Volumetric panel: on the wall 3d, decor with own hands from plaster, New Year's relief panel, master class from paper

Decorative three-dimensional panel is a perfect gift, which will become a favorite subject of the interior A creative voluminous panel is a perfect gift that will become a favorite subject of the interior A voluminous panel can become a real art object that has settled in the house. Their variations are quite diverse, so the desired option can easily be purchased in a ready-made form. Or, more interestingly, make it yourself. In the end, you can get a unique piece of interior and great pleasure from the fact that the work is done by yourself.

    • Large-size panels with their own hands: basic nuances
    • Decorative panels from plaster;Relief embellishments
    • Festive New Year panel for the gift
    • How to create a panel
    • How to create a solid panel( video)
    • Examples of solid panels( photos in the interior)

Bulk panels with their own hands: basic nuances

A voluminous panel on the wall can be easily executed by oneself, especially if you understand what you want to see in the end.

So, the picture can have the following types:

  • Embroidery( cross-stitch or smooth);
  • Drawing by volumetric plaster;
  • Polymeric smoothing;
  • Fabric panel;Composition of artificial flowers, papier - mache, etc.
You can create an original volumetric panel yourself, the main thing is to prepare a beautiful drawing and other materials for its decoration You can create an original volumetric panel yourself, the main thing is to prepare a beautiful pattern and other materials for its decoration.

In order to obtain decorative compositions, it is not necessary to incur considerable costs and purchase expensive materials. It is enough just to arm yourself with available materials and designate a general concept.

It's best to draw a painting from the very beginning on the wall, and already on it to apply the main material. To do everything "from scratch" can only professionals, and even then, not all. Beginners should not take risks.

An alternative to drawing by hand can be a special stencil, which you can do yourself or print out a ready-made version. The main thing is not to rush and immediately correct errors, if any. The work can be delayed for a long time, but do not worry: step by step a real picture will appear that will not be ashamed to decorate the wall for many years.

Decorative panels from plaster;Relief embellishments

Wall panels, in addition to the traditional set of materials of the needlewoman, can be made from plaster. To master the technology of working with it is simple enough, but it is important to understand that this material is rather unstable, so it will take time to apply it.

Decorative relief panel can be:

  • Removable;
  • Non-removable.

The first option usually has an order of magnitude smaller, so it takes much less time to execute it. Make this composition, enclose it in a frame and hang on the wall and can both an adult and a child. And how interesting it will be for them to work together!

Panel made of plaster - this is a real work of art, which will necessarily decorate the interior of any room The panel made of plaster is a real work of art that will necessarily decorate the interior of any room.

Often in the process of using bas-reliefs, which you can easily buy at any store of goods for needlework.

In this case, the working technique consists of the following steps:

  • Applying the base plaster layer;
  • Installation of bas-reliefs from gypsum( mainly with the help of instant fixation glue);
  • Further design of the composition.

Such panels, absolutely on any subject, look quite advantageous in almost every home. The work of such a plan is rarely to be found on sale, but master classes are often devoted to such techniques. You just need to choose the right option for yourself and create!

Festive New Year's panel for gift

New Year's panel is an excellent gift for relatives and friends who have in their arsenal a huge amount of necessary and unnecessary things. Often, you want to pick up for them an extraordinary present, which really will cause admiration and remembrance of a beautiful holiday, which now comes only in a year.

To please relatives on New Year New Year is a thematic holiday, so the picture can carry the following images:

  • Santa Claus and Snow Maiden;
  • Snowmen;
  • An animal whose year is approaching;
  • Thematic pictures of the winter.

In addition, you need to try to make the picture relatively neutral, because it can hang in the house all year round. Winter is very good in all its manifestations. Such a picture will come at any time of the year, especially if it is embroidery. However, if you want to embody in it just the traditional images, it is better to take as a basis the images described above.

The symbol of wisdom is also an owl, the image of which has recently gained special popularity. Why not place it on the panel?Such a gift, on top of everything, will have a special meaning.

How to make a panel

There are a lot of materials for making panels, but what will be suitable for beginners?Often they want to make a picture of amazing beauty, so attention automatically falls on difficult-to-use materials, for example, skin cuts. Work with her is comfortable only for real professionals, which can not be said about the newcomers. It is better to stop on paper fakes, which can also be done very nicely. The simplest is a geometric abstract image, whose popularity should not be underestimated.

The voluminous panel can be made from any improvised materials, the main thing - to connect imagination and inspiration The volumetric panel can be made from any improvised materials, the main thing is to connect the imagination and inspiration

It can be based on:

  • Combinations of figures;
  • Specific images;
  • Strict abstraction.

If there is a desire, the panel can be embroidered smoothly. Embroidery is always appreciated highly, especially if the craftsman performs it with special reverence.

How to create a solid panel( video)

The panel with your own hands is a painstaking and time-consuming process that not every master can master. But when your own work is before your eyes, all difficulties will automatically fade, and the performer will experience nothing but pride and moral satisfaction with the process. Examples

bulk panels( photo interior)