Liquid wallpaper on gypsum cardboard: whether it is possible to apply, how to glue, video, preparation without plastering of walls, technology

Liquid wallpaper will help make the interior of the room colorful and original Liquid wallpaper will help make the interior of the room colorful and original Modern wallpaper is not always available in rolls. There are, for example, a completely unique kind of wallpaper, which is used in the form of liquid. Such liquid wallpaper today is gaining popularity not only among professional interior designers, but also among ordinary apartment owners who are trying to give their dwelling a noble and modern look - and with that, and with another function, liquid wallpapers cope superbly.

    • Can the liquid wallpaper be applied to the drywall
    • Wall preparation before applying liquid wallpaper to the drywall
    • How is the application of liquid wallpaper on the drywall
    • Liquid wallpaper on plasterboard: use cases in the design
    • Application of liquid wallpaper on gypsum board( video)

Is it possible to apply liquid wallpaper to the

drywall? As indoor repair is almost universally useddrywall, is a natural question is whether liquid wallpaper can be applied to him?Of course, after proper surface treatment, this variant of the decor will look great on the plasterboard structure. On a flat plane of a drywall sheet they will be simply applied.

Liquid wallpaper is inherently a dry composition based on cellulose, cotton, silk or a mixture of them, which is diluted with water. Any type of liquid wallpaper has its advantages and can be used in residential premises, including those that are designed for children.

Liquid wallpaper - this is an excellent material for wall finishing, which can be easily applied for plasterboard Liquid wallpaper is an excellent material for wall finishing, which can easily be used for plasterboard

Silk liquid wallpaper has the most aesthetic appearance, cotton - the most durable and resistant to wear, and cellulose are environmentally friendly.

Liquid wallpapers combine a number of advantages and only a few shortcomings, the most significant of which is the high cost of the material.

Main advantages of the material:

  • Low consumption of dry mixture over a large surface area;
  • Long shelf life in a sealed state;
  • No seams and overlaps, as opposed to conventional roll wallpaper;
  • Increased sound insulation and thermal insulation indoors;
  • Wide range of colors.

Liquid wallpaper as a finishing material suitable for any living space. They will decorate themselves with plasterboard structures and will be able to help realize any design idea in the interior design.

Preparation of walls before applying liquid wallpaper to

Drywall For the beginning of the finishing process, such materials and accessories will be needed: bucket, sickle, acrylic primer, rollers, water, putty, spatulas, water-based paint and nazhdachka.

At this stage, the liquid wallpaper itself is still too early to plant, as the preparation process can take from several hours to a day, depending on whether you want to pre-fill the entire drywall or stop at the seams.

Before you apply liquid wallpaper on the walls, you should first putty plasterboard surface Before you apply a liquid wallpaper to the walls, you first have to plaster the surface of the gypsum board

Liquid wallpaper is one of the types of wallpaper that can be glued to plasterboard without puttying. They do not require careful surface treatment and bring it to an ideal state.

Preparation of the wall starts from the anticorrosion treatment of the heads of screws and metal parts of the structure. If desired, this procedure can be omitted, but it will not be superfluous. As an anticorrosive can be used as special formulations, and oil paint, primer, lubricant WD-40.

Steps to prepare walls from gypsum board for applying liquid wallpaper:

  1. Pre-primer surface with acrylic primer;
  2. On the seams you need to glue the tape-serpyanku, on top of it we put a little diluted in water putty;
  3. Filler with cap screws;
  4. Let dry the putty and again coat the surface with a primer;
  5. When the primer dries, lightly sand the surface with a sandpaper;
  6. Final stage - we cover the surface with paint to smooth the tone.

The tone of the paint, depending on the desired effect, can be taken in the tone of the wallpaper, or the contrasting color - it will dry out after drying. After that, you can start preparing the mixture and work with the surface of the structure from the GCR or GKLV.

How is the application of liquid wallpaper on drywall

The main rule in working with liquid wallpaper: you need to follow the dilution instructions on the packaging carefully. Manufacturers use different technologies and use different materials for their manufacture, so there is no single advice on how to prepare the mixture, except that the capacity is better to take plastic, large volume, and water - comfortable for the master of temperature.

Liquid wallpaper is convenient because the drawbacks of their application can be easily corrected: it is enough just to wash off the defective area with water.

Liquid wallpaper is stored in a diluted form at a temperature of no more than 20 degrees Celsius to 5 days. So, you can immediately dilute a large amount of the mixture and apply it gradually.

The advantage of liquid wallpaper is that if you incorrectly apply wallpaper, you can simply rinse and try again The process of using liquid wallpaper:
  • Liquid wallpaper is applied evenly with a wide spatula( malka or smoothing hair), butIn contrast to putty, not in circular motions, but from wall to wall or from corner to corner, without stopping, otherwise there may be overlaps and visible irregularities.
  • Do not press on the spatula, otherwise the consumption of the mixture will be greater.
  • When the process of applying liquid wallpaper is over, they should be left to dry for 1-2 days with the windows closed for the first couple of hours.

Having finished the work on decorating with liquid wallpaper, you will be able to see the final result in the shortest possible time, which will surely become the "highlight" of your repair.

Liquid wallpaper on gypsum cardboard: use cases in design

It is possible to apply liquid wallpaper for decoration of gypsum board structures not only in the usual wall decoration format. They can be used to implement the most daring solutions!

Liquid wallpapers are perfect for finishing surfaces in various constructions of drywall Liquid wallpaper is perfect for finishing surfaces in various constructions of drywall

Ideas for using liquid wallpaper in decor:

  • Thanks to the flexible, plastic texture, liquid wallpaper can be used for decorating any curvilinear design ofGypsum plasterboard: arches, semi-arches, ceiling niches, wall niches;
  • Completely plasterboarded suspended ceiling with a decor of liquid wallpaper can become a masterpiece of design;
  • With liquid wallpaper of suitable color, you can simulate the texture of stone, sand, wood and other natural materials in the manufacture of decorative structures in the house.

This is only a small part of the use of liquid wallpaper for gypsum board decor in residential areas.

Drawing liquid wallpaper on gypsum board( video)

Fantasize, realize your ideas, try to use this wonderful finishing material, which is famous for its maintainability, ease of application and beauty. It never works out how good the material is, or how bad it is in various processes. Until you yourself try it in action.