Drywall shelves: with their own hands on the wall, how to make and fix, how to find the profile, photo how to hang

Gypsum plasterboard shelves in the interior create a special color, allow you to successfully place all the necessary items Gypsum plasterboard shelves in the interior create a special color, allow you to successfully place all the necessary items Drywall panels look stylish and unusual, they also accommodate a large number of things. On additionally reinforced shelves from gypsum board, you can even supply electronics. To translate your plans into reality, you need to decide on the shape of the shelves and choose the material and tools. If you are not sure of your abilities - contact the specialists who will tell you how to cut the shelves correctly.

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Plasterboard shelves with their own hands

Gypsum boards can be made with own hands. Before performing the work, it is necessary to draw up a plan, accurately select the shape of the shelves, and carefully make all the measurements. Prepare the diagram, calculate and purchase the necessary number of sheets of plasterboard, fasteners, wooden beams or metal profile for the frame.

Shelves from plasterboard can be used to accommodate large-size dishes, which takes up a lot of space in the cabinets The plasterboard shelves can be used to place large-sized dishes that take up a lot of space in the

. The plasterboard racks are universal, they can be created in any room:

  • Bedroom;
  • Living room;
  • Child;
  • Bathroom;
  • Kitchen.

The options for placing the shelves are also different - you can install them on a wall or in a niche. The advantage of plasterboard shelves is a variety of shapes, imagination in this case is not limited, you can create absolutely any pattern and bend.

Interesting design of the shelves can be made by hand, drywall is an affordable material, so you will not have difficulties in creating an original interior.

Interior of the room where the shelves on the wall of plasterboard

Shelves can replace furniture, such as a cabinet or shelving. At the same time they are quite capacious, they are put on books, vases, even dishes and flowerpots.

In the living room you can arrange a bookshelf made of plasterboard, or attach to the wall a set of shelves up to the ceiling In the living room it is possible to place a bookshelf made of plasterboard or to attach a set of shelves up to the ceiling Drywall planks save a lot of space, make the room more modern and original:

  • Drywall allowsEmbody the boldest design ideas, the shelves can be used both as a decorative component of the room, and as a functional element;
  • Most often, the shelves are created in rooms made in a modern style, plasterboard interior elements will complement the living room or bedroom in the style of minimalism or modernism;
  • Drywall is an excellent material for children, shelves made of this material can become the basis for the design of the room, they can be made around the perimeter of the room;
  • Such shelves look great in the library, because they allow you to embed fixtures in them, which is convenient for fans of reading;
  • In the kitchen, gypsum board shelves can play the role of bar counter or table.

Plasterboard shelves are multifunctional, they can be created in any room - they will look creative and interesting.

How to make gypsum cardboard shelves

You can make shelves from drywall in your own hands at home.

For this you will need:

  • Sharp knife or hacksaw;
  • Wooden beams or metal profile;
  • Fasteners;
  • Drill;
  • Corners in plastic.

In the production of shelves intended for the storage of heavy things, wooden beams are used to securely fix the structure In the production of shelves intended for storing heavy things, wooden beams are used to securely fix the

Remember that before you perform the work, you must have a clear work plan, know what you want to get as a result. Do the necessary measurements, do everything without haste and very carefully.

The step-by-step sequence for creating the shelves is as follows:

  1. From the gypsum board, cut the shelf parts using a sharp knife.
  2. Fix shelves with arched profiles.
  3. From the profile, make the base profile 50 by 25 mm.
  4. In accordance with the dimensions of the screws, drill the holes, hang the profile and attach the structure. Details of gypsum plasterboards of niches and shelves can be cut with a hacksaw or with a sharp shoe knife.
  5. Curved shelves are made of finer plasterboard, and fasten them with the use of arched profiles. In an extreme case, if there are none, you can bend the usual profiles, making incisions along the entire length.

If you make shelves made of thick material for heavy objects, then use special fasteners for drywall. These are butterfly screws, also additionally fix the structure by traverse or frame.

In case when the shelf consists of several parts it is best to glue it with a mounting mesh, fix the corners with plastic or aluminum elements, so that the design retains its aesthetic appearance longer.

Decorative shelves from gypsum board: functions and benefits

Depending on the material selected, the shelves can be either very light or heavy enough and strong.

Additional fixing of plasterboard shelves is necessary to ensure the safety of objects located on them Additional fasteners for gypsum boards are required to ensure the safety of items placed on them

Create shelves for storage:

  • Books and chancery;
  • Decorative things;
  • Crockery;
  • Toy;
  • Electronics.

If you additionally fix the plasterboard shelves, you can get a really strong design, which will firmly stand a TV or a music center.

The drywall has several advantages:

  • Availability;
  • Environmental safety;
  • Ease of installation;
  • It can also be painted with any paint.

But at the same time drywall is a rather fragile material and completely unstable to moisture. If you want to make shelves or niches in the bathroom - buy only moisture resistant drywall.

How to fix the shelf on the

Drywall To attach a small and light shelf to the GKL sheets, you will have to use special dowels that have the property of opening and securing in a hollow base.

Dowels, designed for fixing the shelf to plasterboard, have a number of advantages: they are able to open and completely fill the hollow base The plugs designed for fixing the shelf to plasterboard have several advantages: they are able to open and completely fill the hollow base

For this purpose, the following are suitable:

  • An umbilical dome;
  • Butterfly plug.

Carefully look at how much load this dowel can withstand and compare it to your shelf. The wall shelves in the plasterboard must be secured with these dowels, as well as self-tapping screws, which must be slightly longer than the dowel itself. When screwing a screw or self-tapping screw, the plug will open and take most of the load.

To hang the shelves in plasterboard, you can use this sequence:

  • Drill a hole in the wall of the required size;
  • Install the plug in the hole;
  • Attach the bracket to the shelf for fixing;
  • Hang the shelf.

If you have a heavy shelf, then attach it without a profile will not work.

In this case, you need to use the following method:

  • Drill holes in plasterboard;
  • Insert the dowel-butterfly or dowel-drivu, insert the screw;
  • Clamp the structure and screw in the dowel, but be careful not to destroy the wall.

Instead of such dowels, you can use anchor bolts. The whole sequence of operations does not change, only bolts are inserted instead of screws and dowels.

Corner shelves from plasterboard

Corner shelves from plasterboard look very stylish. These beautiful designs look great in the interior of modern living rooms and bedrooms. Built-in lamps, which can be inserted into the corner shelves, will add comfort and warmth to any room.

Thanks to the use of corner shelves, the owners can place on their surface a large number of necessary things, which is very relevant for small rooms Thanks to the use of corner shelves, the owners can place on their surface a large number of necessary things, which is very relevant for small rooms.

Small corner shelves can often be found in small rooms where every centimeter plays a huge role. The decoration in such premises is bright, there is a lot of light to further increase the space.

On the corner shelves put small things:

  • Watch;
  • Books;
  • Soft toys;
  • Small lamps;
  • Vases and caskets.

Thus, corner shelves help to save space, but at the same time contain a lot of things. Best of all, this version of plasterboard shelves is suitable for a children's room, bedroom and living room. Some create even in the bathroom, to place on them soap, scouring pads, various means for caring for the body. But remember that drywall is very sensitive to moisture - choose moisture resistant materials.

How to find the profile under gypsum board

Search the profile under plasterboard it is necessary in certain situations.

Secure the shelf can only if the ordinary magnet can detect a metal profile under the plasterboard You can fix the shelf only if using an ordinary magnet you can find a metal profile under the plasterboard


  • When you want to hang a picture on the wall;
  • Hang the mirror;
  • Attach the wall-mounted TV;
  • Attach the lamp to the wall;
  • Fix the skirting boards;
  • Attach the hinged cabinets.

In any of the above situations, it is necessary to find a metal profile under the gypsum board. If you installed gypsum cardboard with a frameless structure, then the problem of finding a profile disappears by itself. Otherwise, you will have to search the profile in different ways, depending on the material.

In the case of a metal profile, use a conventional magnet. You can find a profile with it if the drywall sheets are thin enough. The best is a large and powerful magnet. Tie a thread on the magnet and slowly guide them through the plasterboard, when you feel that the magnet does not move - make a note.

If you used a tree, you can find the bars with the help of a tapping( above the racks the sound will cease to be deaf), also try to score a nail.

However, the latter method is less practical, if the hole was made in the wrong place, you will have to plaster it. If you have a drawing of the room, then study it and find wooden slats.

Assembling the plasterboard shelf( video)

In conclusion, it should be noted that gypsum board is a versatile and modern material. Plasterboard shelves fit into the interior of any room and allow you to save a lot of space. Make them out of it under everyone's power, the main thing is to approach it responsibly. Draw a drawing, select materials, make the necessary measurements and then you will necessarily get beautiful and strong shelves, which will serve you for a long time.

shelves Examples of plasterboard( photo interiors)