New Year's panel 2017: Santa Claus, how to make a master class, the symbol of the year, wall paintings, Snow Maiden hand-made

New Year New Year's panel will be an adornment of any room for the New Year When the New Year's mood covers the joyful, smelling mandarins and needles with a wave, it's time to decorate your house and create a cozy holiday atmosphere in it. The beautiful Christmas tree shimmers in the corner with colorful lights, multicolored garlands are stretched under the ceiling, a wreath of spruce branches is adorned on the door, - so, every apartment looks like on the eve of New Year's holidays. And you want to add something new and original to the New Year's decor of the house. Some kind of special zest, looking at which the owners will feel the warmth and comfort of a home holiday, and the guests - admire the imagination and talent of the owner-needlewoman.

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  • New Year's panel: master class

    Master class, you can make a new year from the usual photo frameie panels that will undoubtedly become the very "cherry on the cake" New Year's decoration of your home. If there are several pieces of cloth in the house, glue, old photo frame, New Year's mood and 20 minutes of free time, there is a simple way to create a creative thing.

    For the manufacture of panels we will need:

    • Fabric( canvas or burlap) - the basis of the panel;
    • Photo frame;
    • Cardboard;
    • Multicolored pieces of fabric;
    • Superglue;
    • A little imagination.

    With the help of ordinary items you can make an original Christmas decoration

    Having thought up a story for a panel, you can start making. First, cut out a piece of cardboard, the size we need, corresponding to the photo frame. We put the resulting piece of cardboard on the fabric base and, after adding 4-6 cm on each side, carefully cut out. We paste the resulting piece of cloth on the cardboard face up. The allowances are wrapped and glued to the back of the cardboard.

    On the resulting canvas, draw a pencil selected plot. For example, a snowman or Santa Claus under a Christmas tree.

    Then we cut out from the prepared shreds of a fabric of a detail from which there will be a drawing on a panel. Alternately paste the cut out details on the canvas. It remains only to insert the resulting picture into a frame like an ordinary photo.

    Panel - the symbol of the year 2017

    Approached the end of 2016, the year of the Red Fiery Monkey, replacing the reigning in 2015, the Blue-Green Wooden Goat. According to the Eastern calendar, the symbol of the next year will be the Red Fire Cock.

    A rooster bird is simple and unpretentious, and therefore expensive expensive ornaments in the New Year's decoration are useless.

    The symbol of 2017 is the fiery cock, which is a poultry, but is distinguished by courage and cheerfulness The symbol of 2017 is the fiery cock, which is poultry, but it is distinguished for its boldness and cheerfulness.

    But the jewels made by yourself, the symbol of 2017 will appreciate. So that very opportunely will make a New Year's panel with the image of the owner of 2017.It is possible to make a New Year cockerel from felt. This is a very simple and obedient material in the work. A ready-made figure can be stitched or sewed with hand stitches to the base of the panel. Also, the panel with a voluminous cockerel made of paper, made in the quilling technique, will look great. The panel should be dominated by red color, and all its derivatives( burgundy, purple, etc.), as well as yellow, gold and orange.

    Be sure to pay due attention to the owner of the year, then he will not forget about you next year and will reward with wealth and prosperity.

    New Year's wall panels

    Walled New Year's panels will be an excellent decoration and will give the festive interior an individuality. There are a lot of materials for making such a panel. And those who have already thought that it can only be made of cloth or paper, a pleasant surprise awaits.

    And so, the wall panel can be made of 6 materials:

    • Silk, by painting special paints for work on silk fabrics;
    • Salted dough made from such simple ingredients as flour, salt, vegetable oil and water;
    • Croup, coffee, pasta and other bulk materials, which are poured on the previously glazed area of ​​the canvas;
    • Natural materials, for example, cones, spruce branches and dried flowers from which you can make beautiful floral collages on the New Year theme;
    • Beads, having expanded them a canvas on the New Year theme;
    • Buttons, sewing them in the form of New Year's toys to a rag-tree, already glued in advance to the canvas.

    New Year New Year's panel of natural materials will be an excellent addition to the Christmas tree

    And this is not all materials for the New Year's panel. It can also be made of papier-mâché, wood, ceramics, stone, shells, wallpaper, foam. .. in general, the boundaries of this list depend only on your imagination.

    Combining different materials and textures, playing with color schemes, a pretty decoration for the house will turn into a stylish exclusive accessory of home decor.

    Decorate the wall can be a panel, composed of several pictures or photos, united by a New Year theme. Or just go and buy a wall-mounted New Year's panel in the store.

    Panel "New Year's fantasies"

    The plot for the New Year's panel is not so difficult to come up with. Of course, first of all, come to mind, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and snowman, lonely yearning for a green triangular Christmas tree. But if we are talking about fantasies, then let's fantasize something very special.

    Very interesting and original will look the panel in the form of a window, painted with frosty patterns.

    You can decorate the windows with a composition carved from simple white paper that will fill your home with comfort and warmth Decorating the windows can be done with a composition cut from plain white paper that will fill your home with comfort and warmth.

    Grandfather frost for some reason refuses to paint its magic paintings on modern plastic windows. So such an artificial window will not only bring magic and mystery to the New Year's decoration of the house, but also bring us back for a moment into such a close and dear past.

    Draw frosty patterns can be simple paint( gouache or watercolor), make of paper or use more sophisticated ways of drawing with joinery glue and a suitable piece of glass.

    New Year's picture for children with their hands

    It's very nice to decorate your house with holiday accessories made by yourself. A hundred times more pleasant, if you made them with your children.

    One of the easiest options - to fashion a panel on a New Year theme from plasticine. Such a picture of the child will not be difficult to do yourself. To do this, draw a simple pencil on a sheet of cardboard template of our future New Year's picture, and then paint it with details plasticine. You can also make an application of colored paper and cotton pads.

    For crafting it's more complicated we will need an old musical plate and 35-40 multi-colored disposable forks.

    We glue the forks with hot glue alternately on one side and then on the other side of the plate. We decorate, weaving forks with ribbons and tinsel. In the center we fix a bow with bells and a panel in the form of a New Year's Eve ready.

    Making a New Year Doing a New Year's panel made of plasticine, the child not only manufactures hand-made articles, but also develops hand motor skills.

    Working with a thermo-gun and hot glue requires great care. Children can use a thermal gun only under the supervision of adults.

    New Year's pictures made by children's hands, perfectly suited as an "obligatory" New Year's craft for kindergarten.

    Christmas panel with their own hands - an interesting hand-craft

    Noting with endless gifts, sparkles of Bengal fireworks of New Year's salutes, we start preparing for another bright holiday - Christmas. The Christmas panel, as a rule, depicts angels, a Bethlehem star or a Christmas nativity scene. Very original will look Christmas panel, based on the story of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol "The Night Before Christmas".

    Christmas has long been considered a family holiday. Gathering the whole family behind the manufacture of a Christmas panel is not only a pleasant holiday pastime, but also an excellent way of bringing together family and kinship ties.

    New Christmas tree( video)

    New Year's panel made by own hands can serve not only to decorate the New Year's interior, but also to become a wonderful and original gift for friends and family.

    Christmas panels( photo)