Nozzle for screwdriver for gypsum board: with Hilti shop, professional for twisting tape

If you decide to use gipokarton when repairing the room, then you can not do without a screwdriver If you decide to use gypsum cardboard when repairing a room, then you can not do without a screwdriver A large number of tools are used in the construction industry. Each of them has its own characteristics and performs a certain function. A necessary and useful tool is a screwdriver. It is used when working with screws, self-tapping screws, dowels. You can also drill holes with a screwdriver. A screwdriver attachment for gypsum cardboard will allow fastening certain fasteners as quickly as possible without damaging the surface of the GCR.This device works from the built-in rechargeable battery.

    • Screwdriver Drywall: species peculiarities
    • Tips for Choosing a screwdriver
    • screwdriver for drywall with a store: characteristics
    • Hilti: screwdriver for drywall
    • Types of nozzles on the screwdriver for drywall( video)

Screwdriver for gypsum board: Species features

Before proceeding with the use of drywall, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the basic functions and working rulesWith the device. A screwdriver consists of an engine that produces energy. The planetary gearbox turns this energy into a mechanical work.

You can get acquainted with the main types of screwdrivers in specialized shops You can familiarize yourself with the main types of screwdrivers in specialized stores

The device can not work without special attachments that are inserted into a specially designed cartridge.

Interchangeable attachments have one more name - a bit. They can be of a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The fastening part of the screwdriver can have a hexagonal recess, to which the additional attachments are attached.

Screwdriver types:

  • Rechargeable. Have no attachment to power supplies. They are valuable for their mobility and variability of use.
  • Networking. More powerful tools that require network power supplies. They are mostly used by professional masters.

Network screwdrivers have a number of differences. They have a depth clutch, which allows you to adjust the depth of screwing screws, as well as warns of the danger of tightening fasteners. Unlike rechargeable batteries, they have high capacity, which affects the speed of the skin of the surface to be trimmed. Demand also uses a corner screwdriver.

Tips for choosing a screwdriver

The choice of the tool always depends on the complexity of the work performed, as well as the experience of the master. To perform simple tasks, you can use a cordless screwdriver: it is convenient to work with it and move from place to place.

It should be noted that if construction works are performed often, it is best to choose in the network screwdriver: it will not discharge and will last much longer.

Before buying a screwdriver, be sure to pay attention to its quality and basic functionality Before buying a screwdriver, it is necessary to pay attention to its quality and basic functionality.

. If the cordless screwdriver is discharged, it is better to have a spare battery. At the same time, it's worth remembering that models of a screwdriver become obsolete, therefore, after a while, it can be extremely problematic to buy a new charge for it. When buying a screwdriver, you should pay attention to the characteristics of a certain model.

What to look for:

  • Cord length. Do not buy a cord longer than 7.5 m.
  • Rotation. When working with gypsum board, you can use a screwdriver with a speed of 300 to 500 rpm.
  • Weight. It is important to consider your strengths and not to purchase a screwdriver, which is inconvenient and difficult to hold in your hand.

When choosing a tool, you should focus on your own experience. For example, you should not buy a screwdriver, which automatically feeds self-tapping screws, if the work with the tool occurs for the first time. For this, there are screwdrivers with a magnetic bit.

Screwdriver for gypsum board with magazine:

Modern tools greatly simplify construction work. A screwdriver with a magazine allows you to work much faster, while the construction process becomes very simple. A special tape containing self-tapping screws is inserted into the tool.

When choosing a screwdriver, special attention should be paid to the power of the tool When choosing a screwdriver, special attention is recommended by specialists to pay attention to the power of the

Important!Before proceeding, it is necessary to determine and adjust the depth with which the fastening materials will be immersed.

With this tool, the job is to hold the screwdriver: it does not even need to be guided. The store is recharged automatically, which allows you to not interrupt work. The main thing is that there is always a band change at your fingertips.

Screwdriver specifications:

  • The power of the network screwdriver is from 500 to 700 W.
  • Revolutions vary - from 2500 to 6000 revolutions per minute.

Specificity of the screwdriver depends largely on the number of revolutions per minute. Small revolutions indicate an increased torque. Screwdrivers with large turns screw screws almost instantly.

Hilti: Screwdriver for drywall

The Hilti brand is known among the builders. Tools from this manufacturer always differ in quality and convenience in work. Screwdrivers are sold in a beautifully designed suitcase with clasps.

The case is equipped with shelves. And simplifies the storage system instruction with reminders about the correct laying of the instrument.

The advantages of a quality screwdriver is that it is characterized by reliability and practicality The advantages of a quality screwdriver is that it is characterized by the reliability and practicality of the

Hilti screwdrivers are characterized by a quality assembly, rubberized overlays, fitted parts. The set includes waist hooks. The battery has an additional indicator that shows the level of charging.

Distinctive features:

  • High quality;
  • Reliability;
  • Convenience;
  • Acceptable cost.

When buying a screwdriver, it is important to pay attention to the nozzle-limiter. This is an important component, without which it is impossible to perform quality screwing. It is best to choose a nozzle with automatic feed of the tape. A popular tool is the rivet nozzle.

Kinds of screwdriver attachments for drywall( video)

Screwdriver is a tool you can not do without when working with plasterboard. This material is rather reliable, but prone to damage. Work with them should be extremely cautious. That's why you should carefully consider the choice of screwdriver and nozzles for it. It can be rechargeable or network. In many respects the choice of the tool depends on the experience of the master making repairs. A professional drill for twisting will help to make repairs quickly and simply.