Cross-stitch patterns: for white, photos, famous companies, pantry and micro-embroidery, artists and Christmas-tree toys

Textiles embroidered with a cross not only decorate the interior, but also create a cozy atmosphere in the house In order to simplify the process of creating images on the fabric, the cross-stitch is applied, the schemes of which prescribe each action. The technology of arts and crafts has become widespread due to its availability. For work you will need scissors, a drawn or found in the network diagram, thread and fabric.

  • Micro cross stitching: schemes and technology features
  • Diagrams of embroidery of Christmas tree toys by cross: practical tips
  • Cross-stitching: schemes of famous artists
  • Cross-stitch embroidery: schemes, features and secrets
  • Quickly embroider a cross according to the scheme: tips for beginners
  • How to make schemes for cross stitching: tips for beginners
  • Choose the best cross stitch patterns
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  • Micro cross stitching: schemes and features of


    The technology is used to create a canvas with a size of 32 or 40 in onePetite images. It is believed that micro embroidery originated in the Russian Empire and then spread to the countries of Western Europe. It is often called a petit point, which can be translated into Russian as a "small point".A micro image is based on multiple semi-crosses that are small in size.

    Each stitch is embroidered in a diagonal line shape. It is important to remember that the lines are drawn on the back of the fabric. If all motions are consistent with the circuit, the dense arrangement of the threads forms an integral image. As it spread throughout the world, micro embroidery technology has been actively developed.

    Today it is used to create the following composite solutions:

    • Rugs;
    • Seats for chairs;
    • Bannet;
    • Screen fireplace;
    • Pillows;
    • Decorative band for the bell;
    • Upholstery for handbags;
    • Packaging for gifts;
    • Cover for glasses.

    Before embroidery, it is necessary to draw the necessary motive, to pick up threads and the canvas for work Before embroidery, it is necessary to draw the necessary motive, to pick up the threads and the canvas for the work of

    . In shops selling decorative arts, such works are very expensive. In this case, a person can do everything with their own hands. It is enough to find in the thematic publications or in the network the photo of the model you like. After that, the image is transferred to the sheet taking into account its geometric features.

    For those who prefer to give their imagination complete freedom, you can offer unusual and in many ways cool options. After making a few holes in the surface of the metal or plastic, transform it into a bucket, frying pan or iron. Before you start, select the desired sketch. After that, it is transferred by means of special paper to the surface. Used for this pencil or marker, designed to work with the required material.

    Original in shape and content images are obtained by accurately transferring all points to the surface. Once this stage is completed, the transition to applying stitches is carried out. Do this with caution. A firm hand and a keen eye are the guarantee of an acceptable result.

    Diagrams of embroidery of Christmas tree crosses: practical advice

    After spending a little time, you can embroider an unforgettable Christmas decoration with a cross. Here everything is limited only by flight of imagination. The most common are the schemes of embroidered balls of dense tissue. To begin with, you need to decide on the color of the future craft and its shape. After that, the required materials are searched.

    A simple and original idea - to hang Christmas tree decorations, made in the technique of cross stitching Simple and original idea - to hang Christmas tree decorations made in cross-stitch technique

    When choosing a color solution for Christmas ornaments, do not rush to extremes. Too bright or pastel Christmas toys too much focus on yourself. Optimal to choose the thread, which for 1-3 tones differ from the place where it is planned to place the Christmas tree decoration.

    Further embroidery technology looks like this:

    1. Find in the closet or buy in the store of goods for needlework dense fabric. It is recommended to take 5-9 cm more than is actually necessary. Excess amount will be needed in case you need to make corrections;
    2. Acquire the required number of threads of the desired color. It does not matter what firm they will be. The main thing is to make sure that they are suitable for creating embroideries. The relevant information is placed on the packaging;
    3. Measure the found dense material, whose diameter should vary from 5 to 10 cm. To avoid possible problems during manufacture, it is better to give preference to a larger version;
    4. Embroider one of the sides of the future toy, according to the scheme;Embroider the remaining parts.
    5. .Thus it is necessary to be convinced, that each crosslet covers 1 piece of a string;
    6. Once all elements are ready, all parts are directly connected to a single unit. The embroidering process is completed with cotton wool.

    Cross Stitch: Schemes of famous artists

    To realize canvases of famous artists on fabrics is not an easy task, but feasible. First you need to select the picture of interest. Portraits, landscapes or still lifes will require a certain set of color solutions and materials. For example, if we embroider the picture "The Bullfinches Have Arrived," the emphasis is on white, red and dark pastel shades.

    A picture with city landscapes, embroidered with a cross, will allow you to tirelessly admire cozy streets with various buildings, if you place it in a recreation area Painting with city landscapes, embroidered with a cross, will allow you to tirelessly admire the cozy streets with various buildings, if you place it in a recreation area.

    . It is better to refuse too bright colors, otherwise the work will be too heavy for visual perception.

    Useful advices

    1. If there are bright areas in the picture, for example, snow, sky or vague images that are in the distance, they are stitched with a white or pastel shade;
    2. More difficult when there is a process on the initial image, for example, a tea party. If the composition is characterized by a small size, then each element does not need to be stitched in detail;
    3. More attention should be paid to the image with dynamic objects. If the picture has active animals, for example, Spitz, then you must show them in motion. Developing in the wind wool or less clear, slightly blurred landscape, on the sides will create the necessary atmosphere.

    Contour embroidery by cross: patterns, features and secrets

    The technology is suitable for those who do not like to overload the image with details. Contour embroidery allows you to quickly create on the fabric lines that form the final image. Silhouette of a couple in love, a sightseeing or a big city - all this can be quickly transferred to the material.

    Will tell you the idea of ​​storing images collected in magazines.

    To create cross-stitch patterns, you can use paper in a cage or graph paper To create cross-stitch patterns, you can use paper in a cage or graph paper

    The next thing to do is:

    • Mark the contours of the work with a marker or pencil;
    • Check with a ruler the correct location of each line;
    • Making sure that the sketch has no errors, it is allowed to proceed to embroidery.

    How to quickly embroider a cross according to the scheme: tips for beginners

    Many schemes contain a different number of elements that require the use of special technologies. Some of them can be embroidered quickly, while others do not tolerate fuss. The balance of compliance will help common sense and attention to detail.

    First of all it is necessary to remember that the creation of toys and other products with a small number of decorative elements does not require detailed elaboration.

    It is necessary to be guided by the following principles:

    1. Each stitch is held from the outside( with the standard) and with the inside( with micro-embroidery) side;
    2. The sharpness of the needles is selected taking into account the density of the fabric.;
    3. Each penetration of the needle into the fabric passes with the same rhythm.

    How to make schemes for cross-stitching: tips for beginners

    Whether a micro-embroidery or its traditional version is used, it is necessary to observe a number of rules related to the formation of the scheme.

    Contour embroidery is simple in execution, because for work you can use only a few shades of thread floss Contour embroidery is simple in performance, because only a few shades of thread are allowed for work.

    The erroneous part of the work is not taken seriously enough. That is why beginning masters of arts and crafts make mistakes. Among the most common is the choice of incorrect stitch types, non-compliance with dimensions and out of the dimensions of the workpiece.

    To avoid the above, the strict adherence to the following recommendations to help the newcomer will help, what aspects the scheme should cover:

    1. The width of the planned embroidery is measured in the number of crosses. Here you need pharmacy accuracy, otherwise the composition simply does not work out. For example, if you plan to make a landscape with a lot of small parts, a special paper for schemes will make it easier;
    2. Type of thread to be used. The specified parameter will help to determine the type of tissue to which the image is transferred;
    3. List the color shades to be used;
    4. Specify the maximum number of colors and shades of the craft. Whether there will be one frog or the image of matrons on the fabric, the sum of colors and shades is indicated.;

    Choose the best cross stitch patterns

    The person is in a constant search for a way to create a miracle on the fabric. It does not matter whether it is a tree, behind which a fox or a snowman is sitting, it is recommended to take into account a number of important parameters when choosing a circuit.

    Nice and kind embroidery with the image of cartoon characters or animals will create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth in the children A nice and kind embroidery featuring animated characters or animals will create an atmosphere of comfort and home heat in the children's room.

    First, do not pay attention to options whose description includes adjectives in an excellent degree. Secondly, at the initial stage it is worth to abandon the options with a lot of complex elements.

    Fans of natural motifs will be interested in geese, butterflies, wildflowers and variations on the theme of clouds.

    Among other possible variants of the composition, the following are distinguished:

    1. The bedding is selected in the nursery, which will not distract the child during sleep. What is the child's dream?What does he want to become?Answers to these questions will help you to choose the necessary scheme;
    2. A universal variant will be a bear from a good fairy tale to a boy's room. Other interesting options include cars, fairy-tale characters, animated characters. If we are talking about the girl's room, then fairy-tale castles, good heroes from fairy tales and fairies are appropriate here.

    Original schemes of cross stitching: what to look for

    The landscape of the Moscow street, an abstract panel or an incredible still life - all this is easy to transfer to the fabric. The main thing is to create a scheme correctly.

    The abstract panel, embroidered with a cross, will undoubtedly draw attention to the dwelling space, if the skilled worker fully learns the technology of its manufacture An abstract panel embroidered with a cross will undoubtedly draw attention to the living space if the skilled worker fully understands the technology of its manufacture

    The first thing to remember is that the more details in the original drawing, the more accurate the transfer is required. Even the best in their business masters are not ready to say with certainty that they will cope with the first task. Do not get upset if the first try fails.

    The following recommendations will help reduce the probability of error:

    1. Before starting work, it is recommended to have patience and a number of accurate measuring instruments. Ruler, protractor, compasses - all of the above will help to conduct geometrically correct lines. It is enough to make an error of 3 cm, so that the final result is not pleased;
    2. Special marked paper is required for the job. You can find it in the goods store for needlework;
    3. Volumetric objects are transferred to the circuit 6-8 by points, which are neatly connected. When it comes to small elements, on the diagram they stand out in a darker tone;
    4. Beginners are advised to prescribe in the first couple of times on the diagram the thickness of each of the transferred elements.

    Cross-stitch embroidery for beginners( video)

    Cross-stitch embroidery is a convenient technology in all respects used in arts and crafts. It is based on the transfer to the fabric of a pre-prepared image. Materials for work are selected taking into account the specific nature of the pattern: line density, color saturation, tissue density. After that, each step is checked against the selected scheme. Even in the absence of significant experience, to cope with work in 3-5 hours.

    embroidery cross schemes( photo)