Light panel: LED on the wall with illumination, from Himalayan salt, New Year's glass lamps

To complement the design in the apartment is ideal creative light panel To complement the design of the apartment is ideal for creative lighting panels Correctly chosen lighting panels - relatively expensive, but creative way to transform the space. They are produced in various modifications, differing in color, size and a set of functions. Before buying it is better to familiarize with the list of those. In this case, the composition will fit well into the interior, without damaging the family budget.

    • How to choose: LED panels
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How to decide the choice: LED panel

Wall-mounted compositions with the inclusion of lighting elements perform several functions. First, they form a visual accent. If you place the porthole above the bed or on the wall, you can focus on a certain point. Secondly, by itself, they illuminate the room. Due to the fact that the panel has a touch control, you can easily adjust the parameters of its operation.

The choice of LED panels should be carried out depending on the interior of the room in which it will hang The choice of the LED panel should be carried out depending on the interior of the room in which it will hang

The following recommendations will help you to choose decorative compositions with a benefit for aesthetics and damage to the wallet:

  1. Crystal glass cover should not haveTraces of damage.
  2. It is possible to replace a single element without compromising the integrity of the entire composition. The
  3. is equipped with a fuse.
  4. Luminaires should be connected in parallel, rather than in series. In this case, failure of one will not disrupt the operation of the entire system.

Browse light panels: Christmas decor

Fashion for a variety of New Year's luminous compositions came to Eastern Europe fifteen years ago. Yes, and before it was customary to decorate shop windows for one of the biggest holidays of the year, but this could not be fully attributed to the panel.

Today, large buildings and small apartments can be transformed before the new year. To do this help retail chains, offering options for every taste and size of the purse. Going for a purchase, you need to think in advance what you want to see in the interior.

Make your house unusual and fabulous for the New Year will help the festive light panel To make your house unusual and fabulous for the New Year, the festive light panel

will help. Depending on the answers received, you must choose one of the following options:

  • LED-decorated Christmas wreath - you can place itOn the wall or hang on the window;
  • Figured tree backlit - thanks to the wide range of colors, electric decorative designs fit into any interior;
  • Decorated glowing ball - due to its relatively small size, it can be used as a stylish visual accent.

Different types of touch panels

To make light panels at home, you need to select a creative concept in the beginning. A variant made of onyx is considered to be universal. It can be installed in any room, regardless of its functional purpose. Due to the many shades, the holy elements will form the required pattern.

Depending on the chosen stylistic direction, at home you can create dynamic or static compositions. On the second place on frequency of occurrence there is a panel from duralight.

Before creating a touch panel, you need to select the theme and prepare all the tools for work Before creating the touch panel, you need to select the theme and prepare all the tools for the operation of the

For its production by yourself, a sketch is required, on the basis of which the pattern is formed. The material must be chosen strong, because the top is attached over it - duralight.

After that, you need to bend everything in the framework of the prepared sketch. At the final stage, a connection to the electrical network occurs. Do not forget that a massive frame is required for massive wall compositions.

In addition to the above, there are several more options:

  1. Manufactured on the basis of Himalayan salt - has a limited range of applications. You can meet him in the sauna or in the sauna. A significant disadvantage of the project is its high cost. Plates alone will make estimates for many in the literal sense of the astronomical. To make a composition it is required to create a pattern or image with the help of salt plates. Fasten the finished product to the wall with a 2-component adhesive made on the basis of magnesite.
  2. Multicolored stained glass - is designed for spacious rooms, where the play of light and shadow forms unique pictures. Installed on the wall, located on the side of the window. If it is a lobby in a shop or building, where there is a large crowd of people, then it is better to install the panels from the streets. The choice is made in favor of the sunny side.
  3. Budget in all respects option will be a panel made of LED tape. In addition, you can apply a regular Christmas tree garland.

We create a touch panel with our own hands

Experience shows that it is not always possible to find a suitable option in the sales network. That's why many people decide to make LED panels on their own. Beginners are advised to choose a simpler option. First you need to make a small sketch on a piece of paper. What is planned to install?Is there a thematic occasion?Where will the composition be installed?

The sensor panel can be made independently, the main thing is to show imagination

Exact answers to the above questions will avoid many problems in the future. After that it is necessary to find the basis. In her role will perform a hoop or bought in a specialized store option.

The following procedure is as follows:

  • Bind the found base with a string or cloth that is resistant to prolonged thermal stress;
  • The apartment can always find unnecessary things that will act as decorative parts;
  • Apply the vertical and horizontal decorative parts with a glue gun to the prepared form;
  • Once all the parts are fixed, it is necessary to hang the composition with the backlight;
  • This is done carefully so as not to damage the smallest details of the composition.

Original light panel( video)

A creative panel with lighting will decorate the interior of a private house and a city apartment. Choose it is easy in the thematic store or do it yourself. If the second option is selected, then start with the sketch. The more accurately it is made, the easier it is to select the required amount of materials. In the manufacturing process, you should not be afraid of minor experiments. The main thing is not to overload such a finished product with decorative elements. Examples

light panels( photo interior)