Topiary Christmas tree: a master class, how to make a MK, from coffee with their own hands, in the form of thread

Topiary tree - it Topiary tree is a beautiful craft that will help decorate the interior for the New Year holidays Topiary tree can be a great gift for the New Year holidays, especially if it seems that nothing is already possible to give. Needlework opens up a huge field for these purposes, because there are no templates or canons. It's enough just to draw a picture in your head and work out the ways of its realization. In addition, the gift itself - this is a unique subject, copies of which in the world simply does not exist.

    • Topiary herringbone: master class for beginners
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    • Master class: topiary tree of colored napkins( video)
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  • What is made of the topiary of the Christmas tree

    The topiary of the Christmas tree differs from the classical model in the form of execution, but the work usually does not cause difficulties. It is enough only to take as a basis the master class you like, where all the stages are covered in detail. So doing work will be both easier and more reliable. In any case, the beginner will see what he will get eventually.

    To begin with, you need to decide what will be made of a Christmas tree.

    There are several options for implementation:

    • Cardboard;
    • Newspaper;
    • Plastic;
    • Decorative nets, ribbons, etc.

    The simplest way is to purchase the already prepared plastic form of the Christmas tree and decorate it with your own hands. It will be quite simple and, at the same time, no one will recognize the dirty trick. Another thing is that finding such a form is not always easy. However, if you try, it is quite real. Moreover, the forms are varied and the herringbone can turn out to be quite uncommon.

    You can make mastery of the topiary practically from any improvised materials, the main thing is to show imagination It is possible to make mastering of the topiary from almost any improvised materials, the main thing is to show your imagination

    It will be somewhat more difficult to make a voluminous Christmas tree made of cardboard or paper. Here you need to cut out the shape, glue its parts together, wait until drying and then decorate.

    What exactly to choose, each needlewoman chooses independently. In this case, both options have an equal right to exist.

    Topiary herringbone: master class for beginners

    Before starting work, it is important to prepare a number of related materials that may be required in the future.

    To the number of must-have of any needlewoman you need to include:

    • Several types of glue;
    • Decor elements;
    • Paet, Strass, etc.;
    • Flower pot;
    • Alabaster or gypsum;
    • Wadding.

    MK will help beginner needlewomen create an original and beautiful topiary in the form of a Christmas tree

    In order to remember nothing, it is better to initially make a list in which for several hours( days) forgotten details will be recorded. After the final list of necessary things will be formed, you can go shopping.

    Having acquired everything you need, you can sit down for work. Depending on what is chosen - the finished shape of the Christmas tree or its manufacture, you have to take up work. After the tree is ready, but not yet decorated, you can hoist it on the trunk and lay it aside for now.

    Now we need to prepare the soil. For these purposes, a trunk is inserted into the flower pot, which can be strengthened with alabaster or with a solution of gypsum. On freezing go about a day. During this time, you can rest a little. After the composition has solidified, the work is resumed.

    The best part is to decorate the Christmas tree. This can be done with the help of cotton wool, playing the role of snow, paetok and strass. New Year is a very bright holiday, which must be met.

    Alternative variants of Christmas trees

    Who said that handicrafts accept only classical formats?Topiary herringbone can appear in a very interesting form, if, for example, decorate it with coffee. This product is often used in needlework, so this choice will not cause anybody a surprise.

    Create a stylish topiary tree, you can even make coffee beans Create a stylish topiary tree even from coffee beans

    For this purpose, whole grains are purchased that are patiently attached throughout the area. This process takes a lot of time, so when preparing a gift, you need to stock up on time.

    In order to make the composition as harmonious as possible, you can use a number of secrets from the leading masters:

    • It's better to choose grains of approximately the same size;
    • If the herringbone is made of plastic, its surface must be previously cleaned;
    • Adhesive glue is ideal for work, thanks to which the grains will not slip.

    With the help of coffee and thread, you can create a very stylish topiary, in no way inferior to traditional compositions. In addition, he will look at times more original.

    To give such beauty

    Topiary is a multifunctional gift that will most of all be enjoyed by adult mature people. Children, of course, certainly will be delighted with a bright toy, but they will quickly break it. Objects of art( even if unknown masters) should be stored properly. Then the likelihood that they will rejoice the eye for a long time, significantly increases.

    Topiary tree will be a great gift for both adults and children Topiary tree will be an excellent gift for both adults and children

    Topiary does not tolerate:

    • Mechanical impact;
    • Moisture and dampness;
    • Chemicals exposure.

    Master class: topiary Christmas tree made from colored napkins( video)

    Topiary herringbone can be made from a wide variety of materials, which will only please the needlewoman. The process can take a very long time, but they need to stock up. Gifts and must be prepared in advance!Examples

    topiary trees( photo)