Topiary made of corrugated paper: with your own hands, from flowers, how to make a ball of corrugated paper, master class from color, photo and video

Topiary of corrugated paper is not only a stylish decoration, but also a kind of symbol of luck Topiary corrugated paper - is not only a stylish decoration, but also a kind of symbol of good luck Creative Topiary corrugated paper - stylish decoration living room, living room or office space. It is believed that it brings prosperity to the owners. In the East it was called the symbol of a new life and prosperity. To work, you need a small amount of crepe paper and a little imagination. The composition will be an unforgettable gift for close people.

    • Make Topiary corrugated paper with your hands
    • is made from crepe paper flowers for Topiary
    • How to make a ball of paper Topiary: practical advice
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Make Topiary corrugated paper with his own hands

The creative process begins with the selection of a ball of foam plastic. In a wide range it is presented in the store of goods for needlework. If nothing suitable was found there, then the workpieces are easy to make at home. For work you will need a thick wire, which is curved flexibly. The main thing is not to break the base with partial deformation.

Then the curved wire is wound with a cloth tape. Its color should be in harmony with the overall style of the composition. During wrapping, it is necessary to fix the tape at several points with a glue-gun.

Before making the topiary, choose the right foundation and only then proceed to its design Before the production, Topiary, choose the right foundation and only then proceed to its registration

further instructions as follows:

  • Carefully cut out of colored paper strips having a width of 1 cm
  • Cut. Ribbons to size up to the size of squares of different colors.
  • It is desirable that the boxes are the same size.
  • The barrel is made from sushi or sushi sticks.
  • Each square is applied to the base of the structure.

It takes a lot of small twisted squares to work, so it's better to make them with a margin. After that, you need to warm up the electric gun glue and fix the twisted squares on the ball. Designers recommend that care should be taken to ensure that the corrugation fits snugly against the base and the adjacent element. From the colored pieces it is easy to form a word or figure, for example, the heart.

As a stand for topiary, you can use a flower pot, pre-painted it in a suitable color The pedestal can be used for topiary flowerpot previously decorate it in the appropriate color

Ends manufacturing compositions for this stand. In this quality will perform a small flower pot, whose color is in harmony with the style of the topiary. To prepare the container, it is necessary to carefully insert the foam plastic bar on the bottom. The leg of the composition is made of a colored rod( the color scheme is chosen according to the style of the craft) or wire, which then need to be wrapped with scotch tape.

As soon as the leg is ready and decorated, you must carefully plant the ball. It remains to fix all the pieces in the pot and decorate the space around. For this, moss, flax or tinsel is used. If the topiary is created in a marine style, then small stones are used to decorate free space.

is made from crepe paper flowers for Topiary

attaches great personality composition will flower, bought or made yourself. It is better to choose the second method for several reasons. By the ability to get a decorative element of the required color, the master creates a form on his own. Certain difficulties can arise at the stage of choosing a creative concept. In this case, you need to turn to different sources of information.

For example, thematic photos of finished works will offer many options.

Original flowers from corrugated paper will give topiary personality and creativity Original corrugated paper flowers will add to the topiary of individuality and creativity

After this you can proceed to the practical implementation of the idea:

  • Buy corrugated paper sheets of the required color.
  • Cut the strip 3-4 cm wide
  • Turn any edge to 2/3.
  • Form a spiral from the tape.
  • It is desirable that the resulting spiral is stronger in the internal, rather than in the outer contour.
  • Cut off excess tape and secure the free edge with adhesive.
  • Slow movements need to spread the petals.

Flowers created from corrugated paper are fixed on a ball-blank using a thermo-gun. It is recommended not to overload the composition with a large number of paper flowers. Given the size of the ball, it is necessary to cover the entire surface of the .

How to make a ball of paper for topiary: practical advice

Not always presented in the trade network of workpieces allow to fully realize the creative idea. In this regard, the ball for the future composition is not difficult to produce independently. It will not require significant skills, taking no more than 1 day. To work, you will need a mounting foam and a standard inflatable ball. The color and texture of the last value do not.

Designers offer to use foam as a starting material, but not everyone agrees with this statement of the issue. The material is fragile enough, so it's better not to take it without considerable experience. That's why mounting foam is preferable.

In order to implement the original idea for the topiary, you can use a homemade ball of paper In order to implement the original idea for the topiary, you can use a homemade ball of paper

The procedure for working with it is as follows:

  • Moisten the inner surface of the ball with water.
  • Carefully drain fluid.
  • Inflate the ball to medium size.
  • Fix the inflated ball on the cylinder tube with mounting foam.
  • Fill the balloon.
  • The class and density of the product must be taken into account, otherwise it will burst.
  • Wait for the composition to harden for 9 hours.
  • Cut the balloon with a knife.
  • Extract the resulting workpiece.
  • Clean the dense top layer of the mounting foam.

As a result, a blank was obtained with the required parameters. If you need a custom size or shape, then you can create it yourself. For this, it is necessary to place the balloon with the still not dried foam into the mold with the required parameters. In the future, the workpiece is used, as described above.

We decorate the topiary of corrugated paper colors

It seems erroneous that step-by-step execution of all stages is the most difficult part of the work. Problems begin just after the completion of the main part, when there is free space. Viewing themed videos is a good opportunity to learn how to use it. Flight of fantasy should not be limited, but one rule must be strictly observed - do not overload the space, otherwise the abundance of creped paper will negatively affect the stability of the composition.

Making a topiary, try not to overload it with unnecessary elements Producing a topiary, try not to overload it with extra elements

Among the other design recommendations, the following stand out:

  • You can use toilet paper for individual items.
  • It is undesirable to use too dark color schemes for crafts.
  • When using corrugations, it is necessary to make sure that the hands are dry, otherwise the material will not retain its shape.
  • The workpiece in the form of a ball can be changed to a heart, a square and so on.
  • During execution of complex elements, the instruction should be in front of your eyes.

How to create a beautiful topiary made of corrugated paper( video)

Created by own strength, the topiary is a perfect complement to the interior. The main thing is to sketch a sketch of the future composition before starting work on paper. Preliminary preparation will allow making necessary corrections in advance, as well as determining the list of required materials. Direct work with materials will require careful and follow technical recommendations.

Options of self-made corrugated paper topiary( photo)