Elevator for gypsum cardboard: with your own hands drawing, GKL brace Premol, device for carrying homemade

It is possible to quickly lift a plasterboard sheet by means of a special lift Quickly raise the gypsum board with the special lift. Gypsum board is a special material widely used for interior decoration; this building material consists of two sheets of thick special cardboard, between which there is a gypsum with a small amount of impurities.

    • How to make a gypsum board for yourself
    • Self-propelled gypsum board lifter: drawings and manufacturing process
    • Industrial production of lifts for GKL
    • Description of gypsum board girder
    • Gypsum board carrier: Tools
    • Overview of lifts for gypsum board( video)

How to make a gypsum board for yourself

With the help of liftingika for gypsum board, can not only raise a certain height of the material, but also allows you to raise a plaster board to the desired level, and lock it in position for subsequent mounting.

These lifts are manufactured by industry, and they are divided into several types.

The advantage of the gypsum board lift is that it will allow you to lift the sheet to the ceiling without assistance The advantage of the gypsum board is that it allows you to lift the sheet to the ceiling without assistance

But in order to save money, you can make a self-made lift:

  1. The ceiling lift is made of beams. The length of 2 beams should be equal to the height from the floor to the metal structures, on which the plates of the GKL will be fixed. To them, a horizontal bar length of 1 m is pinned to the T-shaped from above and above, to strengthen the structure, the "kerchief" is a wooden spacer, from the horizontal to the vertical bar.
  2. The part that will be on the floor can be fastened together by two parallel bars, slightly longer than the GKL plate. You will only have to install it under the ceiling in the right place, lay a plasterboard on it, and then it will remain fixed to the metal profile.

This simple, self-made lift is considered to be the most convenient, and it belongs more to the GKL stand, but, nevertheless, it successfully copes with its task for lifting and holding the drywall at a certain height.

Self-propelled gypsum board lift: drawings and manufacturing process

The hoist can be assembled by hand, only for this purpose it is necessary to use drawings, on the basis of which it is possible to assemble almost any lift for GCR.In the drawings it is necessary not only to draw a future elevator, but also to indicate all its dimensions, and you can write a brief explanation.

In order to manufacture the lift yourself, it is necessary to prepare several pipe cuttings with different sections In order to manufacture the lift yourself, several cuts of pipes with different sections must be prepared.

Such drawings will help you to quickly and safely assemble the gypsum board, only certain materials will be needed:

  1. FirstMake a telescopic tripod, which is made of 3 scraps of pipes with a cross section of 40, 80, 60 mm. All trimmings of pipes are drilled through in several places so that the holes coincide, this is necessary in order to insert a stopper.
  2. Three to three metal legs are welded to the tripod for better stability, wheels can be attached to the legs, and a stop mechanism can be provided for them. A light metal H-shaped frame is welded to the top of the telescopic tripod.
  3. A winch with a system of blocks and cables or even strong ropes is attached to the base of the tripod so that it is easy to lift and lower the entire structure together with the gypsum board.

If the winch will be with a ratchet-lock mechanism, then holes in the pipes need not be drilled. This lift allows relatively easy and quick to help raise the GCR to the desired level, and secure it in the proper place.

Industrial production of lifts for GKL

In order to be able to lift the GKL plates alone, not only on the ceiling, but also on the walls, and to change the angle of the whole structure, you can purchase a factory elevator, for example, Premos.

Popular and in demand is the Premos lift Popular and in demand is the Premos

It has a number of advantages:

  1. Convenient in transportation, easy to fold and fold, compact, which allows it to be transported even in cars and light in weight.
  2. Allows you to lift GCR plates up to a height of 4 m, and can also, thanks to a special mechanism, lift the GCR plates not only in a vertical plane, but also horizontally and at different angles.
  3. In addition, this lift is suitable for mounting chandeliers or any roll materials. One person can operate the lift, the mechanism itself is not afraid of dust and dirt, and has a reliable and durable design.

It can be used in almost any room, including a small area, in this case the support area is reduced by folding a part of the supports, and with a large load, they are decomposed on the contrary, which increases its stability.

It can be used even on unprepared and uneven floors, thanks to the adjustment of individual supports.

Description of the

gypsum plaster board When installing the GKL boards, not only a lifter and other tools are required, but also a spacer that is also used for the installation of GKL plates. Spacer consists of two steel telescopic tubes with a rod for lifting. Also, this design is equipped with an annular clamp and stops made of rubberized plastic. The design provides a lever to release the previously fixed rod. This design is designed to hold GCR sheets in a vertical pressed state.

Before you buy a lift, be sure to familiarize yourself with its quality and functionality Before you buy a lift, you need to familiarize yourself with its quality and functionality

Using this tool, you can quickly mount a sheet of GCR, while it has a number of other positive qualities:

  1. MovableBase, which allows you to easily shift the GCR sheet in different directions in order to obtain high-quality joints between all sheets of GCR.There is the possibility of using not only walls, but ceilings.
  2. This device is lightweight, easy to use, and can be used even by people who do not have any special building skills. But at the same time, it is still necessary to observe certain security measures.

But one spacer when installing GCL plates is indispensable, especially if one person works, it is necessary to use at least 2, or even better, 3 spacers to fix the plates.

The device for carrying drywall: tools

Often, gipsokartonnye sheets are transferred by hand, but this is not entirely convenient, because they still have a lot of weight and size, and to carry them, you need at least 2 people. At the same time, there is a risk of breaking the gypsum board.

In addition, to move the drywall you can use special handles for carrying sheets In addition to moving the drywall, you can use special handles for carrying sheets

In order to transfer the GKL plates without problems, special gypsum board transfer systems should be used, these can be:

  1. Special carrying handles, With which you can transfer, as one sheet, and several at once, depending on the design. And, with the help of them, you can transfer sheets of GKL, both alone and singly.
  2. If the scope of the planned work is large, and many sheets of GCR are required to be transported, then it is best to use special three-wheeled carts to transport GCR sheets. Plates GKL are stacked on such carts on an edge, and are transported in a horizontal plane.

Overview of lifts for plasterboard( video)

The structures for transfer and transportation of gypsum boards can be very diverse, these can be frame and pedal lifts. A trolley with two wheels is placed along the same line as the stop. In some cases, you can use special straps that the person throws over his shoulder and back, and the GKL plates are inserted into the resulting loop, but this method requires two people, and allows you to transfer a small number of GCL plates.