Fireplace with own hands from gypsum cardboard: photo how to draw a drawing, step by step instruction, frame in the apartment of an artificial fireplace

Add to the interior of the living room with a homemade false fireplace The interior of the living room can be supplemented with a homemade falsh-fireplace The fireplace in your own house is the dream of many families. Unfortunately, in a city apartment with central heating it is not always possible to build a full-fledged stone fireplace. In addition, the danger of operating the hearth with the living fire of many stops on the way to the cherished dream. For such cases, an excellent solution will be installing a fireplace from gypsum board. It is not too different from the present for design, and it can be assembled at home by almost everyone.

    • Fireplaces made of plasterboard: types and finishes
    • stepwise action plan: how to make a fireplace made of plasterboard
    • Creating a layout and drawing fire from drywall
    • Select tools and materials
    • Fireplace plasterboard theirHands: Step-by-step instruction for the master
    • Fireplace made of plasterboard: finishing and decoration
    • We make a fireplace from plasterboard with our own hands( video)
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Fireplaces made of plasterboard: types and finishes

The hearth of gypsum board only at first glance seems to be an idea purely decorative. Assembled on a strong metal profile frame and lined with plasterboard, it is able not only to please the eyes and inspire thoughts about evening gatherings by the fire, but also serve as a comfortable piece of furniture in the living room or bedroom. For example, on the serving portal of such a fireplace it is possible to equip a spacious bookshelf, put a collection on it if you are fond of collecting, or simply use it to store the necessary household things.

Fireplaces made of plasterboard can be made in many different styles and fit into the interior as a classical baroque apartments, as well as in ultra-high-tech, and it is quite naturally any fireplace will look in the interiors of the Art Nouveau style of Provence, rustic, eco and mixing them.

Quickly make yourself can be a fireplace made of drywall You can quickly make yourself a fireplace with plasterboard

Fireplace made of plasterboard can be not only a traditional form. For a small room, a compact corner fireplace is suitable, and a large space can be easily zoned with a protruding portal and a fireplace podium.

According to the method of manufacture, all artificial fireplaces from gypsum board can be divided into three groups: real ones, in which it is possible to install a real firebox for bio-fireplace;Conditional - the portal of which can serve as a place for placing an electric fireplace or a plasma screen;And symbolic, which in its essence perform only a decorative function.

Advantages of plasterboard fireplaces are as follows:

  • The cheapness of the material and the minimum set of tools: the creation will require the same set of materials and equipment as for any gypsum board construction;
  • Various options for decoration and decoration: artificial fireplaces can be tiled with a tile or natural stone, decorated with gypsum columns or paneled with lining - depending on the overall stylistics of the space;
  • Fireplaces made of plasterboard can take any shape at the request of the customer, they are easily assembled and dismantled, and if necessary, the design can simply be moved to another location;
  • If you do not plan to install a biofuel inside the portal, the fireplace will be absolutely safe for others. In the case of design of electrical equipment, candles or bio-fireplace, it is necessary simply to observe basic safety precautions.

Fireplace made of plasterboard is an excellent and very inexpensive variant of decor, which will equally decorate both a spacious living room and a cozy small bedroom. And if you decided to decorate the interior of your house with this design, it's worth starting with a step-by-step action plan.

Step-by-step action plan: how to make a fireplace from a drywall

Without a clear understanding of what should be the sequence of actions in preparation for the installation of false paper in the house and with the direct performance of work, it is very difficult to achieve a reliable and beautiful result in a short time. Therefore, we need to start with the most important: we choose the style of decoration of the fireplace, its location and "filling".

Location: in a spacious room it is best to place a fireplace in the middle of a long wall. In this case, it is possible at the same time to make out the false opening for greater reliability. In a small room, choose a corner structure. Precisely do not install an artificial fireplace in a hard-to-reach place where it will be difficult to get to. First of all, you should think about the design of the fireplace, and then make its frame from the profiles

You can design the style of design yourself, or navigate the photos of similar designs that can be found in large numbers on the Internet.

If you want to achieve maximum reliability, you can arrange a small bio fireplace in the falshkan. But in this case it will be necessary to use a special fireproof gypsum board and additional insulation of the inner walls of the portal with non-combustible materials, for example, asbestos or refractory bricks. Installation of bio-fireplace is desirable to be carried out together with a specialist.

The fireplace can be stuffed with anything: candles installed in the portal;Piles of books;Electronic photo frame, which will display the image of the flame;A plasma screen or an electric fireplace, disguised as a real fireplace.

Step-by-step plan for creating a fireplace from gypsum board:

  • Choose the appropriate option and transfer it to the drawing;
  • Create a layout;
  • We make the calculation of the necessary materials and produce their purchase;
  • We mount the frame from the profile;
  • We cover the frame with GKL sheets;
  • We carry out finishing work on the box;
  • We design the portal from the inside;
  • We are working on decorating the fireplace.

The first stage in the construction of a fireplace from gypsum board is a drawing. It will allow you to see exactly how to place the construction, understand its overall dimensions and detail the design.

Creating a layout and drawing of a fireplace from a gypsum board

Both a drawing and a fireplace layout should be made in full size. Stock up with a Whatman, ruler, protractor and pencils, and remember the basics of school drawing. Draw a sketch of the future hearth, draw the details and size each element of the future design.

In order to make the fireplace smooth and high-quality, experts first recommend developing a model of the future product In order for the fireplace to be smooth and quality, specialists first recommend developing a model of the future product

Try to depict not only the front view, but also the isometric projection of the fireplace. Then you need to try on the drawing for the future installation site.

If you have no questions, you can transfer the drawing to the fireplace layout.

The layout can be quickly and easily made from handy tools:

  1. Sheet of foam;
  2. Adhesive PVA;
  3. Paint knife;

Cut out the dimensions of the fireplace mock-up portal and attach it to the wall at the installation site. You will clearly see whether it is necessary to design a podium or a chimney above the fireplace under the fireplace, whether the parts of the structure are organically looked, whether it is necessary to modify the mantelpiece or to adjust the dimensions of the inner part.

Select the tool and materials

After all calculations are made, you can start making the fireplace itself. For this we need basic tools for working with plasterboard and a standard set of materials.

All the necessary tools and materials for installing the fireplace are available in specialized stores All necessary tools and materials for the installation of a false fireplace can be purchased at specialized stores

Tool and materials for creating a fireplace case from gypsum board:

  • Screwdriver;
  • Bulgarian or paint knife;
  • Shears for metal;
  • Impact drill;
  • Metal wall and rail profiles;
  • Plasterboard sheet( GCR or, more preferably, refractory GKLO);
  • Screws 6 x 60 and dowel-nails.

If it is not possible to buy entire stripes of profile, you can use the remains, or even collect a frame from racks or wooden bars. For the finishing works, reinforcing tape-serpyanka, painting net, putty and spatulas for work with it, a grater for nazhdachki, reinforcing corners are unequivocally useful.

Fireplace made of plasterboard by one's own hands: step by step instruction for the master

After all materials are purchased, the layout is built and tested in the place of the proposed installation of the fireplace, and the equipment is ready for work, you can begin the manufacturing process.

To ensure that the walls of the fireplace are perfectly flat and perpendicular to the floor, do not forget to use the level and plumb line when mounting. It is not superfluous to check also the coincidence of the lengths of diagonals in the finished construction - they should be equal.

You can install a beautiful gypsum plasterboard by yourself, the main thing is to familiarize yourself in advance with the instruction and advice of specialists You can install the beautiful drywall fireplace yourself, the main thing is to familiarize yourself in advance with the instruction and advice of

  • . We make the support frame from the wall and guide profiles( PS and PN), attach itOn the dowels to the wall at the installation site. On the frame we collect from this profile the skeleton of the portal.
  • From plasterboard and profiles separately we collect a fireplace podium and cut out a shelf. We mount the podium and the shelf to the fireplace box, the inner part of the portal is sewed with plasterboard, forming a furnace.
  • Carefully trim the corners of the structure with corners, glue the tape-serpyanku on the joints of sheets, ground and over cover with putty. After drying putty we rub the surface. Now you can start decorative works.
  • We paint from inside the furnace in a suitable color, if desired, you can cover it with asbestos or other heat-resistant material. The fireplace and the shelf are covered with selected finishing materials, decorated and decorated. Inside the firebox set the "stuffing".

After carrying out the basic works the fireplace needs to be given an individuality, that is, to decorate its decor. Ways to decorate the fireplace or decorate it under a certain style of the interior there is a lot. Let us consider only a few of them.

Plasterboard fireplace: finishing and decoration

The fireplace can be decorated not only with gypsum columns or rosettes. For its finishing, you can safely use almost any kind of finishing material, even, at first glance, absolutely not suitable for such a design.

Make a fake fireplace elegant and refined with a beautiful stucco molding You can make the fireplace elegant and refined with the help of beautiful stucco molding

Examples of decor of fireplaces made of plasterboard:

  • It will look good with glazed tiles "a la Russe" or tiles;
  • Glass or ceramic mosaic will also stylishly complement the decor of the fireplace;
  • You can give the fireplace a "primitive" look and decorate it with irregularly shaped stones;
  • Brick masonry will also complement the appearance of the fireplace, including, if the fire is repaired with a fire-brick red brick from the inside.

Any of the presented options can be successfully implemented with small investments in their housing.

We make a fireplace from plasterboard with our own hands( video)

A simple, but very beautiful fireplace made of plasterboard will give the house a noble, aristocratic look, create a family atmosphere and make the room much more cozy.

design fireplace made of plasterboard with their hands( photo in the interior)