Foam-glue for gypsum cardboard: mounting to the wall, penoplex can, video, with your hands on the surface of the slope

Using gypsum cardboard in the repair, it is necessary to buy foam-glue, which will help quickly glue the sheet to the surface Using gypsum cardboard for repairs, it's imperative to purchase a foam glue that will help fasten the sheet to the surface. Drywall is a very popular material that is used for walls and ceilings. It has a flat surface, which greatly simplifies the subsequent decorative decoration of the walls. Mount gypsum cardboard to the surface in many ways. One of them is foam-glue for drywall. It can save a lot of time when installing sheets, and also take up a minimum of space. To perform the installation correctly, you need to know the features of the material, its characteristics and methods of handling it.

    • Surface preparation before installation of gypsum board on foam
    • Drywall on mounting foam: what should I take into account
    • How to glue the plasterboard to the foam: steps
    • Is it necessary to glue the plasterboard on the mounting foam
    • Types of foam(For video)

Surface preparation before installation of gypsum board on foam

When deciding to mount plasterboard on a wall or ceiling with foam, With the peculiarities of this type of attachment. This is a convenient way to install sheets, since the wall surface can have deviations of different levels. For very large deviations, special guides are used to glue the sheets.

Before gluing drywall on the wall, experts recommend that the surface be cleaned and primed It is important to ensure that the foam is of high quality: its properties should appear immediately after application. Before using the surface


The fixing of plasterboard should be very reliable, since the properties of the foam affect its ability to push the material away from the wall. Finally, it is better to perform the preliminary surface preparation. Walls, ceiling and sheets must be primed.

Preparation steps:

  • Remove old trim from the wall.
  • Coat the wall with a primer.
  • Attach a sheet of plasterboard to the wall and drill 9 points.
  • Mark holes to drill holes for fastenings.

After the completion of the preparatory work, it is possible to start fixing the sheets of GKL.With self-installation experts recommend to start to install one sheet and allow it to dry. If the next day you are satisfied with the result, then you can continue to work.

Drywall for mounting foam: what's worth considering

You can install gypsum boards on a wall or ceiling in several ways. One of them involves fixing sheets with screws, pouring foam between the surface and plasterboard. Another option involves direct application of foam on the reverse side of the GCR.

If you decide to glue the drywall to the wall with mounting foam, then it is necessary to take into account the weight of the drywall sheet If you decide to glue the drywall to the wall with a mounting foam, then you should take into account the weight of the drywall

It is important to take care that the temperature of the can of foam is not lower than 5 degrees Celsius.

It is best to apply foam in zigzag lines with a diameter of 3 cm. After applying the foam, wait 5 minutes. After this, it is necessary to firmly press the sheet of plasterboard to the wall.

Things to consider:

  • Weight of drywall sheet;
  • Foam quality;External factors in the room.
  • .

After the sheets have dried, the seams and openings between the sheets must be sealed with putty. Unevenness and cracks can also be covered with foam. All work on the finish of plasterboard should be done no earlier than an hour after installation.

How to glue plasterboard to a penoplex: the work stages of

Penoplex is used to insulate walls inside a building. After installing the plates of the penoplex, it mounts plasterboard. It can be attached in many ways, one of them - to glue the sheets with glue or mounting foam.

You can paste the plasterboard sheet on the wall by yourself, the main thing is to know in advance the process of carrying out this kind of work You can paste the plasterboard sheet on the wall by yourself, the main thing is to familiarize yourself in advance with the process of carrying out this kind of work

The work should be done carefully: it is necessary to plan all the stages of the finishing process in advance.

You can achieve even wall gluing with special blocks that will support drywall sheets. Bars can be prepared in advance - they must be of different sizes. The technology of pasting is quite simple.

Steps of gluing plasterboard on penoplex:

  • Put the sheet on a flat surface.
  • Apply a glutinous solution in the form of piles.
  • Press the sheet against the wall.

When applying a solution, it is important to ensure that the distance between the bundles is uniform and small. Heaps are best done by little ones. It should be noted that the adhesive has the ability to quickly solidify, so it should be applied quickly.

Whether it is necessary to glue drywall on mounting foam

Many people are interested in the question: is it possible to glue the plasterboard to the wall or ceiling with the help of foam. Many masters today advise not to do this, because this process is quite painstaking. In addition, the quality of fastening sheets depends on the accuracy of the gluing and from the following instructions of the master.

In order to qualitatively and reliably paste drywall on the wall, it is better to seek help from specialists It is better to contact the

specialists in order to fix the drywall on the wall in a qualitative and reliable manner. It is important to take into account the fact that when sticking drywall to the foam, you should press the material against the wall for 15 minutes every hour.

It is also important to take into account that the foam has the property of expanding. It is necessary to carefully press the drywall to the surface, so that the foam does not "pushed" it. After gluing, there is a possibility that the sheets will be left behind.

Reasons not to glue drywall on the wall:

  • Long process;
  • It is possible the appearance of hillocks;
  • Probability of peeling off when doing wrong actions.

The mounting foam is a fairly strong material. That's why many masters use it to glue drywall. This avoids unnecessary construction work. The sticking itself takes a lot of time, especially if done by hand for the first time.

Types of foam-adhesive for gypsum board( video)

When we glue plasterboard sheets to the surface of a wall or ceiling, we must adhere to strict rules. It is important to properly perform the preparatory work: correctly draw a slope, make sure that the previous finish, paint and wallpaper, was removed. Only after this you can proceed to the main type of work. You should pay attention to the choice of foam-glue, since the quality depends on how the plasterboard is glued to the wall. Plastering drywall is a rather laborious process, but if it is done correctly, the finish keeps for a long time and reliably.