Panel of tiles: in the bathroom of porcelain tiles, photo on the walls, ceramic and tile, kitchen on the floor and apron

Tile panel - the ideal and original variant of decorating the wall in the kitchen Tile panel - the ideal and original option for decorating the wall in the kitchen Install a panel of tiles in the kitchen or in the bathroom to form a holistic image of the room. Depending on the prevailing color, degree of illumination and room parameters, the pattern and shape of the patterns are selected. A definite role in the final choice of design is played by the location of the plumbing fixtures.

        • Panel from the tile in the bathroom: the account of the area of ​​the room
        • Ceramic panel: the features of the choice
        • Natural panel of porcelain tiles
        • Panel from the kitchen tiles: secrets of the installation
        • How to choose a panel on the floor ofTiles
        • Luxury handmade ceramic panel
        • Panel from a ceiling tile for a child's room
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Panel from a tile in aNoah: registration area of ​​the room

future success of the composition depends on the proper definition of the size of the room. The main thing is to keep the balance between the planned composition and the room as a whole. If it is a question of considerable sizes, it is recommended to select a whole wall for the panel. Abstract forms, landscape or still life - variations of composition are determined by aesthetic preferences. In doing so, do not forget about some limitations.

The first is due to the predominant color in the bathroom. Color and tone should be slightly different. In this case, there will be no visual sensation that the sea is painted on a concrete wall. The second limitation is related to the performance characteristics of the room.

With frequent occurrence of traces of fungus and dampness, it is impossible to do too massive compositions. Otherwise, excess moisture slowly but surely will destroy the impression of the drawing.

Panels made from tiles are often made in the bathroom. Correctly selected picture of the panel will perfectly complement the design of the bathroom Tile panels are often made in the bathroom. Correctly selected picture of the panel will perfectly complement the design of the bathroom

Completes this list of the required tile size:

  1. Large room requires large pieces. The less often the eye sees the joints between the elements, the better for the overall perception of the whole picture.
  2. Significant dimensions impose requirements on the drawing itself. It is necessary to abandon too small elements in favor of drawings with perspective.
  3. In small bathrooms, the tile pattern is always characterized by a small size and a high density of elements.

Regardless of the size, it is advisable to install a panel of glass colored base in the hallway. This will form a feeling of airiness in the apartment as a whole.

Separately, designers stop at the choice of dark and light stylistics when forming panels of tiles. Light shades, unlike the dark ones, do not create the effect of visual piling. That is why, regardless of the area of ​​the bathroom better stop at a light version.

Ceramic panel: features of the choice

The trade network presents different versions, so an inexperienced person is easily confused. A photo of ready-made design solutions will help you to understand. Having looked them, it is easy to choose the best option for your bathroom or kitchen. Due to its physical and aesthetic characteristics, the ceramic panel is characterized by its durability and resistance to humidity and temperature changes.

Its popularity is ensured by some performance characteristics that distinguish ceramics from the background of other materials.

Ceramic panels have a lot of advantages, which is why when designing the room, many designers use it Ceramic panel has a lot of advantages, that's why when designing the room it is used by many designers

Advantages of

  • Low cost;
  • Large selection of color solutions - the Marazzi coating is distinguished by a harmonious combination of texture and style;
  • Various invoices are available;
  • Withstands high humidity;
  • Impact resistant surface;
  • Durability of the applied drawing.

The customer selects the required drawing independently, but for a better visual perception of the room, a light color scheme is preferred. For example, an image of the sea with swimming dolphins, paradise islands or flowers decorate the room. If for some reason the owner does not want to see the traditional wall every day, then the ceramics should be abandoned in favor of imitating natural materials.

Natural panel from porcelain stoneware

The material is used to create a natural atmosphere in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Made of porcelain stoneware are longevity.

From the perspective of visual perception, the slabs of this material successfully imitate a wall made of natural stone. Regardless of the degree of luxuriousness of the decoration, the keram perfectly fits into the interior.

The natural panel from porcelain stoneware looks exquisitely, elegantly and uniquely in any room Natural panel from porcelain stoneware looks exquisitely, elegantly and uniquely in any room

Before buying, designers recommend analyzing the positive and negative aspects of its purchase:

  1. The cost of ceramics on the market is more expensive than other materials due to improvedPerformance characteristics.
  2. Strength - under the recommended operating conditions, the panel will last several decades.
  3. The pattern used - the texture of the material requires a choice of luxurious options. For example, porcelain stoneware is a good basis for natural landscapes. In a spacious room looks nice flower field, and in small rooms - orchids.

Panel from tiles for kitchen: secrets of installation

The choice between abstract forms and specific landscapes is determined by the aesthetic preferences of the owner. In the last few years preference has been given to the mosaic version. On the one hand, you can hide the physical drawbacks of the wall. On the other hand, you can add a few visual centimeters to the room. Work begins with the leveling of the walls.

Used for this construction mixtures that do not reduce the area of ​​the kitchen. The main thing is not to forget to remove traces of old plaster.

If you have uneven walls in the kitchen, then you can use a panel of tiles. It will perfectly cover the shortcomings of the wall If you have uneven walls in the kitchen, then you can use a panel of tiles. It will perfectly cover the shortcomings of the wall

The following procedure is as follows:

  • Set beacons for cement-sand mortar;
  • The distance between them is 10 to 15 cm;
  • Before plastering, the base should be primed, otherwise the massive composition for the kitchen will fall off;
  • Observe the time required to dry the solution;
  • Initially, the composition should be put on the floor to check the integrity of the elements;
  • If the panel, due to the architectural features of the room, will require minor pruning, then it is carried out with the necessary observance of symmetry.

Once all parameters have been specified, the installation process begins. The main thing is to observe the rule of symmetry. Otherwise, the picture will be uneven.

Peculiarities of mounting the panel from the tiles to the kitchen for the apron

Separately, it is necessary to dwell on the case when the composition at the wall reaches the level of the apron. It is recommended to start creating a panel from a level of 75-78 cm from the front side of the floor. For the installation of tiles used special glue. In most cases, a CD profile is used for gypsum board. He excludes the possibility of sliding the upper rows of tile ceramics.

Mounting a panel of tiles for an apron in the kitchen you can produce by yourself, it is not necessary to hire professionals, the main thing is to have with you all the necessary tools and material You can install the panel from the tile for the apron in the kitchen yourself, it is not necessary to hire professionals, the main thing is to have all the necessary tools and material with you.

In addition, there are a number of other mandatory practical recommendations to avoid problems:

  • Laying is carried out only on the leveled surface;
  • Profile for KGL can be replaced with wooden strip;
  • During work, a small stand is used, creating a stock for deformation.

How to choose a panel on the floor of the tile

Designers recommend to show maximum attention when choosing a coating on the floor. In the first place is the functional part - resistance to abrasion and moisture. Classics of the genre is considered a marble cover, but in this case the aesthetic part suffers. If the owner has a desire to make the flooring really stylish, you need to take into account some of the nuances.

For the pool is chosen not so much aesthetic as a durable coating.

When choosing a panel of tiles on the floor, it is worth paying attention to its functionality and practicality When choosing panels from the tiles on the floor, it is worth paying attention to its functionality and practicality

In other cases, you need to adhere to the following tips:

  1. For the bathtub, a topic related to water or exotic is chosen. For example, to emphasize elegance and addiction to expensive things will help jade.
  2. In the hallway, floral motifs, for example, tulips, are suitable.
  3. Bathroom decoration is a separate issue, which causes a lot of controversy. Designers tend to think that even in a limited space the floor can be transformed. Preference should be given visually expanding space drawings with perspective.

Luxurious handmade ceramic panel

For the decoration of ceiling coverings and walls, tiles with ready-made patterns or a standard version are used. In the second case, the required image is applied over the ceramic.

Both options form visual accents in the room, with each of them differing in terms of complexity. For example, a wall covering applied over a finished tile takes a long time to dry out.

Original and beautiful handmade ceramic panel perfectly fits into the interior of any room The original and beautiful handmade ceramic panel will perfectly fit into the interior of any room

Other features highlight the following:

  • ready-made options are not always easy to fit into a room with a developed interior;
  • the selection of the optimal color gamut of the finished image takes a long time;
  • before applying a picture to an existing cover, you need to study the operating conditions indoors.

Panel from a ceiling tile for a children's room

A handmade product will please a toddler, requiring a lot of time for installation. The success of the work depends on the correct choice of the color solution and the manufacturer. It is a mistake to think that China in this regard is worse than France or Russia. Studying the tile description will reduce the probability of error.

A colorful and original panel of ceiling tiles for the children The colorful and original panel from the ceiling tiles for the children's room will please you and your child, will create an atmosphere of joy and warmth in the room.

The designers formulated recommendations on how the design of the child should be:

  • The emphasis on pastel colors;
  • For security reasons, the use of a glass insert should be discarded;
  • Using warm colors;
  • Decorative cover allows for the child's hobby.

Ceramic tile panel( video)

Tile panel is a stylish decoration for a room, regardless of its parameters. Correctly chosen shape, color and size of the tile - the key to success. The second component is connected with a well-conducted preparatory process. Aligned walls, high-quality glue and observance of a number of tips related to the installation of decorative elements - all this will increase the service life of the panel.

boxes of tiles( photo)