Fasteners for plasterboard: GKL under molly, to the wall for profile, butterfly and screws, which frame to the ceiling, mounting

The gypsum board is fixed to a metal or wooden frame with the help of special fasteners Drywall is mounted on a metal or wooden frame using special fasteners The use of plasterboard is so common that it is unlikely that there are families who have never thought about the construction of plasterboard structures in their home. With the help of GKL, walls are leveled, ceilings, interior and interior partitions are made. Of course, you also need fasteners for the profile, which makes up the frame structure.

    • Screws Profile: fixing plasterboard
    • suitable fasteners for gypsum board: it is better, screwdriver or screwdriver
    • Screws on wood: whether such a fixture like to GCR
    • popular fixture for plasterboard Molly
    • Types of fasteners for drywall( video)

Profile screws: fastening of plasterboard

Both imported and domestic manufacturers are guided by the same standards. These parameters are traditional. Thus, metal screws have a diameter in mm: 3.5;3.9;4.2;4.8.The length of these screws varies from 16 mm to as much as 152 mm.

Dimensions of screws for wood will be almost the same. You choose those screws that will be suitable for the frame - metal, or wooden battens. Another question is how to screw these screws into the drywall.

Self-tapping screws for profile have small dimensions and an acceptable price Profile screws have small dimensions and a reasonable price

In order to screw the screw, you need a screwdriver with different nozzles for different sizes of fasteners. You will also need a Phillips screwdriver, a magnetic tape, or a small magnet.

If you fix the plasterboard with screws to the wall, start with marks on the dry plaster in the areas of these future holes. Just do it in advance, in the process you can make mistakes. The step will depend on the load on the material - from 20 to 70 cm.

Suitable fastener for drywall: which is better, screwdriver or screwdriver

When you put the screw on the nozzle, attach the fasteners to the target point. If you use a screwdriver, screw the screw is desirable at maximum speed, well, and when it enters the plate halfway, reduce the speed to a minimum.

Screw-in features:

  • If you are working with a screwdriver, do not force too much on the handle, twist it very smoothly;
  • Screw the screw correctly the most difficult at the last stage, when there is nothing left at all - the screwdriver forces are enough to break the cardboard, and then the fasteners will not provide a rigid interface to the frame;
  • Deficiency will also be an error, the most reasonable is to get a good bit for your screwdriver just for the screws, in it the own axis will perfectly fit with the fastener axis.

Mount the drywall with a screwdriver faster than with a screwdriver Fasten drywall with a screwdriver faster than with a screwdriver

The best way is to read the manufacturer's instructions before tightening, the optimum twisting force is usually indicated there. Her and put on the instrument. Not always and not all types of fasteners are screwed from the first time. But if you unscrew the fasteners, then the new fastener is not screwed into the old hole - this installation will have problems.

Wood screws: does such a fastener for GKL

? Not only a metal frame can be a basic gypsum board structure on a wall or ceiling. In addition to the metal profile, wooden blocks are often used. Another question is whether to make such a frame the same ceiling.

Wooden frame contours:

  • The tree is cracking over time;
  • The tree is also rotting;
  • In the event of humidity changes, the structure will be crushed or cracked;
  • A wooden frame is used more often for temporary constructions.

If the frame for gypsum cardboard consists of wooden slats, then wood screws should be used If the frame for gypsum board consists of wooden rails, then wood screws should be used

But if you decide to make a frame not on metal guides, but wooden blocks, use wood screws. Which option is more convenient, you decide. The question of creating GKL-constructions requires a slow approach: materials, design, design, dimensions, everything requires detailed consideration.

Here everything should be thought out to the smallest detail. It is necessary to carefully develop a design plan, to imagine how it will look in the room. It is also necessary to draw a drawing, and on it to carry out all the work.

Popular fasteners for gypsum plasterboard molli

Fortunately, special dowels also serve for fixing drywall. This and the so-called "butterfly", and the dowel "umbrella", and just a dowel-nail for gypsum board. There is a well-known dowel of molly. The mechanism of its action is the unclosing plug. It turns out, that at installation it as though clamps a sheet gypsum cardboard between forward and back part.

It's worth saying that the mule dowel is not the most budget option. But the solution is uniquely successful, if the high strength of installation is included in the mandatory conditions of repair. The dowel mollie takes out heavy loads - up to 35 kg.

Molly dowels allow secure fixing of drywall, however they cost more than conventional screws Molly dowels allow to securely fasten drywall, but they cost more than conventional screws

Dismantling of such a dowel will not be a problem, as well as mounting:

  • Drill a hole 8 mm in diameter exactly in that place, Where you will fasten the dowel;
  • In this hole, insert the molly, press down the rim with two teeth so that they plunged into the drywall( we do not need a sliding dowel, there should be no turning);
  • Then screw in the screw until the rear of the molly does not press against the GKL, as soon as it is tightened, the installation has been successfully completed.

Fortunately, the choice is great. And at the shelves of stores you can stand for a long time, choosing the right fixture. Stay on options from manufacturers who have proven themselves well. And do not save if the repair is serious.

Types of fasteners for drywall( video)

When choosing fasteners for gypsum board, be sure to consult with consultants. Tell me for which specific purpose you need a dowel, and an experienced consultant will tell you the potential of potential acquisitions.

Successful works!