Installation of podrozetnikov in gypsum cardboard: the sizes of a crown, for GKL

Finish the plasterboard wall covering in two ways: install podzroetniki and make installation of sockets and switches You can finish the plasterboard wall covering in two ways: install outlets and install outlets and switches. One of the finishing stages of plasterboard wall covering is the installation of sub-wall panels and the installation of outlets and switches. This work does not take much time, as effort, it is simple enough that even a novice master can cope with it.

    • Escutcheon for GCR: characteristics
    • Escutcheon plasterboard: size boxes
    • Set Escutcheon for gypsum board: preparations
    • As set Escutcheon in plasterboard: work steps
    • Punching Escutcheon in plasterboard: Application features
    • We install ourselves: installation of sub-wallboards in gypsum board( video)

Dashboard for GCR: features

The pad for GCR is an important element in conducting electrical equipment in hollow walls, which is securely attached to the sheet and allows mounting any electrical structures - switches, sockets, sensors or switches.

An extensive range of electrical designs, from switches and sockets, to sensors and switches, can easily be mounted on the GCR, if you use an additional and important element - a dashboard A wide range of electrical structures, from switches and sockets to sensors and switches, can easily be mounted on the GCR, if you use an additional and important element -

"Glass" for gypsum board differs from others in the presence of special fasteners installedOn the screws. These fasteners are attached to the inner side of the wall. Only in this way can the glass be fixed securely, not with the putty solution, or with cement.

There are times when it is necessary to mount a row of 2 or 3 podrozetnik. In this case, you need to select "glasses" with connecting tunnels, through which the wire will be laid. In the case that you need to install only one juniper, these connections can be cut, since they can interfere with installation in the groove in the plasterboard. There is also a second option - you can purchase special connecting elements. These partitions are installed in the glasses immediately before they are mounted in the wall.

Use the level to install the juniper block to determine how well you have placed the "cups".

Socket for drywall: dimensions of the box

When assembling the junction box in the plasterboard, it is important to be able to choose it correctly. Of course, in any construction shop consultants can help with the choice, but it is better if you yourself know what the difference between the podzroetnikov and how not to make a mistake with the purchase.

Working with a jar is quite easy, if it is made of high-quality material, for example, self-extinguishing plastic It is quite easy to work with a piece of wood if it is made of high-quality material, for example, self-extinguishing plastic

The choice of jigs is:

  1. First of all, the junket must be made of good quality material. You can choose a dashboard of self-extinguishing plastic.
  2. Determine with the installation depth of the "glass".Standard podrozetnik has a depression of 50 mm, but in the market of building materials you can find a "glass" under the GKL depth from 45 to 73 mm.
  3. If it is necessary to install block sub-boxes, choose the type of construction you need - with connections or with removable connectors.
  4. Good reviews have a digest of Hegel, Legrand and Gusi.

When buying podrozetnikov it is desirable to immediately purchase switches and sockets, so that they were one firm and fit each other.

We install the subgrid for gypsum cardboard: preparatory work for

Before proceeding with drilling of walls and installation of sub-wallers, it is necessary to determine the location of future outlets and switches. Be sure to carefully consider the number of outlets - single or double.

Sockets and switches are mounted after the installation of podrozetnikov, but before you start to drill the walls Sockets and switches are mounted after installation of the sub-wall panels, but before starting work, it is necessary to drill the walls

. When this issue is resolved, you can directly go to preparing the walls for the installation of sub-wallers.

  1. In order to conduct a high-quality and proper installation of the juniper, it is necessary to prepare a wall. To better kept GCR form and does not crumble when cutting holes Escutcheon can apply a layer of filler on the drywall, thereby strengthening it.
  2. After drying putty, you need to draw a pencil in the pencil of the location of the future podrozetnik. Better all the layouts around the room to do immediately, so as not to be distracted then to this work.
  3. If you have a drill or a screwdriver, it is not superfluous to purchase a set of special nozzles for cutting holes in the plasterboard. Such a nozzle is called a "crown", it has a round shape with jagged ends. Crowns can be different dimeters - from 33 to 150 mm, but the standard size of the crown for the installation of podrozetnikov 68-70 mm. In the event that there is no drill or you can not buy a crown, you can make a hole with a conventional knife or a drill.
  4. The main thing is to cut out the hole for the jar. The capsule should sit tightly in the carved hole.
  5. The distance between the GCR and the native wall must be not less than 50 mm, otherwise the spade-box will not fit.
  6. When the hole is ready, reinforce the edges with a putty solution.

When working with a drill and bit, try not to push hard on the wall, any sudden movement can cause damage to the sheet.

How to install drywall in podrozetnik: milestones

So, Escutcheon hole is ready. You can proceed directly to the installation of the box.

In order to check the quality of the installation of the juniper, In order to check the quality Escutcheon installation, use level

Installation steps:

  1. Cut podrozetnik in a hole under the wire, pull it through the hole.
  2. In the hole in the gypsum cardboard we install the juniper.
  3. We check if the "glass" wiring is behind the gypsum cardboard wall.
  4. Screw the screws to the gypsum board.
  5. We check the installed level by level - it should be installed strictly horizontally.
  6. If the installation is correct, you can proceed with the installation of the socket or switch.

Important! When several Escutcheon one line necessary to adhere to the distance between centers of 71 mm

Punching Escutcheon in plasterboard: application features

To cut a hole in plasterboard sheet Escutcheon need special adaptation - crown( cutter).It is attached to a drill. The cutter looks like a drill with round nozzles, at the end of which there are teeth.

To create a hole under the juniper it is convenient to use a special tool - a bit( milling cutter) to create holes podrozetnik convenient to use a special device - a crown( cutter)

can distinguish 2 types of structures cutters on GCR:

  1. Sealed. One-piece metal glass with a drill and notches on the edge. Crowns have different sizes. For drilling drills, cutters with a diameter of 68-70 mm are used.
  2. Demountable. Consist of a set of nozzles of different diameters per drill bit. Such cutters can be used to drill not only openings for podzroetnikov, but also other necessary depressions.

When buying crowns, do not take the cheapest Chinese, they are short-lived and quickly sharpened teeth.

Mount themselves: Enclosures installation in drywall( video)

Nothing complicated to install drywall in podrozetnik not, if we approach this matter with the mind, and to do everything step by step and slowly. Any man with minimal electrical skills will be able to mount the sub-socket and all the electrical accessories offered to him.