Topiary of flowers: with their own hands, step by step from live chamomiles, how to make paper and woven dried flowers

The topiary of flowers will decorate any interior of the room The topiary of flowers will decorate any interior of the room. The topiary of flowers is one of the most desirable compositions that any needlewoman wants to learn. In fact, there is nothing complicated in this process. Attention, patience and the desire to create beauty definitely will overcome all adversity and will allow to receive a really worthwhile result. However, in the process of work, it is important not to disregard the advice of experienced needlewomen who have performed dozens of works for their creative life. Take into account the experience of others, but, in no case, do not lose your individuality.

      • Topiary of flowers by your own hands: step by step for beginners
      • Flower for topiary: what to stop
      • To give a gift: ideas for a presentation
      • Topiary of flowers by your own hands( video)
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Topiary of colors by own hands: step by step for beginners

When starting to make a topiary with your own hands, you should initially imagine the final result. Such a game of imagination may seem superfluous, but it is thanks to it that it is possible to achieve the desired result. So, the picture is provided and now it is necessary to take care of the availability of all related materials.

In the process of operation you will need:

  • Adhesive( PVA and instant fixation);
  • Twine;
  • Decorative tape;
  • Pot of flowers of suitable diameter;
  • Beads and rhinestones;
  • Set of favorite colors.

For the first time creating a topiary from colors, think through all the details in order not to make mistakes in the future For the first time creating a topiary from colors, think through all the details in order not to make any mistakes in the future.

You can use both artificial flower variations and real ones for the composition. There is no fundamental difference. However, it is important to understand that a live composition can wilt very quickly and lose its original appearance. That's why it's reasonable to use a collection of dried flowers, which looks just as good.

Performing each of the stages of work, you need not rush things and wait until the composition dries. Otherwise the whole design can give a roll. If it seems that some process has been performed incorrectly, it is desirable to correct it immediately.

After all, if you do something wrong first, in the future mistakes will grow like a snowball. In the end, everything will have to be changed. That's why all the edits are better done on time. Even the specialist is mistaken.

Flower for topiary: on what to stop

One of the key difficulties in making flower compositions is to choose which flowers to use to decorate it.

Especially popular among needlewomen use compositions from:

  • Rose;
  • Camomile;
  • Orchid.

When making topiary, choose flowers according to your taste, the main thing is not to overdo with their quantity, so that the composition does not look too cumbersome When making the topiary, choose the flowers you prefer, do not overdo it with the amount, so that the composition does not look too cumbersome.

The first of these belong to the category of classic ones that have not lost their relevance for many years. However, for many roses - it's too pathetic. So, it's time to pay attention to a simple and very stylish flower, which is called chamomile. It can be purchased fresh, dried or made from fabric. Composition from such manipulations will only benefit. Topiary of paper flowers is also a success, but it is classified as short-lived, because of the cheapness and poor quality of raw materials. Orchid is a flower of the chosen, rather capricious, but very beautiful. Topiary of orchids will certainly have to taste and master, and to whom the composition is intended. However, their use in fresh form is completely unjustified. Hence, plants are better to use dried or, alternatively, to choose their artificial equivalent.

Using tulips or decorating topiary with peonies is completely unjustified. Large convex flowers will look very cumbersome, even though in a bouquet they look absolutely chic

Any master class allows you to view the entire process step-by-step and prevent fatal errors typical for beginners. The work begins with the design of the "trunk" of the topiary. Pre-harvested stick it is desirable to wrap the twine, fixed on both sides with the glue of instant fixation. Then the trunk is fixed in a pot and strengthened with plaster solution. During this time, it is possible to make a crown from a papier-mache or an ordinary newspaper and decorate it with the help of living or artificial flowers. In order for the composition to grasp too it takes time. Therefore, it is necessary to build a topiary not earlier than a couple of days after its manufacture.

To create a topiary, choose your favorite flowers and do not be afraid that the process will be too time consuming To create a topiary, choose your favorite flowers and do not be afraid that the process will be too time-consuming.

In addition, you need to consider the following nuances:

  • The best compositions look small, up to 30 centimeters;
  • Topiary should not be too brilliant or bright, because he is not a Christmas tree.

There are no regulated terms in the work, each master chooses his tempo. Chamomile, pink and even topiary from chrysanthemums require the same time for manufacturing.

To give a gift: ideas for a presentation

Topiary is a universal thing, therefore you can give it:

  • Relatives;
  • Friends;
  • For children;
  • Adults.

It is best that this gift is thematic and timed to any celebration, for example, to a wedding. A compact white topiary with roses or orchids will look very original. And, if you make a flower arrangement on a blue or any other contrasting background, it can be a wonderful gift for any other holiday.

Topiary of colors by own hands( video)

It's not difficult to make a topiary of colors. Correctly selected flowers, little attention and diligence will lead to the fact that the composition will become a welcome gift for any holiday. In addition, with the right approach, the topiary will also become an exclusive presenter.

topiary flower( photo)