutter is necessary for easy and quick fixing of gypsum cardboard to the metal profile To date, gypsum board is considered to be simply an irreplaceable material that is used during repair work. With its help it is possible to construct the most various designs in absolutely any premise. However, drywall can not just be mounted on the surface of the ceiling, walls or make partitions from it. It is attached to the metal profile, for which you need a special tool - a cutter. The most important part of the cutter is the area for the connecting parts, which consists of a bit and a matrix. These two elements most often fail, which is why it is advisable to purchase components in advance, which will be suitable for all parameters. This tool is similar to an industrial stapler, but it lacks staples and instead has special petals. It is not necessary to replace the matrix very often, as this can lead to a malfunction of the tool. How to base the selection of the profile cutter for the drywall

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    It is very important to choose the right Prosekatel for metal profile, as the installation of sheets of drywall with it will have to work quite often. That is why, to ensure that the tool has served as long as possible, it is necessary to pay attention to its quality.

    The cutter for the metal profile for drywall sheets has a fairly simple device and consists of:

    • Two elongated handles;
    • Working part;
    • Connecting parts.

    Depending on the material with which this tool will work, the thickness of the holes is different. For example, a cutter with a reinforced mechanism can make holes 1.5 mm thick, and the simplest manual models are only 0.55 mm thick. Taking into account all the available tool characteristics, it is possible to select a cutter for profiles with the required parameters and obtain the required result.

    When choosing a cutter, you need to consider the materials for which this tool is intended When selecting a cutter, it is necessary to take into account for what materials this tool will be used.

    When choosing the most suitable model, it should be taken into account that the cutter can be:

    • Manual;
    • Machine;
    • Pneumatic.

    The pneumatic tool helps to connect several elements together, bend or opposite, to bend the frame or cut corners. The hand tool is used for the same purposes as the pneumatic, but it is mainly used for repair work.

    All these models differ from each other in power, the manufacturer and the range of applications. All cutters are small in size, which provides special convenience when working with the tool. A stronger version of the tool is used to work with sturdy materials. Its special design provides a sufficiently good strength, due to which the tool serves for a long time, and the cutting part can be very simply replaced if necessary.

    In addition, there can be professional models of the tool that are used in the process of redevelopment of the premises and during repair and finishing works. It is worth noting that the cost of such tools is quite high, so they are used exclusively by professional builders.

    When selecting the most suitable tool, you must first determine the scope of its application, and also proceed from the requirements that are imposed on this tool. If it is necessary to conduct various construction and repair works, then it is necessary to acquire several cutters at once to work with different tools and materials, depending on their strength. This will save considerable time and make the work more qualitative.

    Rules for working with a cutter for drywall

    Working with a dissector for a metal profile when working with gypsum board is quite simple and even the most inexperienced person can handle this job.

    The cutter for the metal profile works as follows:

    • It is necessary to put the tool in the required place;
    • Dilute the handle and mark the place for the future hole;
    • Quickly move the handles;
    • Remove the tool.

    To extend the life of the gypsum cardboard cutter, it must be regularly lubricated with engine oil To prolong the service life of the gypsum cardboard cutter it is necessary to lubricate it regularly with machine oil

    As a result of all these manipulations, the two metal profiles will join together and a furrow will form in their place. The tool has parts such as a die and a punch. They can be easily replaced if it is necessary to make holes of different sizes. That is why it is best to immediately purchase additional kits so that you can perform different levels of complexity depending on the density of the material.

    Important!The joining of the profiles with the help of the cutter is carried out quite firmly, therefore the frame fixed in this way can withstand even the strongest loads.

    Why do I need a cutter for GKL

    ? The work related to gypsum cardboard requires the presence of a metal profile. To make the finished metal structure a single whole, it is necessary to use special tools for the connection.

    Professional cutter for metal profile when working with drywall sheets is simply necessary for:

    • Carrying out work when erecting partitions from gypsum board;
    • Complete room redevelopment;
    • Wall and ceiling finishes.

    The cutter is required for the installation of any metal frame structure used to install gypsum board The cutter is required for the installation of any metal frame structure used for installing the drywall

    Using the cutter profiles during work, the profiles can be fastened together. With the help of a cutter for the metal profile, it is easy to quickly and easily assemble the required parts of the frame. This tool is simply indispensable in the construction of the required interior partitions, decoration of walls, redevelopment of the premises.

    When carrying out repair and finishing works, the most important thing is to observe all the required rules for using this tool, since only in this case it is possible to obtain a guaranteed good result.

    Customer feedback on GKL sifters and recommendations from

    specialists. The binder is a fairly easy to use and reliable tool that has good reviews from both users and professionals. However, there are certain nuances that must be paid attention when purchasing this tool.

    In particular, it is necessary: ​​

    • Immediately obtain a set of replacement parts;
    • In case of a breakdown, consult a specialist;
    • Choose models of exclusively proven manufacturers.

    The prosector works on the principle of an ordinary stapler, which is why it is not difficult to handle it The cutter operates on the principle of a conventional stapler, which is why it is easy to handle with it

    The customer feedback on the Matrix sifter suggests that this is a very good and reliable tool that can last for a long time without specialProblems.

    Here are some of the feedbacks:

    1. This tool has a very good quality and is used for the installation of metal products under gypsum board. Another good dissector is Sparta products, which have a good price-quality ratio and completely satisfy all the customers' requests. Vyacheslav, Moscow.
    2. I bought a cutter company Matrix, was very pleased, as it began to work twice as fast, and the mounts turned out to be reliable. I think that this tool can not be dispensed with. Constantine, Perm.
    3. Installs a partition of gypsum board using a cutter. The difference in saving time and self-tapping is simply enormous, I recommend this tool to everyone. Nikolay, Omsk.

    Advantages and disadvantages of gypsum cardboard cutters

    The cutter for the metal profile for the installation of drywall sheets is used in finishing work.

    This tool is simply indispensable and has the following advantages:

    • Joins the frame elements without unevenness and dents;
    • There is no need to use additional connecting elements;
    • You can save considerable time during installation.

    When working with the cutter for metal profiles for gypsum board, the holes obtained are guaranteed to be perfectly flat, with smooth edges and the correct shape.

    All the holes have perfectly smooth edges, they do not have any roughness, therefore the metal profile is notRequires additional processing. When working with this tool, you do not need to do additional marking for the subsequent hole making, and the tool does not need electricity at all.

    The dissector for the metal profile when working with gypsum boards has a lot of advantages, because with it it is possible to significantly speed up the carrying out of all the required work, and it helps to avoid excessive deformation of the profile.

    However, this tool also has certain drawbacks, as some models are expensive, so few decide to purchase a cutter for repair work, since the costs thus increase.

    In addition, with frequent use and misuse, there can be a wide variety of tool failures that require expensive and time-consuming repairs.

    What is a cutter for the metal profile for gypsum board( video)

    The cutter for the metal profile under the sheets of drywall will help to make repair and construction work fast, high-quality, comfortable.