Gypsum cardboard boxes: how to make your own hands, the device and installation of the junction box, GKL how to assemble

Quickly hide the communication in the bathroom will help a special gypsum cardboard box A special drywall box will quickly hide communications in the bathroom. During the major repair work in the apartment, almost everyone can face one small but quite unpleasant problem. Part of the pipe and communication in the bathroom and in the kitchen there is no possibility to transfer.

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Arrangement of a gypsum board box: what is needed

The real situation is when, against the backdrop of chic decorationymaterialov will "show off" a depressing situation.

Very unpleasant looks:

  • Ancient tube;
  • Sewerage stand;
  • Another type of communication.

Naturally, this does not decorate the room, but only spoils the feeling of the spent apartment transformation. To prevent this, there is a method available to everyone. It is necessary to hide the terrible, inappropriate pipes in a neat gypsum board box( GKL), which is quite realistic to do by oneself. To make a box from the GCR, you need to take certain tools.

Using a gypsum board, you can hide the water pipes Using a gypsum board, you can hide the water pipes

You will need:

  • Building measuring tape;
  • Bubble level;
  • Plumbing;
  • Drill shock;
  • Corner for construction;
  • Knife stationery;
  • Hammer.

Naturally, the installation can not take place without sheets of plasterboard. There will be enough single GCR of the standard size 2500 to 1200 mm, the thickness of which can be 9 mm or 12.5 mm. It is best to buy a moisture-resistant GKL, since the plumbing of water pipes or a riser will be carried out, which have the feature of releasing condensate. In addition, this is an argument when the device is a box of plasterboard in the bathroom, where there is already a high humidity. The frame for the box can be made, both from wood bars 40 to 40 mm, and from a metal profile, specially designed to work with GKL.

If wood is chosen, it must be pretreated with antiseptics and primed. These compounds will protect wood from rot and mold.

The metal profile in this plan is more suitable, since it does not require compulsory preparation, and it is easier to work with it. Correctly take the guide UD-metal profile and CD-profile

How to make a drywall box

Making a box of gypsum board is done in stages.

Before you start making a box, you must first apply the correct markings on the plasterboard sheet Before proceeding with the manufacture of the box, it is first necessary to apply the correct marking to the gypsum board


  1. Marking. The first thing to do is markup on the floor surface. The line should indicate the boundaries for the metal profile guides or support bars. It is important to take into account that the GCL will be superimposed on top of the frame, so that the final dimensions, which the box will eventually have, will differ by exactly the thickness of the drywall used. With the help of a professional angle, you should check the perpendicularity of the marking in relation to the vertical surfaces and to each other. The thickness and width of the box should be such that it does not abut in any place to the pipes, there should be a gap of 5 cm on each side. The width should also be selected, given the subsequent finish. The markings from the floor are transferred to the walls using a stretched thread.
  2. Fastening elements. First of all, metal profiles or bars, mounted near the vertical surface, are arranged. After that, 1 or 2 pillars are fastened, which lag behind the walls and form the front, protruding border of the box. In case the width of the structure is more than 25 cm or the height is more than 1.5 m, it is necessary to make bridges between the pillars of the support. The jumpers are arranged no more than a meter apart. In the process of work, if wood is used, the sawing places need to be further processed. It is best to use a special construction mastic for wood. In addition to protection, this will give strength and protection against noise, so that the box does not emit any strange sounds when deformed from heat.
  3. Construction of drywall. A sheet of construction material is preferable to cut so that the box consisted of single strips, rather than pieces. First of all, you need to make strips for the sides. Their width is equal to the width of the frame itself and does not go beyond the bounding structures. Only after that it is possible to measure exactly the size of the face that has remained, and make an incision of the corresponding GCR strip so that it finds the edges on the side. Collect the sheets with 45 mm screws, fixing each 25 mm to the main pillars of the structure. It is possible not to fasten sheets also to crosspieces between racks. On a small width, this is completely unnecessary.

When the structure is assembled, it is necessary to carry out finishing, puttying and painting, or laying another finishing material.

Installation of plasterboard boxes:

construction features The plasterboard box is a simple construction, and every home technician who has construction skills will be able to build it. But, the pipes and other branches that need to be shrouded have their own peculiarities.

When mounting work is performed with pipes, it is necessary to take into account not only the beauty of the result, but also practicality. In a variety of apartment buildings on the sewage pipes there are so-called audits. This connection is on a diluted pipe that has a lid. They are designed for cleaning contaminants.

Do not completely close the box such places. It is necessary to provide a place, and leave a window in the wall for easy access to the couplings from the outside.

In order to quickly get to the right pipe, you can make a special small door in the plasterboard box In order to quickly reach the desired pipe, you can make a special small door in the gypsum board

The window can be closed using special plastic doors that can be bought in stores. In addition to this place, it is important to leave access to the communication points, to the internal sewage system, where the distributor is located. You may need to replace any parts or eliminate the clog inside.

It is absolutely necessary to form the doors in the holes in the box in those places where there is such a sanitary element on the pipes, for example:

  • Water flow meters;
  • All kinds of valves;
  • Distributors, etc.

In order to do this, it is necessary to make holes in the GKL 3 mm larger than the dimensions of the door frame, which will therefore be inserted there. Make it realistically in advance in the strip of drywall before the installation on the frame. Also, it is possible to preliminarily only mark the position of the door device and then arrange it on the GKL frame, cut out the holes.

Nuances of a modern plasterboard box with our own hands

As in any installation, in the process of creating boxes from the GKL, there are their subtle moments and nuances, not "get to know" which will not be true.

When installing a large plasterboard box, it is also better to use U-shaped holders When installing a large drywall box, it is additionally better to use the

There are not many of them, but knowing them is very important:

  1. Application level. No level can not be built qualitatively by any master - how to do without checking. Each step, whether marking or mounting a separate wood or metal profile, should be carried out with level control, otherwise, as a result, get a curved product.
  2. If a wide GKL box is installed, the length of the stiffeners is more than 80 cm, it is better to take care of their additional fasteners - it is done with the help of so-called U-shaped holders.
  3. The performance of the finished box is affected by the correctness of the carcass finish with GKL sheets - close attention should be paid to the presence of the wood profile or metal profile behind the joints of the individual gypsum pieces. Its absence will cause the inevitable cracking, even despite the quality of the finishing compounds. And more - on the edges of the GCR, forming a connection, it is necessary to cut a chamfer with a knife.

Following the rules for the installation of plasterboard boxes, it is possible to obtain a durable and aesthetic design as a result. The nuances concern any mounting location, it does not matter, the hood at the hood or the corner distributor box is arranged.

Distribution box for drywall

The distribution box for wiring outside is used in conjunction with pipes for the installation of electrical communications, electrical networks.

When installing gipsokartonnogo wires, experts recommend using a special junction box When installing gypsum board wire, specialists recommend using a special junction box

There are the following types:

  • Corrugated;
  • Smooth;
  • Reinforced.

The solderbox is made of ABS plastic, marked RAL 7035. It has the following degree of protection - IP 44 and IP 55. All junction boxes include glands for connecting the above types of pipes, And to create a protection class, in accordance with the standard.