Design of plasterboard with their own hands: decorative wall, photo designs, niche decor

Drywall is a popular and sought after material that will help quickly and easily transform the room Drywall is a popular and sought-after material that will help you quickly and easily transform the room. Applying gypsum cardboard to the premises will allow you to realize any design solutions, because with the help of GKL you can build structures of various types and types, giving the room a cozy and beautiful view. The general interior of the room, in which gypsum plasterboard products were used, can be supplemented with properly selected items of furniture, curtains and lighting. To solve bold design problems, a combination of gypsum boards with other finishing and facing materials is used.

    • Decorative plasterboard for interior decoration of the room
    • Appointment decorative plasterboard wall by one's own hands
    • Arched structure of plasterboard
    • Design of the wall and the gypsum boardboard niche
    • Beautiful arches from plasterboard with own hands( video)
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Decorative plasterboard for interior decoration of the room

Speaking of decorative gypsum plasterboardIt means decorative panels intended for facing of wall and ceiling surfaces. Panel panels are made from the most common drywall, which have a decorative finish.

  • Panels from laminated plasterboard are completely ready to use material that does not need finishing works. In the modern construction market, a consumer can purchase laminated plasterboard panels that have an outer layer imitating a wood pattern, marble or granite.
  • Laminated panels have wear resistance and increased moisture resistance, which significantly affects the service life, averaging about 10 years.
  • Gypsum boards with a pattern applied on them are ideal for indoor installation if further painting of the facing surface is planned. Thanks to this, the walls of the premises will acquire a colorful and elegant pattern.

Decorative panels on the inside have a special protective film, which ensures the quality of installation work at the highest level.

Purpose decorative wall from gypsum board with own hands

Decorative wall made of gypsum board will help to achieve excellent results if you carry out repair work yourself. Since such a building material makes it possible to create complex structures with an ideally smooth and flat surface.

Decorate the room can be an original plasterboard wall with various small niches You can decorate the room with an original plasterboard wall with various small niches.

Basic stages of construction work:

  • First you need to measure the future wall by applying the required labels to the floor, ceiling and walls. According to the labels, the metal guide rail will be fixed to the screws.
  • The rack profile is then fixed to the side wall, pre-inserted in the guide. The remaining racking profiles are installed from each other at a distance of 60 centimeters. In order to make the structure more rigid, the profiles are installed with a blind wall to the wall.
  • The prepared profile structure fixes the sheets of gypsum board with self-tapping screws, every 20 centimeters.
  • After full facing of one side of the partition, it is necessary to conduct the necessary communications. In the framework between the profiles, a heat-insulating layer is laid throughout the structure.
  • The second stanza is faced with plasterboard so that the joints of the sheets located opposite do not fall on one racks.

Before starting construction work, it is necessary to decide for what purpose a decorative wall will be erected. For example, a decorative wall with aperture is installed for unintentionally dividing the main room into separate zones.

Important!Pre-designed dimensions and location of the necessary elements of the construction will help to create a living and harmonious interior indoors.

You can also create a solid partition of an unusual shape, which will look more impressive if you plan in advance to install soffits in special niches. The decorative wall can also be located between the corridor and the room.

Arched structure of plasterboard

Often when redeveloping an apartment you have to look for options for how to make the reconstruction of interior doors, without compromising the available space. In this case, one of the most popular options comes to mind - the arched construction of gypsum board. The small mass of GCR has a large noise-permeability, therefore, experts advise you to collect not one, but two frames, with a gap of not less than 1 centimeter, when erecting the arch wall. In addition, in the vacuum of the plasterboard wall, it is easy to place various communications, without the necessary strobing.

It is possible to quickly zonate space in the room with your own hands using an interesting arched gypsum board The

It is possible to quickly zonate space in the room with your own hands using an interesting arched gypsum board

It is possible to quickly zonate space in the room with your own hands using an interesting arched gypsum board It is possible to quickly zonate space in the room with your own hands using an interesting arched gypsum board

  • The creation of an arched structure requires the presence of a metal or semi-rigid arch profile, since it has the property of takingCurved shape. Thanks to this, you can create a beautiful arch, avoiding any damage to the GCR.
  • Many people, installing an arched doorway on their own, do not always know how to properly bend a drywall sheet.

If the radius of the bend is insignificant, then longitudinal incisions of the cardboard layer are made on the same side of the necessary piece of gypsum board, at the same distance, after which the sheet assumes bending of the required radius.

For a large bending radius, the required piece of GCR on one side is impregnated with water. Then, on a wet surface, it is necessary to pass a needle roller that will form holes in the raw cardboard. Due to this, the sheet of GCR will take any curvilinear form. But it is important to consider that construction work with this material is carried out after its complete drying.

GKL sheets are attached to the frame using self-tapping screws. In this case, first bend the bend, and only then the side parts of the arch. Do not strongly wet the sheet, as it is likely that it will soften and become unfit for further erection.

Design of

plasterboard wall and niches Design solutions for wall finishing often include the creation of gypsum plasterboard niches, which are further distinguished in the overall interior - an unusual color solution with internal illumination elements.

Important!Niches made from plasterboard sheets serve not only to decorate the room, but also carry a certain functional load.

Gypsum cardboard niche in the wall is not only a beautiful decoration, but also a functional element of the interior The gypsum cardboard niche in the wall is not only a beautiful decoration, but also a functional element of the interior

Niches recessed in a plasterboard wall or located on top of the main wall can make the geometry of the room a lot more interesting. The functional load of the structure has many options in those rooms, where a minimum amount of decor and furniture is provided. For example, such a niche can be used as a flat TV, as a shelf for books, as a recess for installing an aquarium, mirrors or paintings.

Floor variants of a niche are built for the built-in decorative fireplace, figurines or other three-dimensional decor elements.

The gypsum cardboard niche, equipped with sliding doors, is a beautiful and multifunctional structure. Designers such niches are complemented by mirrors and lighting.

Beautiful plasterboard arches with their own hands( video)

In order to refresh the design of the room with gipsokartonnyh sheets, you do not need to be a qualified specialist. It will be enough to stock up with the necessary tools and building materials, as well as a little imagination and desire to help transform the interior of the room without extra costs.

Design and decor of plasterboard on the wall( photo examples)