Drywall products: furniture and what you can do with your own hands, ideas and table, bed photo, wall mounted

From plasterboard you can make practical pieces of furniture and beautiful decor elements Practical pieces of furniture and beautiful decor elements can be made from drywall The use of drywall in repair and interior design has long been in the forefront of popularity. This material is used not only for zoning of interior and the arrangement of interior partitions. From GKL it is possible to do quite functional things, such as furniture, boxes for communications, etc. In addition, gypsum - an excellent option for the manufacture of decorative unique design elements.

    • What can be made from plasterboard: product variants
    • Functional furniture from gypsum board: varieties
    • Modern ideas from plasterboard in the interior arrangement
    • Tips of the masters: gypsum board products with their own hands
    • Varieties of products fromGypsum board( video)
    • Design of furniture from plasterboard( photo in interior)

What can be made of plasterboard: product variants

Drywall - the most proand that an inexpensive material which is able to transform the interior unrecognizable. With the help of it you can do redevelopment, zoning, functional elements and decor.

A multi-level ceiling made of gypsum plasterboard with backlighting is able not only to decorate the room, but also significantly affect the overall perception of the interior.

Constructions from GKL, both simple and very complex, are divided into two types: decorative and functional. To decorative belong products, erected for interior decoration.

The ceiling, decorated with gypsum board, looks good in combination with spotlights The ceiling, decorated with plasterboard, looks good in combination with spotlights

For example:

  • Modular paintings;
  • Figured niches in walls or other wall elements;
  • All kinds of decorations for walls and ceilings;
  • Columns;
  • Arches;
  • Multilevel curly ceilings;
  • Wall apertures;
  • Falsh-fireplaces;
  • Frames for the panel.

Products carrying a functional load are curtain rails, door and window slopes, various furniture, walls and partitions and ducts for communications.

Functional furniture from gypsum board: varieties

Drywall furniture is a modern solution for any interior. The main advantage of it is accessibility, as well as the ability to translate any design ideas.

From gypsum cardboard you can make a multifunctional partition separating the kitchen and living room It is possible to make a multifunctional partition separating the kitchen and living room from gypsum board

Options for furniture structures from plasterboard:

  • Bar counter;
  • Shelving;
  • Wardrobe;
  • Living room wall for TV;
  • Shelf;
  • Mini-wall;
  • Built-in kitchen;
  • Cabinet;
  • Table;
  • Bed;
  • Sofa, etc.

The disadvantages of this furniture is its stationarity. If there is a desire to change something in the interior, such furniture can not be moved from place to place. Just gypsum cardboard is quite fragile, and this must be understood when calculating a particular design.

Modern ideas from plasterboard in the interior arrangement

Time does not stand still - it moves forward. And if before drywall was used mainly for finishing, or rather - leveling walls and ceilings, today its use is quite wide.

If you are able to correctly use gypsum cardboard, you can make a creatively designed multifunctional room from an ordinary room.

Thanks to gypsum cardboard it is possible to build a compact wardrobe Thanks to plasterboard it is possible to build a compact wardrobe

A baffle with niches, for example, can serve not only as a rack, but also as an excellent zone for dividing one room into two rooms. A convex flower with a backlight on the ceiling, smoothly turning to the wall already in the form of niches with shelves - an excellent solution, say, for a children's room: a night light, shelves and unique decor. Mini-wall for living room under TV - it's not only furniture, but also interior decoration. It is not cumbersome, it can take up a minimum of space, and the appearance can have any: everything is in the hands of the master.

Modern design developments are sometimes shocking with their beauty and multifunctionality. So, the usual wardrobe in the middle of the room, having sliding mirror doors and a semi-circular shape of the rear wall does not clutter, but on the contrary - visually increases the space. A decorative septum with a built-in aquarium is not only zoning room, but also a "TV" for fans of fauna.

A column or semicolumn in the middle of the room is capable not only to decorate the interior, but also to hide such elements as:

  • Cables;
  • Electrical installation;
  • Pipes for water, sewage or heating;
  • Ventilation corrugations and other engineering communications.

The false fireplace from plasterboard is a stylish and fashionable solution for interior decor. But in addition to decoration, it can serve, for example, a hiding place for important documents or jewelry.

Tips of masters: drywall products

Today many people make repairs at home using GKL designs independently, without resorting to experienced installers. At the initial stage of "dating" with gypsum cardboard, a home master it is better to follow some advice of more experienced specialists.

Shelves from gipsokartona have good aesthetic and operational qualities The gypsum board shelves have good aesthetic and operational qualities


  1. Learn better on small interior elements having a simple construction, for example - boxes, partitions, arches, portals, slopes and t.
  2. Do not start with ceilings: it's quite difficult to build structures that require experience in working with the material.
  3. Working with large structural elements, it is better to have an assistant.
  4. If you want to cut a large piece of drywall, it is better to practice on a small pruning material so as not to accidentally spoil the sheet.
  5. Fastening of plasterboard sheets to the frame should be done with care, so as not to "drown" the screw too deep and not to press the material.
  6. Cutting sheets, in the absence of a knife for GCR, can be made with a conventional knife or clerical.
  7. Figured elements including holes, it is better to cut with an electric jigsaw or a saw blade from a hacksaw for metal( which considerably complicates the process).
  8. When walling walls do not need to rest the plasterboard in the floor. To avoid deformation of the structure when it sags, you should leave a small gap between the floor and the sheet.
  9. In rooms with high humidity( bathroom, kitchen), use a special moisture-resistant material, and with increased fire hazard( kitchen) - fireproof.

If the material is damaged during the cutting of plasterboard( there are scratches), do not write off the item from the account. With this, the further refinement will be superb.

Varieties of plasterboard products( video)

There are a lot of modern ideas for drywall products( photo examples can be seen in the gallery), and adding to your impressions of what you have seen and your fantasy you can create a truly unique masterpiece.

Successful reincarnations!

Design furniture from drywall( photo in the interior)