Greenhouse on Mitlajderu: a scheme, drawings and calculations, on Mitlayderovskaya reviews, own polycarbonate

The traditional view of mitlajderovskoy construction is a vertical construction with a roof, which has 2 ramps, different in height traditional view mitlayderovskoy design - a vertical structure with a roof, which has 2 ramp of different height in the middle of the last century a lot of noise was made on greenhouse Mitlayderu, named after the famous American expert in the field of agriculture. The result of his many years of work with the seedlings was a greenhouse combining innovative technology and solutions lying literally on the surface. The first thing that immediately catches your eye is the roof.

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Features Mitlayderovskoy greenhouse

in OtleyFrom the existing analogues on the market, the Mitlajdera greenhouse has a roof slope that does not close in the area of ​​the skate( beams).In his developments, an American engineer implemented a bold project in all respects.

Greenhouses, built on the technology Mitlajdera, are considered the most functional greenhouses constructed Mitlaydera technique, considered the most functional

Greenhouse equipped with a variable roof geometry. This means that the southern slope is characterized by greater flatness than its northern counterpart. The practical value of this solution is easier to understand in the process of operation.

In the traditional 2-skate model, both slopes are fixed only on one bar. Novator decided to move away from this tradition. In its development, both slopes are fixed to at least two beams, each of which is fixed at different heights.

addition, Mitlayderovskaya circuit has a number of other features:

  • Rafters ramp fastened to the highest beam;
  • To the top is the wide side of one of the skates;
  • Southern rafters of all are fixed on the ridge, located on 40-45 cm of his fellow;
  • As a result, an opening equal to 40-45 cm is formed, which provides a more rapid installation of the ventilation system;
  • It is recommended not to equip the entire length of the aperture with a material that can not be quickly removed if necessary;
  • As such material, you can take a film, a dull glass or polycarbonate, which will cover the roof.

Optimization of costs associated with the processing of seedlings and the operation of the greenhouse in general - the main merit overseas developer. Applying an innovative approach for his time, Mr. Mitlajder was able to conquer the market for many years.

We design a greenhouse for Mitlayderu scheme: drawings and calculations

As mentioned above, the key to success is technically correct style open windows, transom, located in the upper part of the structure. In order for the polycarbonate greenhouse to last as long as possible, it is necessary to devote sufficient time to drawing up the drawing. First you need to remember is that to make the window with his hands must be a minimum width of 60-65 cm.

For our country, the arched modification of the Mitlajdera greenhouse is best adapted to snow loads for our country to the snow loads are best adapted to the arched greenhouse modification Mitlaydera

Fixing is carried out using wooden strips and plastic ribbons.

not prevent common mistakes to follow these guidelines:

  • other end of the structure is fixed on a bar that is above all;
  • The opposite part of the lock is freely lowered to the base of the structure;Due
  • substantial weight of the central bar, a polyethylene coating is not susceptible to the ravages of the wind;
  • It should be ensured that the lower beam is closely adjacent to the southern ramp;
  • Check that the ventilation hole is correctly assembled.

All the above actions are performed at the design stage. According to numerous reviews of gardeners, correctly performed calculations can almost completely get rid of possible errors. The position of the two beams, not to mention the reliability of the skates, must be checked with a calculator in hand.

Making the ventilation system in the greenhouse polycarbonate for Mitlayderu

Regular normalized supply of fresh air and sunlight is essential for trees, ornamental plants, and even cucumber. In this regard, it is necessary to once again pay attention to the advantages of a greenhouse built on an innovative method.

Advantage of the design - a ventilation device, extremely simple and convenient in use Dignity design - the ventilation device is extremely simple and convenient to operate

The presented model of ventilation system goes from one end to the other, so that the seedlings are always ventilated evenly.

Even over sensitive cultures will be satisfied. It is also important to note here that a technically correct assembly eliminates the possibility of traces of condensation. Even a small amount of it leads to permanent diseases of greenery.

If we talk about other important factors, they are as follows:

  • described technique allows to balance the ratio of heat and cold in the greenhouse;
  • Plants receive the required amount of carbon dioxide;
  • No drafts.

In order to ensure that all the beds have sufficient sunlight and carbon dioxide, it is necessary to properly organize the ventilation system. It is designed taking into account the width and length of the greenhouse. Depending on this parameter, it is mounted in the direction of north-south or west-east.

air circulation in the greenhouse Mitlaydera: reviews

necessary to form a comfortable climate for the full growing thermophilic cultures moisture and thirst. Here also the advantages of the design developed by the American innovator will be useful. Everything begins with the location of both skates in relation to the horizon line.

The Jacob Mitlajdera greenhouse will help create optimal conditions for plants and humidity conditions and temperature conditions Greenhouse Jacob Mitlaydera help create optimal conditions for plants humidity and temperature

Regardless of the climatic characteristics of the region, the most high side ramp is always located in the northern part.

It's not hard to guess that the lower ramp the manufacturer recommends reversing towards the south. Here it is necessary to focus attention on one drawback of such a hotbed. If the region has elevated temperatures throughout the summer, a part of the external coating of the structure is quickly taken out.

avoid this and a number of other bugs to help the following recommendations:

  1. Correct orientation of the greenhouse allows through the opening to deliver the warm southern air. In this case, it is extremely important to remember one minus of such a decision. If there is an increased level of humidity in the region, then the orientation of the rays along the horizon line is exactly the opposite.
  2. The correct installation of the door at the end profile pipe requires a preliminary aerodynamic calculation. According to statistics, in most cases the input group is located in the northern part.

The formation of a correct microclimate in a horticultural design depends on many details. Correctly orienting both skates, will help to study the climatic characteristics of the region where the greenhouse is operated. Do not overlook the door. It is enough to make a wrong step of a few millimeters to form a destructive draft for the seedling.

We build the mitlajdera greenhouse with our own hands according to the drawings

The selection of the right coating for the walls completes the list of significant details. Unlike other models, where the size and type of shelter material are strictly prescribed in the instructions, the work of the American innovator provides a greater field for maneuvers.

The northern side of the greenhouse is equipped with a high ramp that protects plants from cold winds. Low ramp looks to the south The northern side of the greenhouse is equipped with a high ramp that protects plants from cold winds. Low ramp looks to the south

In order for the construction to be effective, you must always pay attention to the combined options. For example, a film-based and polycarbonate-based construction will withstand extreme frost and summer heat.

Construction of a greenhouse for high decorative and agricultural crops begins with an answer to 2 questions. How long will the structure be used for a year?What is the maximum height required?

Depending on the responses received, the logic for further actions is formed:

  • The minimum distance in the greenhouse like Medvedev or Mitlajder is 5-8 cm;
  • For full-fledged work in winter, selects a 3-layer film coating;
  • If a hail or heavy snowfall is noted in the village, the upper part of the building is further strengthened;
  • For excessively tall plants an additional bevel is used, as in Medvedev's greenhouse.

Greenhouse on Mitlayderu( video)

Greenhouse on Mitlayderu( photo)