Than cut drywall: milling cutter at home, saw correctly, profile cutting, tool, better with your own hands

To work with gypsum board it is better to choose high-quality and practical tools For work with gypsum board it is better to choose high-quality and practical tools Gypsum boards are appearing more and more often in our houses, offices, schools, shops. .. this can be a simple partition or a decorative element of any type. When assembling any element of the interior from the GCR, you need to cut the material( even with simple partitions and ceilings).What does the drywall cut and what additional tools are needed for this, how many ways are there?These and other questions will be answered in this article.

    • How to cut drywall or what for this there is a tool
    • Wallboard drywall: how to cut correctly
    • How to cut drywall: make holes
    • Tool: how to cut drywall at home
    • Tool overview: How to cut drywall( video)

How to cut drywall or what is the tool for this

A professional installer will always find a way to cut a sheet or fromTo cut its part. Even if the main purpose tool has failed during operation. But in addition to cutting objects, an auxiliary tool is also needed.

Before you start working with gipsokartonnymi sheets, you should prepare all the necessary tools and materials in advance Before starting to work with gypsum board, it is necessary to prepare all necessary tools and materials in advance

What is needed for cutting gypsum board:

  1. Construction knife. It is very similar to a clerical knife( both externally and by the mechanism of the device), however, it is more durable. With long-term use, the only part that breaks down is the blade, which is easy to replace. This tool, regardless of the company and the manufacturer, is very versatile, so you do not have to pick up blades of a certain brand. Sheet GKL can be cut and clerical knife, if this is required once.
  2. Hacksaw for gypsum cardboard. This is an object with a narrow blade and jagged edges up to 18 cm long, looks like a kitchen knife-saw, as its blade is soldered into the handle. The fabric is made of high-strength steel, so you can do straight and curly cuts without much effort with a knife. It is lightweight, compact and very easy to use. This knife is versatile, because in addition to GKL, it can easily handle small wooden billets. The tooth shape of the knife on the gypsum board can be different, depending on the company. But this does not significantly affect the process of cutting the material itself. At home, GKL can be cut with a simple hacksaw for metal, but this is not easy and it should be done with extreme caution.
  3. Electric jigsaw. This tool is more used for cutting wood, MDF, chipboard, fiberboard, OSB, etc., but if you install metal blades( which have smaller teeth), everything will turn out. The blade with small teeth does not tear the cardboard layer of the sheet and the chips will be smaller. Electric jigsaw can be made both straight and curly slits.
  4. Plane. This tool is not used to cut a sheet or cut a certain element of an erected structure, but at the final stage. The handle for chamfering or simple roughing, the places of cuts of sheet drywall are processed. This is necessary for further processing of joints.
  5. Roulette, pencil, ruler. To accurately and smoothly cut a sheet, accurate metering and marking are required. Especially when it comes to figured items for decoration. For a straight line, instead of a ruler and a pencil, you can use a padded thread, but with figured markings you'll have to work hard. If you need to cut an even circle, the pencil is tied to a rope, the other end of which is fixed in the middle of the sheet and this device is used according to the principle of the compass. In the same way, the semicircular bends are marked out, where the length of the rope depends on the radius of the circle.

A drill or electric drill with special nozzles is used to make holes in the plasterboard. For example, for outlets, switches, etc. Let's consider this type of instrument in more detail.

How is the

plasterboard used?

For drilling holes of any geometric shape and grooves, as well as processing the edges of a sheet of gypsum board, a disk or shaped router is used. The disk milling cutter is capable of making only grooves, but the second option is better due to its versatility: in addition to grooves, it is able to cut holes of any geometric shape, as well as to process the edge of the sheet.

In order to quickly make a hole in the plasterboard, you can use a special router In order to quickly make a hole in the drywall, you can use a special milling cutter

Milling is the processing of any material by cutting. Often, the cutter is replaced with a conventional electric drill with appropriate nozzles of different diameters( depending on what purpose the hole is for).

Mills have certain varieties. To make radius and rounded surfaces, use a U-shaped tool, and for sharp angles - V-shaped cutters.

Wall plasterboard: how to cut properly

Any kind of drywall has a certain structure. As a rule, it is a gypsum core or filler, which is pasted on all sides with strong cardboard. Depending on the type of material, the cardboard and filler may have a different structure, but this does not affect the cutting methods. For an even cut, it's enough to walk through the sheet with a knife for GKL and make a break.

Make a smooth cut

Before you cut a sheet of drywall, you need to make an accurate markup, draw a line. Next, apply along any drawn line any smooth object( ruler, rule or profile) and hold a knife along the line several times. You need to do this without jerks, sure that the chipped and notch in the material is not formed.

Precise marking on the sheet will help properly and smoothly cut drywall Precise marking on the sheet will help correctly and smoothly cut the drywall

To ensure that the cut does not turn out to be curved, the ruler must be kept exactly and in one position.

You can cut gypsum cardboard on the floor, or leaning against the wall. The main condition is that the cut is perfectly smooth, otherwise it will not be possible to break the sheet correctly. How to properly make a breakdown?To do this, flip the sheet and bend it in half along the cutting line, and then pass the knife along the resulting bend on the cardboard.

Figured cutting

If the elements of the future design assume smooth lines and bends, the material is cut using an electric jigsaw or metal hacksaw( which is much more difficult).In order to cut an element with rounded shapes, the sheet needs to be spread out on the table. The edge of the sheet should hang over the floor. After the exact marking has been done, an electric jigsaw is made along the drawn line, it should be done from yourself, and not to yourself, so that the electric tool does not cause injury.

How to cut drywall: make holes

Why do holes in plasterboard?Walls with niches, hatches for communications or the installation of distribution boxes, as well as podrozetnikov, all this involves making all sorts of holes GKL plates.

    1. The holes are rectangular or square in shape. First you need to determine the exact location on the sheet, where cutting is planned. With the help of an electric drill, 4 holes are drilled with a drill of large diameter, along the contour of the cut out figure. Then the opening is cut by an electric jigsaw through the holes made.
    2. Round hole. The most common method is the use of special crowns for an electric drill. The layout of the sheet is quite simple: note only the center of the future hole, making appropriate measurements. A crown with the necessary diameter is attached to the electric drill holder, the bit drill is placed on the mark, the average speed is selected and the hole is smoothly cut.

    It is important not to press the drill sharply, so that the bit does not get stuck in the material.

    Hand tool: how to cut drywall at home

    For even cutting the material, you can use even scissors or a simple blade, clerical or kitchen knife, using them on the principle of a knife on plasterboard. Figured cutting can be done with an ordinary metal hacksaw. The principle of its application is similar to using a jigsaw, but there are differences. You can start cutting the sheet with a whole hacksaw, but the handle does not enter the depth of the sheet, so it will have to be removed and continue cutting only with a blade.

    You can cut the drywall yourself, the main thing is to do it correctly and extremely accurately You can cut the plasterboard yourself, the main thing is to do it correctly and extremely neatly.

    The round holes can also be cut with a conventional knife, you need:

    • Mark the place of the slit from the front and back sides of the slab;
    • Identify the shape of the hole by circling the contour from both sides of the sheet;
    • With a knife, cut a layer of cardboard on both sides;
    • Lightly tap the gypsum with a mallet.

    In order to cut a hole in the installed sheet of drywall, a place is selected and a shape outline is drawn and a hacksaw is used for plasterboard.

    Tool overview: how to cut drywall( video)

    It's not always possible to cut a sheet of drywall perfectly from the first time. If you are not confident in your abilities, practice on the waste material so as not to spoil the whole sheet.

    Successful repair!