Topiary from foamiran: master-class, from flowers of roses by own hands, photo and video, make coffee, MK

The topiary of the fameiran can be installed in any room as an ornament Topiary of foamirana can be installed in any room as a decoration Topiary of foamirana is a decorative feature that can make their own hands. To create an incomparable decoration for a house you can do it yourself, having become acquainted with a phased, master class.

    • petals Manufacture for topiary of foamirana: master class
    • topiary with flowers of foamirana: stepwise manufacture
    • Making topiary: forming trees
    • How to make a crown for topiary
    • topiary of dried flowers and foamirana(video)
    • Topiary of foamirana( photo)

petals Production for Topiary of foamirana: master class

to produce compositions with their hands need to take careb basic elements. It can be any improvised means, each component is easily replaced. On this issue you need to think in the process of creating a unique decoration.

The main components of any work are:

  • Rows of petals;
  • Base of the tree;
  • Crown.

To create a lush effect apply three rows of flowers. To make them simply, for this purpose, paper is taken, on which three identical circles loom. It is desirable that their diameter differ from each other. We must try to make the same, symmetrical petals. Then foyamir sheets of a certain color are selected. The paper blank is outlined, this makes it possible to form a contour. The action is repeated with three circles.

To make petals of different colors you will need a template that you can make yourself To produce the petals of different colors, you will need a template that you can do yourself

In each row, there should be concave. You can do this yourself with a hairpin, at the end of which is a bead. Then the resulting petals are laid out on the sponge. With care, the petal row is applied to the soleplate of the iron. The heated elements return to the sponge, and are secured with a hairpin.

With the material it is necessary to work while it is heated. Otherwise, nothing will come of it. When everything is ready, the bud is formed. There are no rules, the work is done according to personal preferences.

Topiary with flowers from foiamir: step by step manufacture

After the flowers are produced, it is necessary to proceed with further work.

addition to the basic decoration will need the following items:

  • Flower pot( self-made or ready-made);
  • Branch for trunk;
  • Polystyrene foam ball;
  • Adhesive gun;
  • Small bird( optional);
  • Beads:
  • Additional decor elements in the form of ribbons, braid;Nest for a bird( optional).
  • .

Additional elements for the subsequent decoration of the topiary should be prepared in advance Additional elements for subsequent decoration topiary should be prepared in advance

dimensions, additional elements and the contrast of colors, selected themselves. It is necessary to start from personal preferences. To form the main element, it is recommended to use a ball-billet, it is very convenient. You can buy it in shops for needlework, of any size. This will save considerable time, and will allow you to get a quality and smooth element.

If the ball is not available, and the opportunity to purchase it, too, it is manufactured independently. For this, a lump of newspaper and thread is taken. Paper densely wrinkles, then wrapped in threads. This will create a ball of any diameter.

We make the topiary: the formation of a tree

In the finished ball it is necessary to make a hole, it will be attached to it a suitable snag. The other end remains in the pot. You can fix the elements with an adhesive gun.

The foundation of the driftwood can be fixed with gypsum, if desired. But in the case of a tree from foamiran it is recommended to use ordinary glue. Properly you need to decorate and pot. For this, braid and satin ribbons are taken. There are many ways of laying them. Before decor, you need to check the stability of the driftwood. It must be securely fixed. A beautiful tree with its own hands is created within an hour.

When forming the topiary tree, do not feel sorry for the glue, otherwise, the design will quickly disintegrate When forming the topiary tree, do not feel sorry for the glue; otherwise, the design will quickly disintegrate

The main elements can be:

  • Manufactured roses;
  • Flower pot or flower pot;
  • Wire;
  • Adhesive;
  • Polystyrene ball.

A hole is formed in the balloon, a snag or wire is inserted into it and fixed with glue. The second edge is placed in a pot and attached in a similar way. Then the ball is decorated with previously produced flowers. The pot is decorated with ribbons.

How to make a crown for the topiary

The most crucial moment is the formation of the crown from the foyamiran. To do this, put a glue on the base of the bud, on which the rose sits gently. It takes about 30 seconds to hold a flower in order to be well established. By this principle, all the roses are placed on the ball.

The finishing decor is gluing beads and decorating the trunk with small beads or coffee beans. From the satin ribbons, you can form a bow that will be beautifully placed on the trunk of a tree. The top part of the pot is decorated with additional decor elements.

You can place a bird on the flowers, it will well complement the main composition. Satin ribbons are closed with roses. On them, too, you can sit a bird.

Making the crown of the topiary, rely on your imagination and remember that the addition of decorative elements should be in moderation Making the crown of the topiary, rely on your imagination and remember that the addition of decorative elements should be in moderation

Additionally, everything is decorated:

  • Palet;
  • Beads
  • Insects.

Here it is necessary to rely only on personal desire. As an additional and interesting element can be a nest for a bird. To make it simply, you will need a nut shell and ribbons for this. A sisal or any other material is placed in the base of the shell. The main thing is to get a similarity with the natural filling of the nest. Then everything is decorated with ribbons, beads and fastened in a pot.

Topiary from of dried flowers and foamirana( video)

As a result, you get an interesting composition that competently fits into any interior and becomes its main highlight. Create a beautiful is not difficult, the main thing is armed with the necessary elements.

topiary of foamirana( photo)