How to make a tree topiary: own hands master class, photo, tangerine and ornamental, grape of flowers

Create a beautiful and original topiary is not difficult, but on the contrary - it is interesting and exciting Create beautiful and original Topiary easy, but on the contrary - it is interesting and exciting thematic photography and design tips will tell you how to make a tree topiary. Mistaken many at first it seems that this is possible only for masters in the field of manual creation. The abundance of fastenings, patterns and transitions frighten inexperienced people. As experience shows, turning an idea on paper into a full composition is easy enough at home. The main thing is to form a clear work plan.

    • Choosing a design for Topiary: Traditionalism vs. experiments
    • Make Topiary own hands: a tree trunk and crown
    • Ornamental trees Topiary: a master class
    • Create a tangerine tree, topiary
    • How to makeTopiary own( video)
    • Beautiful topiary with their hands( photo)

Choosing a design for Topiary: traditionalism vs. experiments

Just like a white sheet scaresA beginner artist, an abundance of materials scares a person who wants to create a topiary. Designers are advised to start by considering various variations of the composition. The thematic press will help in this, for example, magazines devoted to needlework. Having studied the photos presented there, it's easy to choose something for yourself. In this case, do not blindly copy the first option you like.

Experience shows that variants that combine several directions have great aesthetic value.

First of all, you need to decide on the design of the future topiary First of all, you need to decide the future of design Topiary

not get lost among the styles to follow these guidelines:

  • Color solution of the composition is selected taking into account the aesthetic features of the room. One should not allow a strong dissonance;
  • Theme of love implies the use of satin ribbons, bows, hearts and roses. In most cases, people are so addicted to the idea that it literally overloads the composition with details. That's why it's worth sticking to minimalism;
  • gift for the boss or the person who is significantly higher social rank, or simply older is better to do in the classic version. For example, burgundy or red color will emphasize the official status. If you want to make your own hands a more symbolic gift, then attention should be paid to the money topiary;
  • In the children's room the option is selected in pastel colors. First, he will not distract the child from work or leisure. Secondly, the absence of "screaming" colors in the room will positively affect the psychological health of the baby.

Make Topiary own hands: a tree trunk and crown

dealt with the concept of a future song, you can safely move on to the practical implementation phase. You should start with an inventory of available tools. First of all, everything necessary for the crown is collected. For example, the leaves can be made from organza or coffee beans. Regardless of the style of the top part of the craft, you need to purchase or make a foundation yourself.

There are two types: plastic and foam plastic. The first option is reasonable to use, when decorative elements are not stuck, but fixed with glue. It should be remembered that the plastic version is not intended for compositions with a large number of decorative elements. The foam plastic base will be liked by those who prefer the use of pins and threads.

Topiary can be decorated with various decorative elements The topiary can be decorated with various decorative elements

Among the other advantages, the designers distinguish:

  • Resistance to various dyes;
  • Possibility to fix any number of decorative parts;
  • Suitable for use with a variety of sticks acting as a barrel;
  • Durability.

Having decided on the top of the composition, you need to find the base - the trunk. In this capacity, a stick is used, made of plastic, wood or glass. The main thing is to observe a few simple recommendations. First of all, you do not need to bet on easily broken and fragile materials. One careless movement will overturn and destroy the result of painstaking work.

For massive compositions it is better to use a wood treated with a sandpaper. If we are talking about a lighter option - plastic will do. It is important to remember that the trunk is subject to mandatory processing. It is desirable that it be combined with the overall stylistics of the composition. One of the most common ways to decorate a tree is decorative film and satin ribbons.

Decorative trees of topiary: master class

When it comes to choosing a stylistic solution for flowers, it is better to consult with a specialist. To do this will help the master class, which is easy to find. On a regular basis, these are held in thematic art workshops. If there are none in the district, then the thematic video is easy to find on the network. The main thing - do not dwell on one option.

Do not think that an experienced designer can prepare a ready-made project in a few minutes.

In order to create the ideal tree of dreams, you can additionally see special master classes In order to create the ideal dream tree, you can additionally view the special master classes

It is highly recommended that you consider in advance some questions:

  • Social status and age of the recipient;
  • Occasion;
  • Tastes and preferences of the recipient;
  • Desired materials;
  • Planned budget.

Even approximate answers to these questions will help create a dream tree that will please the eye. Another recommendation is related to the visit of shops engaged in the implementation of decorative floral compositions. In many respects this will become a powerful catalyst for imagination. Designers are advised not to be afraid of experiments related, for example, using fruit themes.

Create a mandarin tree, topiary

A long-standing symbol of cheerfulness and good mood is a mandarin tree. At the subconscious level, it is associated with a holiday and childhood, so this topiary will be a wonderful gift or simply complement the interior of the room. The round form of the sweet fruit will be given by a foam base, which is decorated with orange cloth or corrugated paper.

It is not superfluous to choose a pot that matches the overall mood of the song. If an orange or yellow pot is not found, then you should not get upset. You can always choose one of the warm colors, and if this is not on sale - you can just slightly change the existing one. It will help in this acrylic paint and a little patience.

Want to decorate the room with a symbol of cheerfulness, then an excellent option will be a mandarin tree Want to decorate the room with a symbol of vivacity, then a good option will be a mandarin tree

It is advisable to apply 1-2 coats of paint, which dries 10-12 hours.

The following procedure is as follows:

  • Decorate the trunk of the composition with a green ribbon or decorative film;
  • The middle part of the stem is decorated with bows made of satin fabric or twine. The second option is appropriate if the craft is in the vintage style;
  • On top of the mounting foam holding the base of the stem, it is necessary to put artificial grass or small pebbles;
  • To make the work more natural will allow the grape weaving, falling from the crown to the base. Make it necessary from a strong, but flexible wire.

How to make a topiary with your own hand( video)

Topiary is an unusual in every way way to decorate an interior in a room or make a memorable gift. Money, coffee, fruit - only a small part of possible compositions. Do not be afraid of experiments, because it is thanks to them that they manage to create unique topiary. The main thing is to think out the design and all the small details in advance. During the work sketches should always be in front of the eyes of the master.

Beautiful topiary with your own hands( photo)