GCR sheet: difference with GVL, which is better and the difference between gypsum fiber, decoding of GKLV and GVLV, strength and dimensions

By arranging an apartment, many prefer to choose gypsum plasterboards for this because they are universal and sufficiently plastic When building an apartment, many prefer to choose gypsum boards for this because they are versatile and sufficiently plastic. Generally, drywall is a universal material used in various areas of construction and decoration, it is very popular both among ordinary citizens and largeDevelopers of apartment buildings. It is used for walling, creating partitions, ceilings, and also used as a good soundproof material. As with any kind of materials, drywall is divided into two main types: GCR is deciphered as a gypsum cardboard sheet, as well as decoding GVL - gypsum fiber sheet.

    • What GCR and gypsum fiber board
    • difference Which is better GVL or GCR
    • What distinguishes the GCR from GVL
    • Directions drywall GCR
    • Application GCR sheets( video)

What is the difference between GKL and GVL

In order to understand the difference and difference between gypsum board and gypsum board, you need to consider what material they are made of, what properties they possess and not to be accommodated with the budget, we will consider the prices for GCR and GVL.

This list lists the main characteristics of the GKL sheet:

  • It is made from a mixture of construction paper and hardened gypsum;
  • Acquires the required shape when wetted with water;
  • No pre-treatment required before use;
  • It is recommended to cut only across, for the integrity of reinforcing cardboard;
  • Eliminates excess moisture;
  • Lighter by weight;
  • Sound absorber( preferably used with thermal insulation);
  • Fire-resistant;

Advantages of GKL sheets is that they are fire-resistant and lightweight Advantages of GKL sheets is that they are fire-resistant and light

Excellent competitive characteristics, leading the material into the leaders.

Note: GKL sheets have a larger range and choice in the building materials market than GVL.Because of the low cost of production, such material will be much cheaper than gypsum fiber.

But do not forget about the presence of moisture-resistant sheets, based on the characteristics you can see the difference between GKL and GVL.They also have their own number of advantages. Let's consider in detail.

Specifications Sheet GVL:

  • Instead of cardboard, cellulose paper is used;
  • Increased fire resistance and sound absorption;
  • Perhaps cutting in any direction;
  • Not plastic( unlike GCR);
  • Uniform composition;
  • Harder than GCR;
  • More expensive than a gypsum board.
  • Increased strength

It's very difficult to say which drywall or gypsum plaster is very difficult to choose.

What is better than GVL or GKL

Having examined the main characteristics of GCR and GVL, we will make a small verdict. First, you need to determine the purpose of buying a particular sheet. And to know exactly what kinds of GKL and GVL are.

GKL and GVL varieties:

  1. GKLA is an acoustic gypsum board, used as the final cladding of soundproof sandwich panels. The unique development, which has an increased sheet density, has hanging acoustic properties;
  2. GKLO - gypsum plasterboard sheet fireproof. In its manufacture, a dense, flexible multi-layer paper is used, as well as a gypsum refractory base;
  3. GKLV - sheet gypsum plasterboard waterproof.
  4. GVLV is a moisture-resistant gypsum-fiber sheet that has excellent moisture protection, thanks to the treatment of both sides with a hydrophobizator and antiseptic agents.

There are several types of plasterboard sheets, which should be chosen taking into account the characteristics of the room, where they will be used There are several types of drywall sheets, which should be chosen taking into account the particular features of the room where they will be used.

If you focus more on quality and at the same time budget allows you to realize your idea, it is better to purchase gypsum fiber sheets( GVL), since their density is much higher, and equal to 1,250 kg / m3, hence the strength of walls and partitions increases. Another advantage of GWL is that it is homogeneous in structure and when cutting it, any cutting tool can be used without damaging the edges of the sheet, while at the same time as the gypsum board the structure is damaged during cutting and uneven edges are formed.

Hanging strength of gypsum fiber is achieved by using additional adhesive additives with loose cellulose waste paper, which gives the material reinforcing properties.

If your choice has fallen in the direction of cheapness and simplicity of your zadumok, then you can safely take the usual gypsum plasterboard sheets( GKL).Despite the low cost, such sheets have their advantages, and it is easier to work with, since it is lighter in weight, the sheet can be given a different shape( previously moistened), and it is generally better to apply them in not the most responsible projects, but apply GVL.

If you use GKL together with heat-insulating boards when decorating walls or a partition device, good sound insulation can be achieved.

Each of the types of drywall is unique, but if you look more broadly at the building materials market, you can find varieties, like gypsum boards and fibrous ones. Gypsum plasterboard sheet can be made with additional additives, giving it increased sound insulation and protection from fire.

What is the difference between GKL and GVL

Gypsum board( GKL), in which gypsum is not compacted with pressed cellulose, is less durable than GVL.The stiffness is much higher for the fibrous substrate, rather than the GCR, it bends better and acquires the required shape, and the GFL is not designed for curved structures. Let's make a conclusion in favor of fibrous sheets. Based on many years of research, drywall is less durable and prone to moisture.

It is worth noting that often when transporting or unloading drywall, it often breaks and crumbles at high vibrations.

Both GCL and GWL are environmentally friendly and safe for health Both GCL and GWL are environmentally friendly and safe for health

In terms of environmental friendliness and health effects, GVL is more environmentally friendly than GKL, since over time gypsum loses its original structure and becomes a free-flowing substance thatHas a negative effect on human breathing.

Advice: when purchasing, it is advisable to check the degree of ecological compatibility of the drywall, which is indicated in the technical data sheet for the products.

If we take into account the practicality of using GVL and GKL, the first one will be more versatile in use, it will be suitable even for warming floors, having thermal characteristics and serve as its basis. As for the ordinary drywall sheet, it does not have heat-insulating properties, except for its use with thermal insulation.

Manufacturers and construction stores offer customers discounts when buying drywall in bulk, what you need to consider when buying a large number of sheets.

Comparing prices for this or that kind of gipsokartonnyh sheets, then unambiguously GVL sheets will be one and a half, and even twice as expensive. Today, the average market price for GKL ranges from 100 to 350 rubles apiece, depending on the size and thickness of the sheet, and the price for GVL ranges from 200 to 550 rubles per sheet. It is also worth noting that the dimensions of gypsum boards can vary.

Recommendations for the use of drywall GKL

If you have never met such material before, then read the main recommendations when working with plasterboard. There are not so many of them, but they will make it impossible to avoid typical and common mistakes.

In order to reliably fix the plasterboard sheet to the ceiling surface, it is better to use high-quality self-tapping screws In order to reliably fix the plasterboard sheet to the ceiling surface, it is better to use high-quality self-tapping screws

Among them are:

  1. Cutting the GCR is not worth it, it's got a special planer-cutter that does not damage the working edges of the sheet when cutting;
  2. For the treatment of holes in gypsum board, it is recommended to use a rivet rasp;
  3. For chamfering, it is better to use a edge planer with two cutting blades for plasterboard;
  4. Fastening of sheets is better to make self-cutting screws on metal, with a step from 20 to 35 centimeters, and that fastenings did not stick out, we fasten on screws with a countersunk head;
  5. When creating internal and external corners from gypsum board, it is better to use metal corners with perforation with their further plastering and finishing;
  6. After installing a sheet of non-standard shape, it is recommended to dry the wetting surface with a construction hair dryer.

Still, which of the types of drywall to choose you decide. If the work requires responsibility, quality and strength of the construction of the facility and also allows a budget, then the choice will be in favor of a gypsum-fiber sheet. Well, if you decided to equip your country house, homestead and even a bath, then it would be advisable to use ordinary GKL sheets. This will save money, and the result will be almost identical.

Application of GKL sheets( video)

And finally: kindergartens and schools often use gypsum board, namely its kind of GKLO( fireproof), which is safer than usual. In general, drywall can be used for various purposes, but its main application is decorative decoration and the creation of unique designs.