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The original topiary made by own hands, can not be better for decorating the interior before the New Year Topiary original, made with his own hands, is the best fit for interior decoration before the New Year Christmas Topiary - is the best way to decorate apartment interior and filled with a festive mood. Everyone can create a positive atmosphere. To do this, you need to stock up ideas, and the main details. In the manufacture of topiary there is nothing difficult, you need to rely only on your own imagination.

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Christmas topiary with his hands - the best UkraApartment

New Year is a favorite holiday of every person. On the eve of the celebration, preparation begins, based on the decoration of the apartment. Garlands, rains and a Christmas tree are the main attributes of the holiday. As additional decorations are topiary. They can be both artificial and edible.

Create a mood with your own hands, under the power of every person. If there are small children in the house, it is possible to make a topiary from edible parts.

Mandarins have long become one of the main attributes of the New Year holidays, so the topiary with their use will perfectly decorate your apartment Tangerines long ago became one of the main attributes of the New Year holidays, so Topiary using them perfectly decorate your apartment

You will need:

  • Linen rope;
  • Mandarins;
  • Branch or snag;
  • Wire;
  • Potty;
  • Reeds;
  • Hairpins;
  • Polyfoam;
  • Adhesive.

Mandarins should be wrapped around the rope, then fastened to a twig or snag. Its base is coated with glue and installed to a pot. Pebbles and gypsum are used for stability. Then driftwood is decorated with decorative napkins and pins with beads. The base of the branch is covered with foam plastic( in this case it acts as a snow).Below you can additionally lay out tangerines. As a result, you get an interesting composition or just a tangerine tree. This is a good New Year gift.

Topiary for the New Year: festive mood

You can make the decoration from Christmas toys. For this, it is necessary to prepare certain details. Among them there are multi-colored Christmas tree toys, a ball-base and a stick for fastening a tree in a pot.

As additional elements are:

  • Polyfoam;
  • Adhesive;
  • Coffee;Berries or apples( ornamental).
  • .

Topiary of Christmas toys looks very festive and smart Topiary of Christmas toys looks very festive and elegant

ball base may consist of a foam, for decoration, it is necessary to wind the thread. Then to the base to fix a snag or a stick, which is additionally fixed in the pot. This is the standard procedure for any decoration. When all elements are stable( well adhered), you can start decorating. For this purpose, balls are fixed on the top, the trunk is decorated with bright napkins, berries and apples. The foundation is laid out with coffee beans.

The result is not only a beautiful, but also a fragrant decoration for the apartment. Elements of decor can act as a Christmas tree, and become a major addition to the New Year holiday.

Christmas topiary Christmas trees: extra home decoration

ideas for the transformation of apartments, have each family. It can be ornamental trees, ornaments and other attributes. Independently, you can create a Christmas tree, which harmoniously fits into any interior.

For this, it is necessary to take cardboard blanks in the form of a New Year tree and several additional elements:

  • Threads;
  • Wire;
  • Beads;
  • Adhesive;
  • Potty.

It is not necessary to make a topiary in the form of a ball - the design in the form of a Christmas tree will also be appropriate It is not necessary to do topiary in the shape of a ball - in the form of Christmas trees design also would be appropriate

Step by step instructions to create a work of art. The first step is to make the carton blanks in the form of a Christmas tree, and then wrap them green thread( hue may be used).Then the base of the tree is fixed to the pot with the help of glue. Additionally, everything is fixed with stones or gypsum. On the threads you can hang small jewelry and toys. As a result, we get an interesting decoration made by ourselves.

Christmas Topiary - 2017: what to look for

Create unique decoration is simple. For this, you do not need to have a good fantasy or a certain experience. Modern master classes explain in detail the process of making jewelry. Topiary is a universal way to improve a flat and emphasize its dignity. Self-made jewelry every year is gaining popularity. People try to create decor elements, which later become the main highlight of the apartment.

The most popular are topiary. On the eve of 2017, many needlewomen start to think over decorations for an apartment, and gifts for their relatives and friends. In most cases, a decision is made to create a New Year's topiary.

There are a lot of options for making topiary, so you can safely rely on your imagination and ingenuity Topiary There are a lot of manufacturing options, so you can safely rely on your imagination and ingenuity

For this work may need the following components:

  • pot( or ready made);
  • Gypsum or clay;
  • Polyfoam;
  • Wire;
  • Adhesive;
  • Beads;
  • Toys;
  • Decorative wipes;
  • Coffee beans;
  • Decorative stones.

Certain rules do not exist, each person relies solely on his own imagination and interests. In creating the decoration, the main thing is inspiration. If you want, you can make a new element of decor from any improvised means.

Topiary: the basic nuances in the selection of materials

Photos on the Internet are full of a variety of ornamental trees. This once again confirms the fact that they can be made of any of their materials. The main thing is to determine the trunk, the base and the top. The basis can be of any shape, but in most cases the preference is given to the circle. When making a New Year's decoration, a workpiece is used in the form of a Christmas tree. There are no special nuances during the creation of the decorative element.

The main thing before the beginning of work - to be defined with the form and decor of the future topiary Main before work - to determine the future shape and décor Topiary

The main thing is to be determined:

  • form;
  • Decoration;
  • Additional elements.

Christmas Topiary: Master Class( VIDEO)

To produce suitable as ready attributes and self-made. Topiary can be created from balls, sweets, tangerines, apples and toys. The main thing - it does not rely on the rules and follow only their own imagination.

Topiary Design New Year( Photo)