Panel of flowers: how to make of artificial, on the wall with their own hands, dried flowers and roses from ribbons, photo

The panel will become a bright accent in the interior of your apartment Panel will become a bright accent in the interior of your apartment original is colorful accents can be a picture, a photo or a panel of the colors on the walls. Decorating your own apartment is an opportunity to realize creative ideas and express yourself through an unusual decor. Create voluminous flower compositions you can yourself or order such creative works from experienced decorators.

    • The remarkable mural of flowers
    • How to make a floral panels with their hands
    • Panel of artificial flowers - simply and effectively
    • original floral panels of flowers
    • Do yourself: panels of flowers( video)
    • Examples panels of dried flowers with his own hands( photo in the interior)

The remarkable mural of flowers

mark individuality in the interior of your home, you can use the placement on the stelaExclusive flower panels using other materials - twigs, fruit or ribbons.

For the production of panels can use a variety of materials, both natural and artificial For manufacturing a panel, you can use a variety of materials both natural and artificial

Such work necessarily eye-catching thanks to its special characteristics:

  • bright composition on plain background draws attention;
  • Delicate flowers used in work, will add tranquility to the interior;
  • Volumetric work looks unusual on a flat wall;
  • All songs are performed by hand, and therefore unique.

By placing a floral composition on the wall, you can not be afraid that it will release harmful substances and will be hazardous to health, because all materials used are environmentally friendly.

Depending on the type of room in which the panel will hang, it can contain artificial, live or dried flowers, fruits, pebbles, shells on nacre or other natural or artificial materials. Assembled into one composition, they will create a certain image for the room.

You can take ideas for decorating a panel and a room, in general, in special shops, floristic catalogs, magazines on needlework, visit a master class or see examples of works by designers or amateurs.

How to make a floral panel with your own hands

For the decoration of walls you can order a panel from experienced craftsmen, but it is better to make such a composition with your own hands, especially since it is not so difficult. Such a floristic panel will not only be unique, but its performer will feel pride when the guests will appreciate her work.

The production of the panel can be ordered from an experienced master or made independently Production can be ordered panels from experienced masters or make yourself

Before proceeding to the creativity, you need to decide what kind of flowers and other decorations will be used.

You can choose between the following colors:

  • Artificial ready;
  • Live;
  • Сухоцветов;
  • Tape;
  • Paper;
  • Knits;
  • Manufactured from natural materials.

It is possible not to be limited to the list presented above, as some craftsmen make flowers from any improvised materials: wadding disks, plastic forks, cloth, dough, plasticine and other.

Special attention should be paid to the background, as it is he who will unite the composition into a single whole. The background of the picture should not be a bright or contrasting color of the wall on which the panel will hang, otherwise the picture will not be spectacular enough.

Artificial flowers panel - simple and effective

The easiest way to create a flower panel is to compose a composition of artificial flowers. It is important to make such a job even for a beginner, it is important only to decide on the general idea of ​​the composition.

The panel of artificial flowers will be the most durable Panels of artificial colors will be the most durable

On panels may be depicted:

  • Bouquet of flowers;
  • Uncomplicated picture;
  • Flower bush;
  • Tropical forest.

When assembling a composition, you need to pay attention to the color of the used elements, so that they combine with each other. All necessary materials must be prepared in advance, so for the creation of a floral panel you will need artificial flowers, a base( burlap, paper, plywood, cardboard), glue( Moment or PVA), frame and glass.

Whether to use glass or not depends on individual preferences. The decorative composition will be kept longer behind the glass, but if you refuse it, you can place some elements beyond the borders of the frame. Thus, the picture will turn out to be interesting and voluminous and will revitalize the wall.

Original flower panel from fresh flowers

Beautiful decorative panel can be made of fresh flowers. In this case, the work will be more fragile and less durable, but very sensual and gentle.

The panel of natural flowers is original, however it is short-lived The natural color panel is original, however it is short-lived.

To create a panel of fresh flowers, you can use the following ideas:

  1. To the base of the panel in the frame, attach a small vase of water to which you canTo put bouquets of your favorite flowers;
  2. Stick fern leaves on the base at different angles to give a sense of impassable jungle;
  3. Wildflowers attach to the background with adhesive tape, such work will quickly deteriorate, but flowers can always be replaced with fresh ones, and every day the composition will have a different appearance, and from dry one you can make another picture;
  4. Install a special pallet with ground, in which the outlines of room colors will grow in a certain way.

When working with fresh flowers, you should not forget about water and special care, because they are easy to damage and thereby spoil the overall look of the composition. Beautifully look paintings from real flowers, complemented by other decorative elements - beads, sequins, butterflies. From flowers you can create whole pictures or confine yourself to compact bouquets.

Doing it yourself: a panel of flowers( video)

It is not so difficult to create a flower panel, it is important only to have patience, prepare the necessary materials and show imagination. In addition, the elements used can be easily found, for example, dry roses from a donated bouquet or unnecessary outgrowths of houseplants, make flowers from old magazines or use other bilaterial materials.

Examples panels of dried flowers with his own hands( photo in the interior)