Topiary of sweets: hands-on step-by-step photo, how to make a master class, from rafaello and chupa-chups, a bouquet of video, from marmalade

Decorate the room and make it more original can be with the help of topiary of sweets, placing it in a prominent place Decorate the room and make it more original with the help of topiary of sweets, placing it in a conspicuous place A unique cosiness reigns in a house where the presence of a good housewife is felt. It manifests itself in the sweet little things that are often created by her hands. Becoming a master of all trades is not easy, skills, knowledge and experience are needed. However, there are objects of decorating the interior, everyone can learn how to do it. Topiary is one of them. This is a fantasy tree, the crown of which can be made from any improvised materials. For this purpose, candies are perfect. Such a product will not only decorate the room, but will also be an excellent gift. A new form of banal box with chocolate figurines will pleasantly surprise sweet tooth.

      • What you need to prepare before making a topiary from candies
      • Master class for making topiary from Chupa Chups
      • Master class for making topiary from rafaello in the form of a sweet bouquet
      • Other ideasCreating a topiary of chocolates with your own hands
      • Master class for making topiary of sweets( video)
      • Topiary from candies in the interior( photo)

What you need to prepare before making a topiary of sweets

opiary consists of several elements, so you first need to choose the base materials, and only then choose the decorations for the crown.

The best for making topiary from sweets is suitable candy with a bright wrapper: red, blue, green The candy with a bright wrap: red, blue, green

is the best for making topiary of sweets. The components of the future decorative tree are as follows:

  • Pot. It should be big enough and heavy. Its size and weight are determined depending on the similar parameters of the basic structure. Candies can be different in weight, size and density, so first determine the type of sweets used, and then choose a pot. It is better to use an earthen vessel.
  • Material for shaping the crown. Determine, in the form of a geometric figure will be made a tree cap. After that, create it from improvised materials. The best thing for this is a newspaper that can be compressed to the required form, and then fix the shape with an adhesive tape. Suitable and finished products - small children's plastic or rubber balls. You can cut out a piece of foam.
  • Trunk. Need a smooth and fairly long stick, able to withstand the weight of the top. For small trees, even a simple pencil is suitable. In other cases, use the handles of art brushes or buy blanks in handicraft shops.
  • Related materials. These include glue, mounting foam to fill the pot, pebbles, various trifles to imitate the fantasy soil, satin ribbons to decorate the trunk and, of course, the candies themselves.

Master class for creating topiary from Chupa Chups

Chupa Chupsy - children's favorite candy on thin plastic sticks. A tree from such sweets will bring joy to any child. To make it quite easy, this will help the master class, which considers all the features of the creative process.

This topiary looks best in the form of a ball. To hide the sticks and fix the candies well, take the frame from a foam or other material, in which it is easy to make a lot of holes.

Topiary from Chupa Chups perfectly fits into the interior of the children The topiary of chupa chups perfectly fits the interior of the children's room and will daily raise the mood of the child

Prepare all the necessary parts of the craft - pot, trunk and stem for the crown. Also in this particular example we will need:

  • Chupa Chups. Take the same size candy. Choose the color of the wrapper at your discretion. Do not take too large lollipops. They are very heavy, the tree cap will be cumbersome, and the construction itself is unstable.
  • Satin ribbon. It is needed for embroidering a stick that mimics the trunk. Choose a color that matches with the coloring of candy wraps.
  • Pot. Use a heavy pot or load it with stones. Otherwise, the structure may tip over - the chupa of Chups weighs a lot.
  • Mounting foam. She filled the pot. It will ensure the stability of the entire structure.
  • Decor for the pot. If you do not want to reuse chupa chups, sticking them into the mounting foam, take a narrow strip of chiffon fabric and pins with colored round heads.
  • Adhesive. Transparent, leaving no traces and quick-drying.
  • Crown. Insert the chocolates into the bowl right up to the bottom. Try to place the elements as close as possible to each other so that the base material is not visible. It was a cap made of sugar candies.
  • Trunk. Take the satin ribbon, grease it gently with glue and completely wrap the rod of the trunk.
  • Pot. Pour in the mounting foam, wait for it to cure. If irregularities are formed at the top, cut them so that the surface is not bumpy.
  • Assembly. Stick the decorated trunk into the pot, then put the ball out of the chocolates. For the strength of the construction, glue the connecting holes with glue.
  • Take the chiffon scarf and, draping it with elegant folds under the tree, attach in several places with pins. This way the foam in the pot will hide and the topiary will become more refined. Sweet sweet gift ready.


Master class for making topiary from rafaello in the form of a sweet bouquet

Topiary can look like not only a tree in a pot, but also a bouquet. In this case, it consists only of a hat of sweets and a stick, which will serve as the basis. Such a gift will please any woman and girl. For this purpose, rafaello sweets, light, in a pretty white wrapper are suitable.

For a beloved girl a good romantic gift will be a topiary made of Raffaello sweets For your girlfriend, a nice romantic gift will be a topiary made from Raffaello sweets

Prepare the necessary materials:

  • Raffaello. By the number of them must be so much that they fill the whole space of the base.
  • Basis in the form of a ball or hemisphere. Take a design from any light material.
  • Stick for the base. Its better to take a thicker and more authentic.
  • Corrugated paper. You need to create the illusion of a bouquet wrapper.
  • Satin ribbons for bandaging the bouquet and decorating the base.
  • Adhesive.

How to assemble the bouquet

  • Attach the sweets to the base with glue.
  • Wrap the paper with a piece of paper, top with a satin ribbon.
  • Connect the cap and the base by hooking them into each other.
  • Wrap the structure with corrugated paper, creating a package for "colors".Tie the "bouquet" with ribbon.

A romantic gift is ready.

Other ideas for creating a topiary made from chocolates

Candy is a fertile material for making topiary. They can be any colors, any shape and size. This opens up almost limitless possibilities for creativity.

Topiary of sweets is able to replace the pots on the windowsill, adding to the interior of the uniqueness The topiary of sweets is able to replace the vases on the windowsill by adding an interior to the uniqueness of the

. What other ideas besides the ones already considered can be implemented when creating a decorative tree?

  • Sweets can be used without wrapping. Crohns come from marmalade, marshmallow, toffee and other soft sweets, which should be fastened to the frame with toothpicks. It's a great idea for sweet tables at weddings.
  • Pour sweet pellets, nuts in sugar or small lozenges into a pot. Such a filler will weight the construction, and will serve as an additional source of food.
  • In one pot there can be not one, but several trees - so place different sweets in one container. To do this, make a branching barrel with a wire.

Master class for making topiary of sweets( video)

Creating gifts and interior items with your own hands is a great pleasure. The process is easy when the master is confident of the result. Topiary is a souvenir that even beginners get, but the result looks quite professional. Do not be afraid to experiment.

topiary of sweets in the interior( photo)