Installation box for plasterboard: for outlets and schneider switches

Installation box for gypsum board is indispensable if you need to secure the communication system The choice of drywall for internal repair work is one of the most popular solutions. And this is due to the fact that the material is cheap, easy to handle, and allows you to realize a whole series of tasks. But when you use it, often forget some important nuances, including the use of special junction boxes.

    • What mounting box for gypsum board
    • Paired mounting elements are: box installation in drywall
    • How to mount the junction box
    • Options of the box frame
    • Mounting mounting boxes for plasterboard( video)

What is a mounting box for drywall

This device differs from its counterparts, that is, the mounting elements for conventional walls, not only in dimensions, But also the material from which it is made, as well as some features of the design. The installation box is differently called distributive, it assumes a special antennae, thanks to which the box is held in the cavity of the wall.

Many prefer to use the installation box for gypsum board, because it allows you to quickly and compactly hide the elements of the electricity network Many people prefer to use the gypsum cardboard box because it allows fast and compact concealment of the power supply elements

What is a standard device:

  • This is a standard box designed for hollow walls or the same GCR.It looks like a cylindrical object, which you need to fix inside the wall, so that you can then place the elements of the power network in it.
  • In the installation boxes, as already mentioned, there are special antennae that are attached to the screw, and they are fixed in the cavity, from the inside clamping. They can be both plastic and metal, there are no fundamental differences.
  • The devices will vary in size. Today you can choose any mounting box, with different diameter and depth. They, by the way, can be made for certain sockets, not only under the sockets of some manufacturer, but even under the model of the outlet.

If the junction box has a special cover, then it may have small errors in size. But only the mounting elements for instruments must strictly comply with the specified parameters. And if not, then there will be problems with the installation.

Pairing mounting elements: installation box in drywall

In modern construction markets you can easily find a box under the socket for GKL, which is made in two or even three sections for installation. This solution can be called practical, because you save time and money, and exploitation is greatly simplified.

Such devices can also be combined with plasterboard boxes for gypsum board with the necessary mounting elements for sockets and other devices. When choosing, be sure to look at the fact that the devices are free to be located in the paired sections. That is, they should not interfere with each other.

When choosing a box, you must pay attention to its quality and the material from which it was made When choosing the installation box, you must pay attention to its quality and the material from which it is made.

Note when selecting the material from which the switchbox is made. If you rely on safety, then it should preferably be a self-extinguishing plastic. That is, there will be a fire protection in case of a short circuit.

How to install the junction box

If you install this box with your own hands, observe the safety instructions. In particular, never connect electricity to the end of the installation work. And, of course, follow the step-by-step instructions.

Before proceeding with the installation of the junction box, you must first make a small hole in the wall of gypsum board Before proceeding with the installation of the junction box, it is first necessary to make a small hole in the wall of the gypsum board

Installation of the junction box:

  • Make holes in the drywall under the box. It would be nice to apply special crowns for this. Choose them according to the size of the mounting elements. You can also make a hole with a drill or a mounting knife.
  • Then, be sure to treat the edges of the hole with a solution of primer and putty. So you strengthen the seat.
  • Assembly is better done with a screwdriver. With its help, tighten the fasteners until the box itself is securely fixed in the wall.
  • Finishing stage - wall plastering. True, many masters do this already after processing the walls, which, however, does not change anything particularly with this fastening.

If you tighten the fastening bolts too tightly, there is a risk of damaging either the box or the drywall. So do not overdo it. As you can see, the installation is not complicated.

Variants of the box

It has already been said that this device is on sale in many variations. The main thing with which you must decide before buying, is the diameter and depth of the junction box. For what it's done - will save time when searching for the right box.

Boxes are available:

  • With cover / without cover;
  • Single-section / two-section / three-section.

There are various options for the installation box, which you can see on the Internet or in specialized stores There are various options for the box, which can be viewed on the Internet or in specialized stores

Single-box installation boxes are used less often. This is understandable, there is little practicality in such constructions. A multi-section device, which is interesting, and at a price more profitable than a one-piece box.

A parameter such as the distance between the centers of the radii of adjacent sections is necessarily taken into account. This parameter is taken into account and if you purchase an outlet or switch.

You can find on sale and such boxes that contain immediately and mounting elements for different appliances, the same outlet. Choose what is more convenient for you, what exactly will be used.

If to speak specifically about brands, then there is something to choose from. You can buy, for example, the design of the Schneider brand, the junction box of the sub-socket. This is a popular brand, which deservedly is in demand. But the price will not be the cheapest. Although you can find good analogs. You can consult with the masters about this.

Installation of the plasterboard installation box( video)

The purchase of the junction box is not a problem. There are plenty to choose from, there are a lot of video tutorials on how to install it. But be sure to use this device, which will secure the use of electrical communications, and make the appearance of the wall more aesthetic.

Successful selection!