Topiary autumn: master class photo, own handmade crafts, tree gifts step by step, gold m, bouquet of natural materials on the theme

Autumn topiary is not only a great gift, but also an original piece of decor Autumn topiary is not only a great gift, but also an original decor The topiary of autumn can easily be made from dry leaves, chestnuts, acorns and much more. The most important thing is to show imagination that will create original and very beautiful fakes. Performed with the soul of the topiary will definitely decorate any space and become a wonderful gift for a loved one.

  • Autumn topiary: master class for beginners
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There is no sense in limiting fantasy, trying to repeat already finished works on the selected topic. Two identical songs on the same theme will still not be found!After all, each performer sees them in completely different ways.

Autumn topiary : master class for newcomers

Quickly crafting for yourself a lovely topiary can easily everyone, even if until recently he had not shown any interest in counterfeiting. The master class can easily help in this, it is clear, structured and step-by-step submitting all the material.

Create a topiary from autumn leaves and other objects will be in everyone Create a topiary from autumn leaves and other objects will be able to everyone

And, first of all, you need to arm yourself with materials:

  • Leaves, acorns, chestnuts( everything you want to create).
  • Fabric for decoration.
  • Unnecessary newspapers.
  • Wooden sticks from ice cream.
  • White paper napkins.
  • Twine.
  • Polyfoam.
  • Small cardboard box.
  • Glue PVA, "Moment".
  • Gypsum.

How does the process of creating the topiary

itself? At the heart of any topiary is a round ball, which can easily be made from newspapers. It's enough just to crush them, giving them the right shape. To ensure that the ball does not fall apart, it must be rewound with threads.
Next on the ball you need to paste the napkins and wait until the workpiece completely dries. Hurry in this matter is not necessary!Therefore, from the moment of applying the glue before the next steps, it should take at least several hours.

The process of creating a topiary is quite simple and easy, the main thing is to decide on the layout and design The process of creating a topiary is quite simple and easy, the main thing is to decide on the layout and design of the

. Now the future tree needs to be expanded with a wooden rod. It must be inserted into the ball, and then wrapped in twine to make the design look more aesthetic. The end of the twine is preferably glued with the glue "Moment".In fact, the tree, albeit still not refined, is ready.

The next step is to create a "vase" for the tree. For these purposes, a prefabricated box of chocolates is perfect, but simply painting it in a liked color will be very boring!Give her some charm will definitely be able to wooden sticks from ice cream, prepared in advance. They need to be glued neatly along the perimeter, creating the illusion of a wooden fence. For its decor, gold paint can be used, but this decision remains at the discretion of the performer. It will be very stylish and modern in any case.

In order for a tree to hold securely in its flower garden, it must be previously strengthened. Suitable for this, any small vessel, the height coinciding with the vase. The tree should be placed in the chosen dish exactly in the center and poured with gypsum. Approximately 24 hours the structure will dry, and after work can be resumed.

In order to give a special charm to your wood, beautifully decorate the "vase" for the topiary

Now the fortified tree can be put in the vase, and the remaining space is filled with polystyrene and zadekorirovat fabric. The work can be considered half completed, but there was only the most important process - to decorate the "crown" with flowers, leaves and other favorite attributes of autumn. As a "highlight" can play small birds and butterflies, which can also be planted on a tree.
Having completed this task, you can get an exquisite souvenir that will remind you of such a pleasant and memorable time of the year - autumn.

Autumn topiary with your own hands: nuances

On average, the autumn topiary can be performed in a couple of days. And this is in view of the fact that the material will take time to dry.

However, in order to not be distracted in the process of searching for materials, it is necessary to prepare for work in advance. What is noteworthy, the work can be done absolutely at any time of the year!It is important only in time to stock up on the "autumn" attributes.

The initial task is to decide what exactly you want to see in the end, preferably, even make a sketch. Of course, in the process of work, some elements may change slightly, but the overall picture will be unshakable!

To quickly make and receive ready-made topiary, it is necessary to prepare all necessary materials and decorations in advance In order to quickly make and receive a ready-made topiary, it is necessary to prepare all necessary materials and decorations in advance

After that you need to think about what exactly you might need in the process of work. In the event that the instruction is taken as the basis of the work, it will be easier to navigate.

In any case, the same attention should be paid simultaneously to:

  • Materials.
  • Tools.
  • Decor elements.

Having started the creative process, to be distracted by all these nuances will be quite inconvenient. Much better, that everything was at hand. In the event that the topiary is to be taken to a kindergarten or any other institution, it is necessary to begin work in advance, about a couple of weeks before the completion of the finished work. It is likely that the initial result will be unconvincing, so it will have to be reworked. This, even rarely, however, has a place to be.

In addition, to make your work exotic, starting from the summer period, you can collect a bouquet of your favorite flowers, turn it into a herbarium, and then add to the composition. Options for creativity more than enough!It is important among them to find their own.

Autumn tree topiary: installation options

Having completed his own or receiving a gift, many people ask themselves: where will it be better to put it?It should immediately be noted: there are no restrictions on this account!The product perfectly complements any interior. But in order to make the topiary glad eye for a long time, it will still have to find the "right" place.

Topiary can be installed almost everywhere, both in the kitchen and in the rooms The topiary can be installed almost anywhere, either in the kitchen or in the rooms.

In case the kitchen is chosen as the living environment, care should be taken to ensure that the product does not come into contact with natural materials either with greasy or hot surfaces. Under their influence, it will very quickly lose its original appearance, and the owner will be forced to send a once-loved piece of furniture to the trash.
In other rooms, this autumn garden will also get accustomed, but it is best that it does not get direct sunlight. Under their influence, even gradually, the product will lose its appearance and, again, will become unusable.

It is best to put the topiary under the glass, where it will be reliably protected from dust, pets and external negative factors.

Forgery is not so much needed, just enough:

  • Competent approach when placing.
  • Careful handling.
  • Timely care.

Stand with this approach, the product will be very long and all its kind to please the owner at any time of the year. And it looks anyway more exotic than any picture!

Topiary "Gifts of Autumn": how to care

Presenting yourself gifts of the autumn to the relatives of the topiary, it is important to understand that the product will need, even in the simplest, but, after all, care. From time to time, dust may accumulate on the surfaces of the material, which you still have to remove.

In order to make the topiary look beautiful, it will be necessary to take care of him from time to time In order to make the topiary look beautiful, you will need to look after it from time to time

You can do it in several ways:

  • Vacuuming.
  • A blower with a cold blowing function.
  • with a cloth.

The first option is the most preferable, however, you need to perform cleaning very carefully, so that your own hands do not damage fragile elements. Perfectly removes dirt and hair dryer, included in the cold blowing mode. However, with its help you can remove only external impurities.

How to create an autumn topiary( video)

The classic cleaning option is the use of a barely damp rag, which you need to walk around the entire product. Accuracy in this matter is in the first place!Then, and regularly clean the topiary can be without much harm to him.

Autumn Topiary own hands( photo)