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Many products made in patchwork style are real works of art, they can not be found on store shelves Many products made in patchwork style are real works of art, they can not be found on the shelves of shops. Patchwork is a kind of needlework that reaches the scale of art. Harmoniously combining different sections of fabric, the masters create magnificent compositions, which are used for arranging a house. The style of patchwork sewing has long been known to the world, as evidenced by the magnificent fabric applications made in this technique, which are found in almost every ancient culture.

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Patchwork pillows: a bright accent in the interior

The beauty that is created with the help of patchwork sewing allows you to draw some analogy between the patchpk and mosaic art. With the help of this technique, they create clothes, shoes, furniture, carpets, curtains, bed-clothes and all kinds of accessories for decorating the room.

Pillows made in patchwork style are very popular. It can be decorative sofa cushions, pillows on chairs, removable pillow cases for pillows in the bedroom. This detail of the interior can emphasize the style in which the interior is made.

Basic patchwork types:

  • An English patchwork that is considered classic. The shape and dimensions of the parts in the entire composition must be the same. Templates are used for work. Application is created with the help of 2-3 varieties of tissue. As a result, an ornament of the correct geometric shape is obtained.
  • Crazy or crazy patchwork. This technique has no boundaries and rules, which makes it possible to implement any even crazy ideas: use the fabric of any textures, details of any size, combine bright, juicy colors and include additional accessories.
  • Oriental style. Geometric construction of the drawing - as in the classical technique, and the color scale emphasizes the eastern direction.
  • Japanese. A special direction in the eastern technique, in which a special sashiko stitch is used to contrast the thread.
  • Knitted patchwork. Composition is created using separately knitted or crocheted squares.

Pillows made in patchwork technique will always find their place in the interior

With the help of patchwork techniques, you can emphasize the style of the interior, create a smooth transition between contrasting details in the room and fill your home with comfort. And small decorative pillows besides accessories for own house can become excellent souvenirs to close people.

Varied patchwork patchwork technique: cushions for

The differences between all patchwork types are insignificant and as a basis, geometry is used everywhere - a combination of parts. There are special schemes for creating ornaments for drawing.

Basic scheme of combination of parts in patchwork:

  1. Method of squares. Composition is created from square cuts of different colors. Beginners can master the technique of "chess", in which squares of contrasting colors are stitched in chess order.
  2. Technique of strips. The main ornament is composed of details in the form of strips.

Bright scraps of fabric, gathered in geometric shapes, create unique things that can lift the mood and warm in the cold winter evenings Bright shreds of fabric, gathered in geometric shapes, create unique things that can lift the mood and warm it on cold winter evenings

Direction of strips:

  • Parallel to each other;
  • In the form of a spiral - the method of "log cabin";
  • Moving relative to each other.
  • The method of triangles. With the help of multicolored isosceles triangles, the patterns "square" and "star" are created.
  • Cell method. The figure, which looks like a honeycomb, is collected from hexagons.
  • Method Lapachikha or Rag quilt( shabby quilt).The details are sewn together with the seam allowance on the front side. The allowances are deliberately frayed.
  • Patchwork "Watercolor".In a single composition, creating the effect of watercolors, add close-by-ton details from a dark halftone to a light tone.

The basic patterns of patchwork are applicable for the design of pillows. For each scheme, you can find information, view the master class and perform this or that technique. The main thing is to decide on the idea, with the function that the product will perform and with the shape of the pillow.

Decorative pillows in the style of patchwork with their own hands

Thanks to the high popularity of this type of handicraft, the finished products in patchwork style can be bought in stores or ordered on the Internet. But self-creation of a thing in the patchwork technique is much more fascinating. You can individually work through all the details and create a unique accessory for your home. At once it is necessary to be defined with the form and the size of a pillow.

Decorative cushions-scops are never obsolete, because they bear a charge of vivacity and positive for everyone Decorative cushions are never obsolete because they carry a charge of vivacity and positive for each

The basic stages in the patchwork technique:

  1. Collect the necessary tools: suitable cloth flaps, sewing machine( butCan be sewn by hand), needles, threads, scissors, iron, fillers for the pillow( batting or sintepon), accessories in the form of fringe, buttons, rhinestones, sequins, etc.
  2. Decide on the idea and the appropriate scheme for this. To study the master classes on the chosen technique, view the finished product photos, find patterns.
  3. Prepare the fabric. Before cutting out the parts, it is necessary to decalculate the fabric. To prevent the fabric from shrinking in the finished product, it is washed and ironed before use. If the fabric is too light, it can be previously compacted with fleiselin or dublerin.
  4. Cut out the pattern details of the composition.
  5. Combine pairs of flaps. Sew the paired details. Be sure to iron each new seam.
  6. Create two canvases, folded to each other and sewed around the perimeter, pre-scraping or chipping with pins.
  7. Unscrew the product and add filler.
  8. To work in patchwork style, you need quality materials and tools For work in patchwork style, high-quality materials and tools are needed.

    Sewing a cushion in the style of patchwork with your own hands requires care, accuracy and good imagination. Such a decorative pillow or duma, as it is called here, can decorate a nursery, A living room and even a kitchen, emphasize the interior in Scandinavian style, in the style of country and Provence.

    If you choose the right items, the pillow will perfectly fit into the classic interior, it will become an accent even in high-tech buildings.

    Patchwork pillowcases: convenience and beauty

    Patchwork technology makes it possible to create a large number of accessories for the interior with almost no restrictions. Out of fashion things, interesting pieces of fabric left from the former curtains - all this in the hands of the skilled worker can turn into a new exquisite thing.
    To save space and ease of use, it is preferable to create patchwork pillowcases on pillows that can easily be changed by mood or season. Sewing pillowcases in patchwork style differs from sewing a pillow only in that it is necessary to provide a clasp.

    For fastening fit:

  • Buttons, both decorative large and small secret;
  • Zipper;Strings from any braid;
  • ;
  • Velcro;
  • Hooks-fasteners;
  • Buttons.

Decorative pillows in the style of patchwork will last long in the interior of the house with proper care for them. Quilted things, like the rest, need periodic washing. Therefore, you should adhere to a number of rules to protect products made in patchwork technique. It is necessary to know, from what materials the pillow or a pillowcase for a pillow is made.

The main rule of patchwork products care is not to allow the shreds to be shed, otherwise the thing will be irreparably damaged The main rule of patchwork product care is to prevent the shreds from fading, otherwise the thing will be irretrievably damaged

Quilt cleaning methods in patchwork style:

  1. If the pillowcase is made of sturdyFabric, for example, cotton, with the use of machine stitch, you can use a washing machine. Wash the product in cool water, using a delicate mode.
  2. If the product is made of thin fabrics or sewn by hand, it is worth using a hand wash.
  3. If you have a patchwork pad without a removable pillowcase, you can clean it with a vacuum cleaner, pre-covered with gauze.

Dry the patchwork item on a flat surface, becauseThe clothesline can stretch the stitch.

Patchwork cushion( video)

Decorative pillow patchwork can revive any room with a strict or boring interior, create the necessary accent, emphasize the zoning of the room. If the style of the house is more refined and conservative, then with the right design and competent detailing, patchwork accessories can bring the necessary expressiveness and brightness to the interior.

Patchwork cushion( photo)