Panel made of wood: wooden on the wall in the interior, they were cut, hand carving, from coins for a bath, decorative bamboo, bamboo photo

Wooden panel will be a great highlight in your room Wooden panels will be a great highlight in your room made of natural materials, panels of wood complements the room interior and forms a visual focus. You can place in a room or an office, but before that you should check how well it fits in the interior. As a basis for creating a composition using beech, birch, alder, oak and pine. Technology came from Thailand, where natural materials are in fashion.

    • make wooden panels on the wall with his hands
    • wooden panels in the interior: practical advice
    • create panels of cut a tree
    • Panel woodcarving: minimalist solutions
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make wooden panels on the wall with his hands

eye most pleasing handmade products, so designers try to chaUse them. First you need to measure the wall. After that, a board with the required parameters is bought or manufactured. Designers are advised to add to the original size of about 5-7 cm, necessary for making possible adjustments.

A wooden panel with its own hands can decorate almost any room wooden panels with their hands can decorate almost any room

For work you need the following tools:

  • Scotch paint.
  • Hairdryer.
  • Paint brush.
  • Transfer glue.
  • Required image, which is printed on a laser printer.

With the help of paint tape on plywood or harder wood, the contours of the future picture are formed. The printed image is carefully lubricated from the front side with transfer glue. They also need to lubricate the wooden base. You can find glue in the store of artistic goods. After that, the image is carefully transferred to the surface.

The paint roller, which is carefully smoothed by the canvas, will help to avoid creases and small accumulations of air. The minimum time for drying the applied adhesive is 70 minutes. Speed ​​up the process of hair dryer.

When the glue dries, use a small brush to gently moisten the pattern with water. The wet image is removed with a sponge for washing dishes.

If everything is done correctly, then the paint will remain on the plywood with a pattern. On top of it is applied a layer of clear lacquer, providing shine and durability. Creating a panel with your own hands will take no more than 3 hours. The main thing is that when choosing a design decision, the features of the room are taken into account.

wooden panels in the interior: practical advice

panels Versatility is the ability to complement the interior of residential or non-residential premises.

It should be noted that the panel will fit into any interior, but it It should be noted that the panels fit into any decor, but you should pay attention to the subtleties

It is necessary to take into account several factors that influence the final choice:

  • size of the room.
  • Degree of illumination.
  • The prevailing color scheme.
  • Type used in the material room.

Acquaintance with the room begins with the living room, in the interior of which it is preferable to use a product of large dimensions. Depending on the geometry of the room, you order a panel covering ½ part or the whole wall. At the request of the client, it is supplemented with artificial lighting.

If we talk about the drawings, the designers recommend to stop the choice on urban landscapes.

In an ordinary apartment, a calming landscape is better, for example, Indonesia and its nature. Fans choose the restrained colors. Wooden panel includes attractions or landscapes of cities where you want to visit.

Diametrically opposite is recommended for living quarters, where the active lifestyle is at the forefront. Works from wood include images of night life in a megacity, abstract forms, reproductions of contemporary artists or dynamic scenes of riot of elements. In the luxurious interior, decorative panels depict the old part of the famous city, the staircase or paradise garden.

In the living room there are restrictions in terms of options. In a medium-sized room with a standard window area, you can place a panel in the corner of the room. A few visual centimeters of the room will add a spiral staircase applied to the panel. In small rooms it is recommended to use double drawings. It is important that both figures are symmetrically arranged.

Kitchen. Here we use wall panels from varieties of wood that can be cleaned. It is forbidden to place them near a stove, refrigerator or sink. As a picture, it will be optimal to depict fruit and berries. For the bedroom and the children are selected light compositions: pets or water surface .

Create a panel from a tree cut

Before you start, it's better to view a photo of the various options that will help you decide on the concept. After that, the mockup of the work is made. Do it in full size. This will help determine the size of the saw. As a basis, it is better to use birch or alder.

The process of creating a panel requires effort, but the result is sure to please The process of creating a panel requires effort, but the result will certainly please

You do not need to call a wizard to perform the job. Enough of the basic skills of working with tools.

You need to follow the following procedure:

  • Carefully sanded the sandpaper nazhdachkoy.
  • Apply acrylic primer or white paint to the surface of the saw with a foam sponge.
  • Drying process lasts up to 65 minutes.
  • After drying, sand it.
  • Pre-printed picture must be cut out along the contour of the saw.
  • If it contains a lot of small parts, for example, the image of coins, then you need to leave the first element from the edge 1-2 cm.
  • Island landscapes, for example, Cyprus or Indonesia, then pruning goes without additional, see
  • Turning sideCarefully lubricate the picture with decoupage glue.
  • Apply the image to the saw.
  • Smooth with roller.
  • It is forbidden to smooth the surface of the painting with your hands, because the usual material or composite under the influence of pressure and moisture forms appreciable bands.
  • When the workpiece dries, the file from the edges is removed superfluous.

In addition, small decorative elements can be applied, for example, it is possible to create voluminous compositions with the help of properly selected pieces of tissue. In the Eastern interior, you can use additional decorations from branches and leaves.

Panel wood carving: minimalist solutions

To create the entire composition, you must initially choose the right material. If it is better to make simple drawings on the plywood, it is desirable to place the voluminous diptych on a birch or aspen. Then, the level of detail of the sketch is taken into account. Simple images of people or animals can be carved on soft lime.

When choosing a panel, you must take into account the dimensions of the room, lighting and interior design When selecting a panel, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room, lighting and interior design

For the remaining options, you should follow these recommendations:

  • For a bath you need to take a birch with compulsory treatment with waterproof varnish.
  • The entrance hall is decorated with a large composition of boards, on top of which is a picture.
  • For a country house it is better to take linden or pine.
  • In the living room will fit a bamboo panel.
  • A well-lit room will be complemented by alder.
  • The blank for the nursery is always hypoallergenic.

Panel of the ship from the tree by own hands( video)

A panel made of natural material will decorate the interior, provided the correct choice of material and picture. The kitchen and balcony use particleboard or plywood, and in the living room and bedroom - linden, aspen or alder. If you want, you can do it yourself. The main thing is to observe the dimensions and rules of creating an image: transferring the finished drawing or cutting out the entire composition.

Options panels of wood( photo)