Panel of natural materials: hands, photos, winter and New Year, decorative

Panels made of natural materials can decorate any interior, bringing to it something extraordinary and mysterious Beautiful and unusual panels can be made from what is under our feet. It is a variety of pebbles, twigs, glass, shells, etc. However, everything that we usually do not pay attention to. But with a huge desire and invention of such ordinary things, you can create amazing panels of extraordinary beauty.

    • Decorative panel made of natural material by our own hands
    • Doing your own hands: a panel of natural material
    • Winter panel with your own hands made of natural material: master class
    • How to assemble a New Year panel from natural materials with your ownHands
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Decorative panel made of natural material with your own hands

Howe are these panels from natural materials?This is perhaps the most interesting and unusual compositions that are made from materials given to us by nature.

For example:

  1. The panel of grains and cereals with the addition of coffee beans looks like a real picture, and the palette of colors is very diverse. This picture is perfect for any room.
  2. Panel from coffee beans .For the background of such compositions, baggy cloth and a tourniquet are often used. The coffee panel should be placed rationally in rest rooms or kitchens. The smell of coffee will help to relax and relieve tension.
  3. Panel made of seashells .An interesting and cheap option to dilute the situation in the bathroom. And even do not necessarily make them a variety of figures. Quite simply and simpotichnoy looks completely filled with a square base of shells of different sizes.
  4. Panel made of stones .In this case, the process will be a little more complicated. Usually for such a panel choose small stones, from which you can lay out a mosaic.
  5. Panel from the tree. Very interesting and uncomplicated option to decorate the corridor in the house. Often, such panels make larger sizes. Spili combined the same length, but different in diameter.

This is not the whole list of possible panels from natural materials.

The material and technique of making panels depends only on imagination and desire The material and technique for producing the panel depends only on the imagination and desire.

Interesting panels can be made from the leaves of trees, making from them whole chic bouquets.

Do it yourself: a panel of natural material

Consider the creation of a decorative panel of millet. As the picture will be a fairy-tale character "Buratino" on the lawn under a tree. This panel perfectly fits in the interior of the children's room, and for work good children will be. Such an exciting lesson they will like.

Required material:

  • 0.5 cups of millet;
  • Gouache paint, pencil and brush;
  • Used tea bags;
  • Small plank of plywood;
  • Wooden skewers;
  • Adhesive PVA;
  • A small piece of light-colored fabric;
  • Sand and small pebbles;
  • Artificial greens and flowers;
  • Dry leaves;
  • Transparent nail polish.

The creation of a panel of natural materials will deliver to you the indescribable emotions of joy Creation of a panel of natural materials will deliver you an ineffable emotion of joy

To begin with, it is necessary to tighten the base of the plywood with a cloth and glue it. Wait until the glue dries. Then create a picture with a pencil and apply a thin thread of PVA glue along the contour of the pinotine. After that, with the help of a skewer, we lay out tightly a string of millet grains strictly one piece at a time. We let the contour dry and then paint it with a simple pencil, making it more expressive. Then fill the entire picture with a thin layer of millet. The tree on the lawn is covered with a gruel made of tea and glue, this mass is very similar to the real bark. Then gouache draws the branches of the tree, background panels, sand and birds, and paint our Pinocchio. After drying the paint we decorate the panel with artificial grass, flowers and sand, and we stick dried leaves on the tree. It remains only to apply several layers of clear lacquer. Everything, the work is completed. Decorative panel "Buratino" on the lawn is ready.

You can apply a pattern to the substrate using copying paper, in which case the pattern will be more precise and expressive.

Winter panel with their own hands made of natural material: master class

At the word winter, immediately there is an association with white snow and frosty evenings. Therefore, it is logical to portray a street with houses, from whose pipes smoke is bubbling.

For the operation of the winter panel you will need:

  • Sheet of plywood;
  • Paper;
  • Adhesive PVA;
  • Silicate adhesive with a sharp spout;
  • Brush;
  • Sword;
  • Semolina;
  • Wadding;
  • Gouache.

When making a winter panel with your own hands you do not have to hurry and work out every detail When making a winter panel with your own hands, you do not have to hurry and work on each part

We will start the preparation of the panel with the preparation of the base. We spread the PVA glue with a small amount of water and paste the paper on the plywood, slightly wrapping the edges on the other side of the board. Wait until the surface dries. Then, with the same diluted adhesive, cover the entire base and carefully sprinkle it with semolina. After drying, we paint the manga with gouache blue. Then, with a simple pencil, we sketch out the approximate contours of our street, houses, a couple of Christmas trees and a moon in the sky. After we take the silicate glue and gently draw the contour of the element and smear it from the inside. Here we take the cotton wool and glue it with a thin layer, and with the skewer we level the boundaries of the elements so that they are sharp. Thus, we create the effect of snow-white snow on a lunar evening. Decorate such a winter panel can be rice or small stones, painting them in silver.

It is very important to perform all elements of the panel alternately, so that the glue does not have time to dry.

How to assemble a New Year's panel from natural materials with your own hands

In the New Year holidays, as a gift, the panel is perfect. A huge selection of elements from natural materials for creativity can be found at home, and the imagination and ability to transform simple things into fairy-tale products will transform the panel beyond recognition. As a drawing for the panel you can use absolutely any winter theme. It's easy to picture a Christmas tree made of cones, decorated with bright toys.

For operation it is necessary: ​​

  • Heavy sheet of A3 cardboard;
  • Adhesive gun;
  • Gouache and brush;
  • Fir cones;
  • Macaroni of various shapes;
  • Spruce branch;
  • Peas;
  • Coffee beans;
  • Pistachio shell;
  • Whole egg shell quail - 3 pcs;

Having prepared the necessary material, you can safely get down to work. Applying the original drawing with a pencil is not necessary, the main thing is to glue the elements smoothly and not to hurry.

Doing a New Year It's easy to make a New Year's panel with your own hands, but you still need a little patience and perseverance

Getting Started:

  • Cover gouache cardboard background;
  • We disassemble spruce cones into feathers and glue them on the center of the leaf, starting from the vertex and further forming the tiers of branches;
  • Over the Christmas tree, glue a chain of peas in the form of a garland;
  • Further decorate the panel with coffee beans - toys on the Christmas tree, pasta - in the form of a star at the crown and on the general background in the form of snowflakes;
  • We paint the tree in green, and the pasta in white.

Next, you need to make small bumps. To do this, alternately close to each other glue on the eggshell of pistachios. Then we place two small sprigs of spruce in the upper right corner of the panel, and homemade cones along their center.

The frame of the New Year's panel can be made from a layer of cotton wool, the same Christmas tree cones of small sizes, shells or flat pebbles.

That's the whole work, the New Year's panel of natural materials is ready.

Manufacturing of panels from natural materials( video)

Decorating your home with a panel of natural materials is very simple. Such materials symbolize harmony and unity with nature. Connect to work is very real for all members of the family, because the occupation behind such an interesting common cause unites creativity. In the end, you can create a fairly original panel, not inferior to what is sold in the store. And objects made by own hands are doubly priceless!

Panels made of natural materials( photos)