Gypsum plasterboard sheets GOST: GKL and conformity certificate Knauf, SNiP

Drywall - a popular material for construction and finishing works Drywall is a popular material for construction and finishing works. Drywall is a modern material for interior decoration of buildings. At the moment this material is highly popular. Irreplaceable this material makes it a great opportunity and affordable pricing policy. GKL( gipsokartonnye sheets), these are irreplaceable materials in the work with the erection of window or door slopes, the leveling of curved surfaces and the creation of structures of various shapes. It should be considered in more detail what qualities a drywall should have in accordance with GOST standards.

    • Gypsum cardboard GOST: standards and qualities
    • Interstate standard in relation to GKL: GOST
    • Certificate of conformity GKL Knauf
    • What characteristics includes the certificate for GKL
    • Plasterboard varieties( video)

Gypsum board GOST: standards and qualities

Sheet of gypsum board, this product is of rectangular shape, which consists of gypsum pressed under the press of grade G4.The gypsum is glued on both sides with a thin layer of cardboard. Its size is 2500x120012.5 mm. In addition to the fact that gypsum and cellulose are used in the manufacture of the product, various adhesives and foaming components for gypsum can be added to it.

Drywall has a perfectly smooth and smooth surface, which gives it the opportunity to prove itself as a reinforcing frame, and the basis for finishing work.

It is impossible to talk about the technical characteristics of drywall as a whole, as they depend on the type of GCL.

According to the GOST standard, drywall sheets can be of several types According to the GOST standard, drywall sheets can be of several types

According to the standard GOST 6266-97, the following types of this material are distinguished:

  • Standard( this model is denoted by the GKL abbreviation);
  • Moisture-proof or GKLV;
  • Gypsum cardboard, which has fire resistance - GKLO and meets the standards of SNIP;
  • Drywall, which combines all the properties listed above - GKLVO.

Interstate standard in relation to GKL: GOST

Gypsum cardboard standard or standard, also called basic or construction, is used for finishing works in an apartment much more often than other types. This material is better than others to make repair and finishing work in the field of leveling walls and ceiling and wall lining. Gypsum cardboard of this type has a light gray surface color and is used only in those rooms where the moderate humidity of the air.

In 2012, an interstate standard on cooperation with the well-known Knauf firm was developed and adopted. According to the developed GOST 32614-2012, which was introduced into the territory of the Russian Federation only in 2015, plasterboard can be called gypsum building plates.

Plasterboard sheets, according to the interstate standard, are divided into 8 types According to the interstate standard, drywall sheets are divided into 8 types.

According to the newly created State Standard, this material is divided into 8 types:

  1. Type A, this is a drywall that corresponds to the standard drywall sheet;
  2. Type H - plates that differ in their moisture resistance;
  3. Type F - gypsum board, which is designed for fire resistance;
  4. Type D is a material that acquires the required durability, depending on conditions and application;
  5. Type I - plasterboard, which has an increased density;
  6. Type E is a façade type board that has low water absorption and minimal vapor permeability;
  7. Type P - Material that is designed for further plaster application or for laying slabs;
  8. Type R is a plate that has increased strength in case of bending in a certain direction.

Certificate of conformity GKL Knauf

What is meant by the word certificate?This is a special paper from Knauf, which confirms its rights to manufacture a certain product on the territory of the Russian Federation. The certificate and its scheme also confirm that a number of tests have been carried out with the object and corresponding protocols have been drawn up. Based on the results of the research, the manufacturer receives a special certificate that confirms the quality of the goods.

Knauf Company occupies one of the main places among manufacturers of building materials and is engaged in the supply of exceptionally high-quality products.

Knauf is known for its high-quality products Knauf Company is known for its high-quality products

The range of this company includes such products:

  • Metal-roll;
  • Drywall of various types and other products, which are based on gypsum;
  • Special plates that are used to create hanging ceilings;
  • Materials for thermal insulation;
  • Materials for noise insulation;
  • Materials for finishing works connected with walls;
  • Self-leveling floors.

What characteristics includes the GKL certificate

As mentioned above, the GLC from Knauf is of several types.


  • Normal;
  • Fibrous;
  • Waterproof;
  • Fire-resistant;
  • Combined( combination of moisture resistance with fire resistance).

Each plasterboard of the varieties above has a number of characteristics that are confirmed by certificates of conformity.

For each type of drywall, depending on its characteristics, there is a certificate of conformity For each type of drywall, depending on its characteristics, there is a certificate of conformity

The most popular is the super sheet of Knauf.

This material has not only increased strength, but also special resistance to wear, all technical and temperature conditions are suitable for it.

Its other technical characteristics are impressive:

  • This sheet has increased fire resistance;
  • Can "breathe";
  • It excludes poisonous substances;
  • It is easily amenable to all kinds of processing;
  • Complies with all standards that the world puts forward.

This GCR can be used not only for the construction of walls, but also for finishing the floor.

Kinds of plasterboard( video)

During the purchase of materials for repair, it is best to go to a special construction store. However, just buying the necessary material is not enough. Before acquiring it is desirable to read all the documents that must accompany the material. If the consultant refuses to provide all the necessary papers, then it is better to refuse to purchase and find a more reliable seller.