Finishing plasterboard: work with GKL inside the house with their own hands, indoor premises made of aerated concrete, walls and ceiling

Gypsum board construction is a great way to transform the interior and make it more refined Drywall construction is a great way to transform the interior and make it more refined. Finishing plasterboard is very popular and in demand. Gypsum boards are used to hide the shortcomings of walls, irregularities. And also, to translate into reality design solutions. Install GCL with their own hands will not be difficult. Not everyone can cope with the finish. But if you want, you can master this difficult science. Gypsum board is not only easy to install, it is popular also because it can be used for any type of decoration. For example, paint, paste wallpaper or put a tile, you can simply decorate with any other decorative mixture.

    • How to start finishing work Drywall
    • Choose than decorate drywall
    • Preparatory finish flat plasterboard with their hands: technology putty
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How to begin finishing work on gypsum board

After the walls are plastered with gypsum plasterboard, you can start finishing. Wishes that concern the future result, define the further work. For example, if the walls are pasted, then the surface can simply be processed with putty.

Putty not only helps to remove irregularities, but also fixes all joints. First of all, experts recommend starting repair work from plastering the plasterboard surface

If you plan to paint, then you can come up with a decorative wall decoration with a special mixture. In any case, before you start working, you should prepare the surface.

Requirements for finishing gypsum boards:

  • You need to finish the rough work. Namely, to close the seams and remove the roughness, potholes and irregularities. Any flaws that come up.
  • Clear the surface of everything. You can use a building vacuum cleaner. If it's not there, then you can just take a wet rag.
  • Apply primer with a wide brush;
  • For the treatment of seams and the very surface of the sheets, experts recommend using two different means. As a rule, ready-made plaster for finishing can be purchased at the building store.
  • To seal the seams use a special adhesive tape. Special attention should be paid to the corners where the spatula helps to level the surface.
  • Surface plastering should be carried out carefully. It is necessary to close all irregularities, potholes or tubercles, as well as any elements that protrude.

After finishing, leave the walls to dry completely. And after processing extra complex areas, where the plaster could not fill the void or not close the defect. After that, the wall is completely ready for further finishing.

We choose what to finish drywall

In any construction shop the manufacturer offers a huge selection of finishing materials. In this situation, it's hard to get confused and it's impossible to figure out what and why?There are means for processing the ceiling, walls. Others are designed to work with cracks and chips. And there are some that are used exclusively for decorative finishing.

When selecting the finishing materials for gypsum board, it is mandatory to check their quality, the manufacturer and the main characteristics When choosing the finishing materials for gypsum board, it is imperative to check the quality, the manufacturer and the main characteristics of

It is better to take a dry mix, it lasts longer and can be used many times.

Finished putties can not be stored for long. They are exposed to various influences. While a dry mixture can be used, for example, to grease or align. In a word, for individual works.

Kinds of putty:

  1. Cement;
  2. Gypsum;
  3. Polymer.

All these varieties can be used for finishing plasterboard, aerated concrete or wood surface. But there are conditions that apply to a certain room. For example, for a bathroom and kitchen, it is better to use a cement mix. Polymer putty is universal and plastic, and the consumption is less. Therefore, it is often used for finishing works on gypsum plasterboard. Experts recommend buying a universal dry mix for work.

Preparatory finishing of the apartment with plasterboard by one's own hands: shading technology

Putty plasterboard does not differ from work on other surfaces. Is it just necessary to pay special attention to the corners. In addition, you will have to use protective corners.

If the mixture for putty does not slide off the spatula in a vertical position, it means that it is of high quality. It can be used for ceiling and plasterboard walls.

You can plaster the plasterboard surface with your own hands, the main thing is to correctly follow each step The plasterboard surface can be plastered by hand, the main thing is to follow each step correctly.

The puttying technology is performed in several stages. Experts recommend that they adhere to a satisfactory result.

Stages of work:

  1. Combine the dry filler with water, place the mass obtained with a special construction mixer to obtain the consistency of sour cream;
  2. With the putty filler, fill all joints and seams, as well as gutters. First across, then along the joints. After the surface dries, all irregularities are removed by grinding.
  3. Finishing putty is used in the same way as the starting putty. A special tool handles all the seams and joints.

Typically, this amount of work is performed in case if after them the walls and ceiling will be painted. In the case when they plan to glue the wallpaper, then it is sufficient to apply the starting filler.

Decorative finish inside the house with plasterboard

Interior decoration with decorative mixture - the process is complex and time-consuming. Therefore, experts warn, think well, maybe just stick the wallpaper. It also happens that even decorative plaster can not save an uneven surface. Only special panels will help, otherwise dismantling.

Plaster is applied on a flat surface, especially if this decorative mixture. In this case, it dries faster.

Quality plaster helps to make the surfaces smooth and smooth High-quality plaster will help to make the surfaces smooth and smooth

Any plaster is suitable for gypsum boards. The material fits perfectly on the surface.

Application technique:

  • First, the wall is treated with a primer. This will protect it from absorbency.
  • When the primer dries, you can start finishing work;
  • Decorative plaster spread on the surface of the wall and begin to equalize. Works are carried out in small areas.

Ideal for plasterboard is structural plaster. Its granularity will not weight the material, because it is applied in small amounts. Finishing work should be carried out strictly on a dry surface. Otherwise, it is necessary to superimpose additional layers.

Examples of gypsum board finishing( video)

If you follow all the rules of finishing works, as a result, you can get beautiful and even walls. Gypsum boards can be finished as you like, as the soul wants, for example, to paste wallpaper or paint, put a special plaster for the decor or use other options. But before using any of this method, you should remember the most important rule - pre-putty. It is the basis of a positive result, so that the finish lasts a long time. Therefore, it is not only necessary to putty the surface of plasterboard sheets, but also to know how it is done.