The underlay under the plasterboard: wooden how to make, the installation is correct, the installation step, from the profile under the GKL

Wooden crate - an excellent alternative to an expensive metal frame Wooden crate - an excellent alternative to the expensive metal frame Drywall is one of the most popular materials for finishing apartments. With its help, you can trim the walls and ceiling, make a redevelopment of the apartment and recreate a variety of arches. Drywall is installed in several ways, the most common of them is the attachment of this material to the crate, because it is under the sheets of plasterboard mounted in this way, you can place a heater and hide wires and communications. Today we will discuss all the subtleties of the plasterboard crate made of wood, and also we'll figure out how to make it with our own hands.

    • wooden crate for gypsum board: the nuances
    • When the wooden crate for plasterboard justified
    • preparatory stage prior to installation batten
    • How to make a crate under the drywall of wooden slats
    • assembly crate for gypsum board( video)

Wooden crate for drywall: nuances

Wooden crate is the very first way to establish a frame for gypsum board. Despite the fact that the wooden structures under the drywall are inferior to their strength metal, they are often used because of their ease of installation and low cost.

If you have the necessary planks left, the wooden crate will be almost free for you.

Of course, metal profiles are much stronger and more reliable, but if you still decide to make a frame for gypsum board in wood, you should know about some very important nuances.

Before the installation of a wooden crate, it is necessary to impregnate the wood with a special composition in order to avoid its rotting Before installing the wooden flooring, it is absolutely necessary to impregnate the wood with a special compound to prevent its rotting.

  • Since the wood boards have very low fire safety, they are not suitable for walling, Which you are going to conduct power lines.
  • With high humidity, the tree can swell and the crate will change shape, which will adversely affect the strength and appearance of gypsum boards.
  • There should not be any knots and cracks on the slats that you have chosen to install the frame, and the indicator of their humidity should not exceed.
  • You can not fix the curvature of the walls with the wooden crate, since the slats are mounted parallel to the base.
  • To avoid the unwholesome effect of mold, insects and rotting processes, wood should be treated with special compounds before use.

As you can see, the wooden crate is not the most reliable design, but if you correctly fulfill all the conditions of its installation, then it will last you long enough.

When the wooden crate for gypsum board is justified

Because of all the above-mentioned nuances, a crate for drywall, of such material, is not possible in every room. For example, a wooden frame should never be installed in the bathroom, as the drywall is cracked and deformed in a relatively short period of time.

Of course, from most of the negative properties of such a crate can be eliminated by processing slats with a mass of special expensive means, but then such a frame will become unprofitable for you.

Let's discuss the two cases where you can install a wooden crate for drywall using a minimum number of protective preparations.

Wooden crate under gypsum board is the best for a log house: in this case, you can not be afraid of the impact of moisture on the structure Wooden crate for gypsum board is the best for a log house: in this case, you can not be afraid of the effect of humidity on the


  • Wooden log cabins made of thick logs or glued wood are the best suited for the installation of frames from the same material. Wooden crate under the plasterboard perfectly interacts with logs, of which the house is built, with increasing humidity in the room, thick logs take on the main "blow", drawing moisture out of the carcass planks for GCR.
  • Rooms with perfectly smooth walls, too, can serve as the basis for a wooden crate. As it was said above, it will not be possible to level the walls with the help of a wooden frame, since any gap between the base surface and the bar significantly reduces the strength and the lifetime of the crate.

You can install a wooden crate without fear and doubt, if your house possesses at least one of these qualities, otherwise it would be more reasonable to make a lath under the GKL from a metal profile.

Preparatory stage for the installation of the

battens The preparation for the installation of the battens for plasterboard is purely symbolic. Before starting work, you need to remove all the furniture from the room and lay the floor with an oilcloth. If on the walls where you are going to install a wooden frame, there is an old finish, you need to get rid of it. Now, when all the excess is removed from the room, you can start preparing tools and materials.

For quick and accurate cutting of the rails, the electric jigsaw best suited For quick and precise cutting of the rails, the

is the best choice. Materials that you will need:

  • Screws;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Level of water or laser;
  • Roulette;
  • Padding thread;
  • Wooden slats;
  • Hacksaw.

If you have a jigsaw, use it instead of a hacksaw, with such a tool you will be able to cope with the cutting of the laths to the required lengths more quickly.

In principle, the purchase of the necessary materials and protection from wood dust of the floor and other surfaces is all the preparatory work you need to do.

How to make a crate for gypsum board from wooden slats

When all materials are ready and the wall is cleaned of old finishing materials, you can start erecting a wooden crate. Of course, it may seem to you that such a job is beyond your power and only a professional will cope with it, but following our advice, you will no doubt be able to install a frame for drywall yourself.

If you notice that the old plaster has cracked and falls from the walls, you will have to reinforce it with a new layer of cement, after which it needs to be applied to it with a primer coat.

The work on the installation of a wooden crate is composed of the marking of walls, the cutting of racks and their installation The work on the installation of the wooden flooring consists of the partitioning of the walls, the cutting of the rails and their installation

Step-by-step assembly:

  1. The first thing you need to do is marking under the crate. Use for this purpose a level, a tape measure and a chopstick. The distance between vertical lines should not exceed 60 cm, the distance between horizontal lines should not be more than 80 cm.
  2. Now cut the slats into the required lengths and treat them with protective compounds.
  3. Attach horizontal rails under the ceiling, and near the floor, not forgetting to leave a gap of 5 cm for the skirting.
  4. Install the vertical guides at the corners of the wall.
  5. If there is a window on the wall where you build the frame, it needs to be framed with wooden slats.
  6. Now you can start the basic work on the device of the battens: attach the cut-off bars to the marked vertical and horizontal lines.
  7. In the places where you want to hang any equipment, attach additional rails to strengthen the frame.
  8. The gypsum plasterboard of wood is ready. It remains to install on it sheets of drywall.

Ceiling on the ceiling is done on the same principle, but experts do not recommend installing on this surface wooden slats, because they will be too heavy load, and their service life will be short. The best choice for framing a gypsum plasterboard on the ceiling are metal profiles, they are more durable and versatile.

Assembling the plank for gypsum board( video)

The wooden crate under the gypsum board is inferior in all its properties to the metal frame, however if you set the goal to repair as soon as possible by investing in it the minimum sum of money - this option suits you best. Observe all the conditions for installing the battens from wood, take into account all the nuances, and you will get beautiful even walls decorated with plasterboard.