Topiary from acorns: own hands the master class

Add to the room a little bit of the natural theme of a topiary made of acorns, placed in a conspicuous place Add to the room a little bit of the natural theme of a topiary made of acorns, placed in a conspicuous place Topiary - an element of decor in the form of a small tree. You can decorate its crown with any elements - coins, coffee beans, sweets, artificial flowers. Very interesting is a tree with a cap of acorns. Their smooth, like a lacquered shell, attracts attention. To learn how to make such a topiary with your own hands will help a detailed master class.

        • for making topiary. Topiary from acorns in the interior( photo)

Preparation for making topiary

Decorative wood is assembled from several parts, each of which must be preparedEd decoration.

The topiary frame consists of the following elements:

  • Crown base. Most often it has the shape of a ball, but cones, hearts or even numbers are also popular if it is a birthday present. It can be made of mounting foam, foam or papier-mache. These are lightweight materials that are easy to stitch decor elements, if needed.
  • Trunk. It can be made of thick wire, folded in several layers. To make this look beautiful, wind the trunk with tape or a conventional twine. For these purposes, a branch of a tree is also suitable, which should be treated with stain and varnish, as well as sticks for sushi, fastened together.
  • Stand. The best flower pot for this purpose is suitable. If the tree is small, you can use a saucer or a large flat stone as a delivery. To improve the appearance of the composition, acorns can be painted in any color.

    In addition, it is necessary to stock up with glue, weighting filler for the pot( if it was chosen for the role of the stand), decorative material for decorating the trunk and, of course, Acorns.

    Material features

    For the manufacture of hand-made articles, it is better to choose strong fruits without damaging the shell. Very beautiful will look acorns with hats, additional decoration of which can serve carefully dried oak leaves.

    As an additional decorative element over the acorns, you can put beads or hang beautiful ribbons As an additional decorative element over acorns, you can put beads or hang beautiful ribbons

    To make the topiary not lose its appearance, needs to take into account some recommendations for the storage of natural materials:

    • Collect acorns in the middleAutumn. During this period they are already ripe, showered from trees and full of natural juice. Fruits collected later may be too dry and cracked, which is completely undesirable.
    • After collection of acorns must be stored in a cool and dark place.
    • Pay attention only to healthy nuts, without internal damage and rot.

    Master Class for Making Topiary of Acorns

    Prepare all the components of the future decorative tree. In this example, the base for the crown of foam, the trunk of a tree branch, a stand from a flower pot. To decorate, you will need acorns, twine, decorative moss, dried oak leaves of small size.

    In addition to acorns, you can use nuts, cones or chestnuts In addition to acorns, you can use nuts, bumps or chestnuts

    The stages of creating the topiary look like this:

    • Work with the stand. Fill the pot with mounting foam and wait for it to dry. If the pot is light, the structure may tip over. To avoid this, load the bottom of the tank with fine pebbles before using the foam.
    • Decoration of the trunk. Take a wooden branch and wrap it in a circle around the circle so that the bark does not shine through.
    • Crown decoration. Drop by drop on the superglue on the acorns and attach one by one to the base. You need to do this carefully, stack the fruit as tightly as possible to each other. Leave only a small space below to secure the barrel.
    • Assemble the construction. The trunk is glued to the crown, then inserted into the pot, making a hole in the mounting foam. All joints should be gently glued with glue. Put a decorative moss in the pot. Between the acorns, glue the oak leaves. Many do not need them.

    The topiary of acorns is ready. As you can see, everything is extremely simple.

    Alternative use of acorns for the creation of topiary

    Topiary from acorns differ from each other in different needlewomen.

    In order to give the handicraft more uniqueness, you can use the following ideas:

    • Acorns are attached not only to the sides, but also to the bases. In this case, the fruits will take much more, and the ball itself will be more voluminous.
    • If you have few nuts, decorate the crown with acorns cut in half. In the same way pasted pot.
    • For the decoration of acorns, paints are used, most often golden hues, or foil.
    • Interesting design will be at the tree, where additional cones, chestnuts and other gifts of nature are used.
    • Acorns can be poured into the pot. They create the necessary weighting and look great as a decorative filler.

    For the bottom part of the topiary, you can take any capacity and decorate it under a tree For the bottom part of the topiary, you can take any capacity and decorate it for a tree.

    Most of the topiary is a colorful and bright tree that does not fit any interior. Their excessive multicolor repels fans of modern interiors in the style of minimalism or high-tech.

    Do not use too many non-natural materials when making acrylic crafts. Do not abuse beads, variegated satin ribbons or artificial flowers. Such a composition will not look harmonious.

    Manufacture of topiary made from acorns and cones( video)

    Decorative acorn tree with natural colors and materials in its composition is much more suitable for any design. It is worth remembering that the acorn is also a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Such a topiary will be an excellent gift, embodying the best wishes.

    topiary from acorns in the interior( photo)