Is it possible to close the gas pipe with plasterboard: how to sew heating pipes in a room, how to make a box in the kitchen

In addition to gas pipes sewing plasterboard can be any water supply. The frame for the box can be made of wooden bars, which must first be treated with special antiseptic solution, they will protect the wood from destruction.

Then all the above listed stages are carried out. If the noise emanating from the water pipes interferes, then it is possible to lay a soundproof material between them and the wall of the box.

To conduct work with water pipes, plasterboard is needed, which can withstand moisture and dampness For work with water pipes, plasterboard is required that can withstand moisture and dampness.

We propose to pay special attention to the last stage. It consists in finishing works, which are also carried out according to certain rules.


  • First of all, do not separate the box with another color;
  • It is necessary to properly cover all the seams and joints;
  • Treat the surface of the box with a special solution for better adhesion to the finishing material.

Choose the finishing material for the box should be in view of the overall picture of the interior, otherwise the design will be very evident. If it's a kitchen or a bathroom, it's best to trim the box with tiles. If it is a bedroom or a living room, the materials with which the walls are finished should be used. By the way, the heating box is designed a little differently.

Nuances of work: how to close the heating pipes in a drywall room

In any residential or non-residential premises, pipes are provided that give heat in the autumn-winter period. Undoubtedly, their appearance desires better.

There are several ways to hide heat communications:

  • Seal the radiator and heating pipes in the wall;
  • Hide the pipes with a box;
  • Create a false wall.

The most popular and fast method is the installation of the box. This method is well suited if the room has already been repaired. The work is similar to the one described above, taking into account one nuance.

Batteries and heating pipes must give off heat and if they are sewed drywall, the heat flows will remain directly in the box.

The integrated grille in the gypsum cardboard allows the circulation of warm air throughout the entire area of ​​the room The integrated grille in the gypsum board allows the circulation of warm air throughout the entire area of ​​the room.

Special holes in the front of the box help to solve this problem. These holes can be made using an electric drill. On it it is necessary to establish a special nozzle and to calculate the necessary quantity of apertures. The number and diameter can be any. Also, the market offers its customers special covers that can be mounted in a box for several functions.


  • Attaches the design to an aesthetic finished look;
  • The integrated grille allows air to circulate normally.

After the installation of the box, it should be decorated with any method you like. This method of masking the heating system is the simplest and does not require special skills and skill. To do this, strictly follow the step-by-step instructions and recommendations of specialists.

We learn whether it is possible to close the gas pipe with gypsum board( video)

It's worth remembering that the box is a simple construction consisting of a frame and sheets of plasterboard. You can use the box in the kitchen, in any living room, in a room with high humidity. The gypsum boarding has a very aesthetic appearance, and also performs the function of noise insulation. When constructing the box, account should be taken of the strength of the material and its direct purpose. Install the box yourself, you can very easily, without using special skills and abilities. Summarizing, it can be noted that the gypsum board is a good method to hide any pipes.