Patchwork sewing bags with your own hands Patterns: in patchwork style, photo and master class from leather

Bags in patchwork technique - it Bags in patchwork technique - it's stylish and modern Throughout history, women have always tried to create coziness and beauty even in the most crisis times. Women's ability to carefully store small, at first glance, pieces of cloth, work with small details, prolong life to old things - gave the world a patchwork technique that in the modern world has reached the level of skilful creativity.

    • Patchwork bags: a variety of ideas for creativity
    • Patchwork bags: basic directions, material selection
    • Japanese patchwork bags: a master class on boring style
    • Refined Omiage bags and woven bags in patchwork technique

Patchwork bags: various ideas for creativity

Patchwork is one of the directions of the slaveWith textiles. Includes knitting, knitting, sewing shreds with a sewing machine or manually.

One of the main advantages of patchwork - unlimited ideas One of the main advantages of patchwork - unlimited ideas

The advantage of this type of needlework is:

  • Variability. Quilting gives unlimited opportunities to realize their ideas.
  • Exclusivity. The patchwork technique is always an author's work, which is valued for its individuality and uniqueness.
  • Economy. To create a new product, you can use all sorts of old things, upholstery of out-of-fashion furniture, combine trimming fabric.
  • Practicality. Any flaw in the patchwork technique can be easily corrected by replacing the part.

Patchwork creates unique clothes, home decor elements, bed linens, bedspreads, tablecloths, curtains, paintings, various accessories. Even such a necessary and sought-after element of the female image, like bags, can be made in the patchwork technique.

Bags that can be created in the technique of quiltwork:

  • Bright beach bags;
  • Luggage bags;
  • Elegant clutches;
  • Casual bags;
  • Beautician;
  • Children's handbags;
  • Decorative suitcases;
  • Shopping bags for shopping;
  • Bags-cots for pets;
  • Decorative baskets for storing small items;
  • Omega handbags;
  • Sports backpacks.

The most daring ideas can be realized with the help of patchwork sewing. In addition, the charming female accessory, made in the patchwork technique, does not go out of fashion and always attracts attention.

Patchwork bags: the main directions, the choice of the material

It is not difficult to sew a product using the patchwork technique. You can safely experiment and create your own author's bag.

There are 2 directions of patchwork: classic and "crazy".Read more about this below

The technology has two main directions:

  • Classical. The basis of the composition, which has a clear symmetry, is the same size and shape of the tissue;
  • "Crazy".The basis is taken of details of different sizes and shapes, there are no rules in constructing a drawing, artistic asymmetry is used.

It is worth paying attention to the fabric from which it is planned to sew a bag.

Requirements for textile for bags:

  • Resistance to temperature changes;
  • Strength of the material;
  • Water resistant;
  • Resistance to wear.

If a thing is only decorative, then even the most delicate and whimsical material will do. However, if the bag as a result should be functional, it is worth selecting the fabric for its main purpose and seasonality.

Bag material:

  • Genuine leather. High wear resistance and ease of care make this material the most popular for bags, despite the high cost. You can use it for exquisite clutches and small handbags. The material requires accuracy when sewing, do not pre-sweep the parts, becauseRemains a conspicuous trace of the needle.
  • Artificial leather. Has an affordable price, but high wear, so the bags will have a shorter service life. Visually practically no different from the real leather.
  • Suede. Moody material that requires special care, but suede bags always look beautiful and spectacular.
  • Artificial suede. For example, Alcantara. Easily erased, does not require special care, looks as stylish as the natural suede.
  • Cotton. Durable natural fabric that is easy to clean. Suitable for sports and shopping bags.
  • Nylon. Easy to clean, durable. Used for sports bags, backpacks.
  • Polyester. Durable fabric with a wide variety of texture and density. Does not let in air.
  • Bologna. The fabric does not allow air and moisture to pass through.
  • Felt fabric or felt. Thick fabrics that will hold the shape, so it is perfect for traveling bags or baskets and carrier bags.
  • Jeans. Suitable for sports, youth bags, for children's backpacks.

In order to sew a bag in the style of patchwork it is necessary to choose the right direction, to study the master class, to look through the photo for the chosen model, to choose the fabric, to make the necessary patterns, and to boldly embody the conceived.

Japanese patchwork of bags: a master class on the style of borod

Buro-style handbags are a patchwork of the Japanese direction, which is performed only by hand. Simplicity of execution allows to sew such a bag to those who use patchwork technique for the first time.

This technique can also be used to decorate an already available bag This technique can also be used for decorating an already-available bag

The following materials are needed for the job:

  • Selected fabric cuts;
  • Lining material. It can be a special lining fabric, which is sold in any fabric store or denim;
  • Flizelin - for sealing parts and base bags;
  • Synthepone - for giving volume;
  • Threads for stitches. Denim fit;
  • Sewing fittings;
  • Iron, scissors;
  • Glue pencil.

Tailoring technology:

  • Random size cut pieces of square or rectangular shape. If the fabric allows, you can slightly dissolve the edges of the parts to get a small fringe along the rim.
  • Two identical bases are found in shape: front and back of the bag.
  • On the basis laid out the details in any order, but so that they "went" to each other for 1-2cm.
  • The resulting composition is sewn to the base by hand or by a sewing machine with a vertical stitch approximately every 5 cm.
  • Pieces of corners are glued with pencil glue.
  • The decorative jean stitch is made "forward the needle" for the whole product.
  • The bottom of the bag is prepared, which must be compacted or sized using sintepon.
  • 3 bases are sewn together: the front, back and bottom of the bag.
  • The lining for the bag is sewn and the handles are sewn on.

The patchwork technique can be used not only for tailoring the bag itself, but also for decorating the existing one. Appliques in the technique of patchwork decorate the most simple and ordinary thing.

Refined Omiage bags and woven bag in patchwork technique

The most simple technique in patchwork is weaving from scraps of fabric. At the same time, the simplicity of execution does not affect the beauty of the product. This kind of needlework is suitable for those who do not have a sewing machine. In the technique of weaving from shreds, beach bags, ladies' summer bags are created.

You can sew a bag in patchwork technique without even having a sewing machine You can sew a bag in the patchwork technique without even having a sewing machine

Stages of weaving bags in the style of patchwork:

  • Cut narrow strips of fabric of the desired size.
  • A frame is created from 4 long identical strips: two strips are superimposed on each other with a cross at an angle of 90 degrees, the other two are diagonally. The center of the frame is sewn with a thread so that the strips do not move.
  • A long strip of fabric is woven into the frame.
  • A circle is woven, which then folds in half and takes the form of a bag, sewn on handles, fasteners or ties.

Weaving in patchwork style is an excellent gym for small hand motor skills and can be used for rehabilitation after arthritic problems.

In addition to our traditional handbags in the style of patchwork, you can sew Japanese handbags omega. These are small bags in the form of pouches, which are used for sweets and sweets.

To sew your own hand, this bag-bag is necessary: ​​

  • Prepare 3 colors of fabric: light, dark, color contrast.
  • Carve out 12 rectangles measuring 15 cm by 3.5 cm in each of the 3 colors.
  • Sew a pair of light strips with dark faces to each other along one long strip.
  • Screw on the face and iron.
  • Sew a strip of third fabric between pairs of parts.
  • The resulting accordion is sewn into a ring.
  • At the top of the pouch folds to the right, in the bottom - to the left, and stitch the circles together in a circle.
  • The bottom of the bag is stitched, then tighten the thread, you can decorate the center of the bottom with a button.
  • The upper part is to be edged and sewed with a kulisk or pens.

You can make such handbags for children or give them to friends on thematic holidays.

Bag in the patchwork style with your own hands( video)

Modern popularity of patchwork is confirmed by the works of famous designers who imitate patchwork in many of their collections. As you know, bags do not happen much. A patchwork, just gives unlimited opportunities to realize their ideas, economically and practical to use the possible workpieces and create unique handmade accessories.

Quilting bags with their hands pattern( photo)