Drywall production: profile and equipment, GCR machine tool in Russia, business plan for the production of the line

To date, drywall is a fairly popular material, which is often used in repair work To date, drywall is a fairly popular material that is often used in repair work In short, the plasterboard is a building material. Cardboard sheets, glued together with a plaster solution. They are additionally additionally reinforced with special additives. Such material has many advantages and advantages. Therefore, it is used for many purposes. It is light and waterproof, environmentally friendly and fire resistant. It is able to withstand various mechanical influences, does not miss noise, and most importantly, it is easy to work with. Drywall has high plastic data. It can not be compared with other materials in this case, due to the fact that it does not contain toxic additives.

    • Rules and features for the production of plasterboard profiles
    • Used equipment for the production of drywall
    • The working machine for the profile of gypsum board and its main operations
    • How is the production of drywall in Russia.
    • Drywall production process( video)

Rules and peculiarities of production of the profile for drywall

As a rule, the production of gypsum boards is made of galvanized steel of high quality. Two main technologies are used in the production process. It is cold bending and stamping metal.

In order to reliably install and fix gipsokartonnye sheets, you should buy only quality profiles that are made of galvanized steel In order to reliably fix and fix the gypsum boards, you should only buy quality profiles that are made of galvanized steel

The manufacturing process of the profile provides certain features:

  1. The raw material is galvanized steel in thin sheets. All requirements are controlled by GOST.
  2. Workpiece thickness is no more than 0.65 mm. Each equipment that is used to make a profile works with the parameters set. They can not be exceeded so as not to disable the working machine.
  3. The width of the suspension is from 120 to 180 mm. There is equipment that can work with higher parameters, but such installations are more expensive.
  4. The finished product is a maximum of 6 m. Depending on the size of the receiving table on the machine, there may be more. And at the same time, the cardinal settings of the production line do not have to be changed.

Generally, gypsum boards are used to construct columns or partitions, arches or structures that will not be carriers.

The drywall production line is a continuous process chain.

GKL is also used for repairing wall defects, finishing communications. It occurs when installing ceiling levels, shelves or niches. Sometimes it is used to build theatrical scenery or pieces of furniture in the form of small racks and lockers.

Used equipment for the production of drywall

The process itself is not as complex as it seems at first glance. This allows you to use the idea to start your own business, and do not require large financial costs, compared with other construction areas.

Please note!You can start with equipment that has already been in use, which will significantly reduce the size of the investment.

However, you still have to spend, as in any other undertaking. Let's consider in detail, on what exactly, and where it is possible, if it will turn out, to save.

It is not difficult to produce gipsokartonnye sheets, the main thing is to get acquainted with the technology of their production and study the safety rules It is not difficult to produce gypsum boards, the main thing is to familiarize yourself with the technology of their production and learn the safety rules

Special equipment is required for work:

  1. Installation to prepare a gypsum mixture.
  2. Equipment that constantly feeds cardboard to the shaper.
  3. Self shaper. At this stage, the sheets are created.
  4. Installation - conveyor. It forms the thickness and profile of the gypsum board. All parameters are created.
  5. Equipment for cutting GCR with the help of a guillotine.
  6. A conveyor that moves these sheets to the console installation.
  7. Console conveyor spreads the sheets and sends them to dry.
  8. The dryer conveyor moves the products slowly to dry them thoroughly.
  9. Roller conveyor, here the sheets are delivered in turn, and are transferred to the packaging.
  10. Automatic control system allows you to monitor all of the above stages of production. So that the amount of water and gypsum is accurate, as well as the movement.
  11. The sheets are dried with hot air or with heat-conducting oil.

From this we can conclude that the production machine is a mini-factory. If production is carried out in small volumes, then there will be enough GKL-0.2 equipment. Using it, you can produce up to 200 sheets of finished material per day.

The working machine for the profile of gypsum board and its basic operations

In addition to all production stages, the control system takes part in the production of the profile. This is a necessary condition of work. The system is supplied with all other equipment. As a rule, its work is controlled and implemented at the expense of software.

Get high-quality products in a short time can be obtained by automating the production of

The equipment for the construction is slightly different, but the essence of the work remains unchanged:

  • Uncoiler. With its help, the tape blank is fed for processing. Most of the machines are cantilever unwinders. Their feature is the automatic feeding of parts for bending.
  • The main line is a rolling mill where profiling of the workpiece takes place. At this stage, profiles of one or different sizes can be manufactured. For this, the equipment does not need to be reconfigured. If the production is large, then the second option is preferable.
  • Pneumatic scissors act as cutting equipment. At this stage, the guide billets are cut to the specified parameters.
  • The last stage of production is a reception desk, where all the finished products are assembled.

Automated control allows you to get the highest quality products. All because the human factor is completely excluded.

How is gypsum board produced in Russia.

The production business in Russia for manufacturing GKL is a little more modest in terms of volumes, if compared with foreign companies. A business plan is being developed, and entrepreneurs with small volumes of production.

The largest producer of drywall is located in Volgograd.

Due to the active construction in Russia, the demand for gypsum board products is constantly growing. If you carefully consider the business plan for gypsum board production, you can see obvious advantages.

Drywall of both domestic and foreign production is characterized by high quality and practicality Drywall of both domestic and foreign production is characterized by high quality and practicality

Two of them stand out:

  1. Firstly, this is a high profitability. The cost of production will be the same as in large enterprises. But the number of employees is less, consumed electricity will be needed less.
  2. Secondly, an affordable price, even for a small plant, the investment of which will pay off in maximum for 18 months of work.

This is quite enough to reflect on the development of your own business, and, perhaps, to compete with the leaders in the market.

Drywall production process( video)

Drawing attention to all the features of the production process, we can say with full confidence that the production will pay off quickly, if you do it yourself, open your business. But the work will require serious investments: equipment, material, business plan. This is the only way to enter the production market, and prove yourself to the consumer.