Panel made of salted dough: hands-on master class, the kitchen in the photo frame, pictures and flowers, step by step how to do

From salty dough you can create both small souvenirs, and voluminous panels of any sizes and configurations From salty dough you can create both small souvenirs and 3D panels of all sizes and configurations. A fascinating look of a panel of salted dough will decorate the interior of a living room, a nursery or a living room. Dough - an ancient symbol of prosperity, comfort and family hearth. In the Slavic culture there are many examples of its unusual, in addition to traditional cooking, use. The ability to apply colorants, the addition of many decorative elements and durability is only a small part of the material's advantages.

          • We choose the panel from the test for the room: the fineness of the design
          • We make the panel from the salted dough to the kitchen
          • The panel from the salted dough, the master class: the secrets of modeling
          • We make the winter panel from the salted dough
          • A panel of salted dough in the photo frame: pictures and instructions
          • Panel "Rowan" from the test with your own hands( video)
          • Examples of panels from the salted dough( photo)

Choose the panel from the test for the room: the fineness of the design

Artistic composition is chosen taking into account the architectural and aesthetic features of the room. In a well-lit room, a panel of salted dough should be darker by 1 to 2 colors, otherwise it falls out of sight. Consider the color prevailing in the interior. This includes not only furniture and curtains, but also many small details. Necessarily artistic composition is consistent with the prevailing style. The materials used are selected taking into account the prevailing temperature regime and the chosen stylistics.

The list of other recommendations includes the following rules:

  • It is not recommended to hang a molded image in direct sunlight or over a heat source;
  • After applying each coat of paint, wait 10-15 minutes;
  • Inks are not very bright to maintain a harmonious combination of elements;
  • The color of the frame is selected in the tone of the image.

The panel of salted dough in a traditional photo frame will look on the wall as an exclusive element of decor A panel of salted dough in a traditional photo frame will look like an exclusive decorative element on the wall

Especially popular among designers is the dough because of environmental safety, plasticity and the ability to give it the desired shape. When properly kneaded, the salted dough does not stick to your hands.

Make a panel of salted dough in the kitchen

Kitchen is a place associated with a meal and a luxurious table. That is why, for decorating, it is better to do something that is closely related to this. Tradition to use flour for decorative purposes came from Germany. There, such an unusual material was and remains the main for many New Year and Christmas decorations.

To create a composition, you will need to find the following ingredients in advance:

  • 1 cup of fine salt;
  • 2 glasses of flour with "peas";
  • 125-160 gr.water;
  • 1 tbsp. A spoon of dry wallpaper paste;
  • 1 tbsp. A spoonful of any hand cream;
  • 1 tbsp. Spoon of unrefined vegetable oil.

All ingredients are thoroughly mixed in a deep container. In order to make the decorative image lasting, it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality of flour. Too thick or a rare mixture will equally badly affect the quality of the work.

To give the composition a pleasant aroma, step-by-step execution includes several additional elements: cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper. Once the basis for the work is ready, you can proceed to create the necessary forms.

The basic ingredients for the preparation of a salted dough are flour, water and salt The basic ingredients for the preparation of a salted dough are flour, water and salt.

To make the houses, saplings or fir-trees with their own hands, the appropriate baking molds will help. For modeling, a large smooth surface is used, which is then easy to clean. It is convenient from the point of view of the possibility of creating unusual geometric shapes. Fantastic flowers and animals are made of two parts. The base is molded only by hands, the upper parts are made using molds.

Panel from salted dough, master class: secrets of molding

Difficulties for beginners arise at the stage of modeling and choice of the basis. In the second case, the photo of the finished works will help. If this did not give the desired incentive for imagination, then there is always the opportunity to visit the master class. Here you not only observe the direct process of manufacture, but you can always ask questions of interest.

Having formed the image of the future picture, it is necessary to begin to create its outlines. Masters are advised to use a dough whose consistency resembles plasticine.

Further recommendations are as follows:

  • The size of the composition is determined by aesthetic preferences;
  • The bigger the canvas - the larger the molds are needed;
  • For the living room, images of the home and family are suitable, then something gastronomic will be relevant to the kitchen;
  • Representatives of the flora suitable for living room or office space, for example, sunflowers or roses, if it is a question of interior in the classical style;
  • For the children's room are suitable cartoon cats or a cheerful monkey, complemented by decorative elements;
  • In the room of an elderly person, chamomile are appropriate, bringing a sense of youth and lightness.

The beautiful decoration of the children's room will be a picture of animals or fairy-tale characters

If necessary, you can make the mold of the required shape and dimensions yourself. To do this, you need to apply a pencil on a sheet of cardboard with a pencil, and then gently cut the area. In order for the volumetric image to be natural, 3-4 layers of the same material are superimposed on the figure cut out from the dough.

We make a winter panel from the salted dough

Seasonal holidays and the approaching seasons affect to a certain extent the choice of themes for the panel. For example, the New Year requires something snowballing. To work, you need a cane plate, gouache, confetti, dough and a direct sketch. The pictures are selected taking into account aesthetic preferences. An umbilical is made of ½ part of the plate. Gouache must be given the desired color, depending on the parts of the composition.

The herringbone is molded by hands or with a mold. The branches are formed by a toothpick or a needle.

The following procedure is as follows:

  • Winter panel requires a stylish frame, which is also decorated with confetti and sparkles;
  • You need to make the required amount of spruce;
  • A brown dough forms the house, and from the blue a roof;
  • Recheck the selected dimensions;
  • The top part of the plate is painted violet, and the bottom - light blue;
  • Fix glue the house on the plate;
  • New Year's mood of the image will give confetti.

Panel from the salted dough in the photo frame: pictures and instructions

Technique of performing compositions from the test includes the formation of an artifact in the photo frame. Size it can not boast, but the effect will be noticeable. Preferred pictures with small flowers, for example, lilies or violets. For rooms in retro style, a slightly split image is suitable. It will bring the spirit of antiquity.

Create a pre-New Year atmosphere in the house will help the original panel on the winter theme Create a pre-Christmas atmosphere in the house will help the original panel on the winter theme

Before you step through the work, attention is drawn to some of the nuances.

Ideas for the composition

  • For miniature fishes or cartoon characters for children;
  • The living room is decorated with flowers;
  • Berries are suitable for the kitchen.

Panel "Rowan" from the test with your own hands( video)

Composition from salted dough - decoration for home and office space. The manufacturing process is simple and fast, so it is available to beginners. Gouache is used to give the test the color you need. The required form is given to the dough by molds, some of which are easy to make by yourself. The theme of the composition is chosen taking into account the location of its future location.

Examples of panels from salted dough( photos)