False fireplace with own hands made of plasterboard: photo, step by step, video, drawing of the decorative portal

A beautiful false fireplace will add comfort to the living room Beautiful false fireplace will add comfort to the living room The false fireplace is a structure reminiscent of a working fireplace, but it does not perform the basic function of a conventional fireplace - heating the room with fuel. Decorative products are beautiful and practical, because with their help you can not only give the interior a cosiness. False fireplaces with are used as a shelf or a demonstration niche, or for zoning a room.

    • Types and methods of placement in the room of false fireplaces from gypsum board
    • Materials and tools for creating a false fireplace from gypsum board with own hands
    • A false fireplace with own hands from gypsum board: a step-by-step work plan
    • Finishing of fireplaces
    • We make a false fireplace with own hands from gypsum board( video)
    • Design of a false fireplace from a plasterboard( photo in the interior)

Types and ways of placing in a room of false fireplacess Drywall

Raised fireplace in appearance to distinguish from this not easy: in its finish can completely replicate stone or brickwork. Inside the fireplace of this fireplace you can put a number of massive candles or electronic photo frame, with imitation of fire.

Before installing a false fireplace, you should think in advance of its place in the interior of the room Before installing a false fireplace, you should think in advance of its place in the interior of the room

Very impressive inside such fireplaces look plasma screens that transmit the image of a living flame and the sound of crackling logs from any gadget via a wireless network.

A false fireplace is an excellent solution for apartments and families with small children or pets. In addition, they can be of several types, including those functioning as a home heater.

Types of decorative fireplaces:

  • Conditional forgings are those in which the portal always protrudes beyond the wall and has a trimmed firebox. It will be warmed by electricity, but it will not allow to burn or provoke a fire from smoldering coals.
  • A reliable false fireplace is created without fail from fire-resistant materials. This fireproof gypsum board, and the internal facing of the furnace. In them, you can mount a standard electric fireplace, and on biofuel. In this case, inside the structure of gypsum board is built in the purchased bio fireplace.
  • Symbolic fireplace heating function in principle there. He acts purely as a decorative element of the interior, in its essence - this is a three-dimensional picture with a fireplace. However, a fireplace shelf in such a symbolic fireplace can be made spectacular, and then arrange decorative elements on it or make it a stand for a plasma TV screen.

Choose the size and location for the fireplace in the apartment is smart. A small design with a photo frame inside is lost in a spacious room, but it will be appropriate in the office or library. You can also think over the option of a corner fireplace or even a hinged fireplace. In a large living room it is better to place it in the middle of the wall, creating a center of interior composition.

Materials and tools for creating a false fireplace from gypsum cardboard with their own hands

To make a false fireplace with your own hands you will need a tool for working with plasterboard. Nothing fundamentally new, but you will need a level and a plumb line for leveling vertical lines, a paint knife and metal scissors for cutting profiles, corners and sheets of gypsum board, spatulas, cutter, sandpaper, perforator or impact drill and screwdriver, marking pencil, ruler.

Quick and easy to make the original fireplace with their own hands can be made of plasterboard Quick and easy to make the original fireplace with your own hands can be made of plasterboard

The following materials will be needed for the construction of the fireplace hearth:

  • Profile of wall( PS) and guide( PN);
  • Drywall sheets( GCR);
  • Self-tapping screws for plasterboard and dowels for profile mounting;
  • Tape-serpyanka for sealing seams;
  • Adhesive PVA;
  • Putty "Start" and "Finish";
  • Acrylic primer;
  • Polyfoam;
  • Whatman.

In most cases, all the accessories for the work are at each master of the house, it remains only to purchase the missing items.

To create a false fireplace it is necessary to make a sketch of the future design. Then the masters recommend the finished sketch to work on a foam plastic breadboard model in full size, and only after that start working with plasterboard.

After preparing the tool and materials, it is necessary to take measurements of the future falsh-fireplace and you can start construction work.

False fireplace with own hands from gypsum board: step by step work plan

For the fabrication of the frame of the future fireplace, make a marking on the site of the proposed installation. Mark the locations of the load-bearing profiles, check by means of the plumb and level, whether the verticals are straight. Then the profile is cut and assembled.

Before you start installing a false fireplace from gypsum board, you need to prepare in advance the necessary materials and tools for work Before proceeding with the installation of a false fireplace from gypsum board, it is necessary to prepare the necessary materials and tools in advance for the work of

Step-by-step instruction for creating a fire chimney:

  • We cut the wall profiles and mount them toWall and semi-vertically. From the PN profile, we cut the transverse beams and fix them with screws to the wall profile. Do not forget that in addition to the main frame, it is necessary to mount an internal fireplace fireplace.
  • We make blanks from gypsum board. If the front wall of the hearth is to be made with a semicircular cutout under the furnace, this can be done similarly to making an arch, you only need to correctly bend the GCR strip.
  • We fix the workpieces on the profile with small screws on the plasterboard. Stitches are sealed with a band-serpyanka and glue PVA.Over the box we mount the mantelpiece.
  • The last step before finishing the fireplaces - all surfaces must be carefully ground and then sanded with sandpaper.

False fireplaces do not have to be rectangular, you can design a fireplace of any shape, including using rounded corners.

If you plan to use a mantelpiece for storing books, heavy figurines or as a support for a TV screen, you can sew the walls of the fireplace with a double layer of GCR to strengthen the structure.

After the work on assembling the fireplace box is over, it's a good time to consider what kind of decoration materials to decorate the fireplace.

Finishing of fireplaces

The space of imagination for finishing decorative fireplaces is truly unlimited. They can be designed in different interior styles, trimmed with hundreds of types of materials, inside the furnace can be placed the original substitutes for living fire.

Make the living room elegant and elegant with a stucco fireplace with stucco molding You can make the living room elegant and elegant with a stucco fireplace with moldings

Here are just some of the decor options for fireplaces:

  1. Classic fireplace decor - stucco and faux columns decoration. The lightweight version is made of foam, glued to conventional PVA glue and then painted with water-based paint.
  2. Finishing with untreated stone is also good. This can be as shell rock, and pebbles, slate or granite tiles. And you can choose another classic option - finishing with natural or artificial marble.
  3. The easiest way to decorate a fireplace with red brick or tile, which imitates it. A tile in the eastern or Mediterranean style, tiling or tiles - also look good.
  4. As decor elements, you can safely use the attributes for these fireplaces: wrought iron gratings and firewood stands, the firewood itself, folded by a woodpile near the fireplace or inside the firebox.
  5. If you want to install a bio fireplace in the portal, consider installing a protective glass in front of the firebox. It is a beautiful and convenient alternative to a fireplace grate.
  6. As a "filling" in the furnace you can put candles, put books, put together natural wood or ceramic.

As a New Year's decor inside the falsh-fireplace, you can put a shimmering Christmas carrot as a replacement for a living flame.

We make a false fireplace with our own hands from gypsum board( video)

Falsh-fireplace today is considered an actual and inexpensive option of decor in the interior of a dwelling. It is easy to manufacture, and there are thousands of options for decorating such fireplaces - it's enough to look at photos of ready-made products on the Internet, and, perhaps, to come up with your own original decorative home.

Design trim fireplace made of plasterboard( photo in the interior)