Topiary is: what is it, a mini story of the origin for what is needed, types, small crafts, photo titles, designs and all the meaning

Topiary is great for decorating any rooms. In addition, this homemade composition is considered a wonderful gift The topiary is great for decorating any room. In addition, this homemade composition is considered a wonderful gift Topiary is a decoration made from a series of hand-made, which is an artificial, somewhat fantastic tree. After all, for its manufacture can be used, for example, coffee beans, a herbarium, Swarovski stones or simply pieces of fabric. The main thing is to do it with your own hands. The meaning of the word "topiary" is taken from the Greek language, where it literally means "tree of happiness".Their sizes can be very different. Most often they are made small, but there are known masters who made the topiary simply gigantic, several meters high.

      • History of the topiary: how did this creative idea come about
      • What is the topiary and what they are
      • We create a mini-topiary
      • Who can give and what is needed for the topiary
      • Manufacturing of topiary from napkinsVideo)
      • Topiary in the interior( photo)

History of the topiary: how did this creative idea come about

It is believed that the original topiary appeared in the old Greece. At that time, the country throughout Europe was known for its sculptors, architects, decorators. At that time, the topic was real trees, but they were given a certain form. And their crowns were adorned in every possible way, starting from the cut wood, ending with the figured cutting of the branches themselves.

The exact history of the appearance of the topiary is not known at the moment, but many associate it with:

  • Hanging gardens of the Semiramis.
  • With gifts to the gods of Olympus.
  • With other rituals, dedicated to celebrations in honor of certain gods.

As the basis for topiary can act not only a pot, but also any other capacity: a cup, a glass or a small bucket As the basis for the topiary, not only the pot, but also any other container can act: a cup, a glass or a small bucket

By the way, it must nevertheless be noted that there is a category of historians who assure that the manufacturersTopiary in its modern form originates from France 17-18 centuries. Then the architects of Versailles came up with the creation of artificial trees that could serve as decorations even in winter. And already in the beginning of the 20th century about the topiary was widely known throughout Europe.

What is topiary and what they are

Initially it was thought that the topiary is an ornament that simultaneously acts as a symbol of protection for the home. A little later they began to talk about the fact that an artificial tree made of precious materials brings wealth. And already in the 20th century it was claimed that it was simply a "tree of happiness", a symbol of prosperity, as well as a horseshoe on the front door.

And it should be noted that the topiary has different types:

  • "room" topiary.
  • Street.
  • Based on a living tree.

You can make the upper part with small tangles of threads, and for decorating the bottom you can use any paper with a pattern The upper part can be made with small tangles of threads, and any paper with a pattern

is now suitable for decorating the bottom. Now under topiary is meant artifacts representing an artificial small tree that is located in a flower pot. And they are also divided into many varieties, among which: floral topiary, woven, foam plastic, wooden and so on. That is, the difference lies in the material from which they are created.

There is a whole mass of algorithms, how to create a topiary, but few people mention that there can not exist any rules there. In fact, after all, we are talking about some kind of fantastic tree. Everyone does what he himself wishes to see.

That is, the proportions, options, sizes - all this is not limited to any frames. The shape of the crown, the observance of some natural parameters( for example, the height of the tree relative to the thickness) - all this has no value. By this and the designs for each product - purely individual.

We create a mini-topiary

Mini Topiary - the art of creating small artificial trees, which are mostly "planted" in a regular flower pot. Based on the name you can already understand that this is a simple decoration for the house, with dimensions comparable to ordinary indoor plants. Collect such a topiary can be almost from improvised means.

For fans of miniature decorative elements in the interior, a mini-topiary in the form of a small tree placed in the cup

is an excellent option. If you are making the topiary for the first time, then the most common foam plastic of any fancy shapeYou can take a ball).Also need any glue( preferably hot or rubber), scissors and any decorations. The crown and trunk of the tree are attached to the base of the flower pot, on top - they are covered with either sand or rounded stones - here someone likes it more.

And for the final decoration are suitable:

  • Dried flowers.
  • Beads.
  • Bright colored foil.
  • Colored broken glass( can even be made from bottles).
  • Wire.
  • Coins.

An excellent gift for your girlfriend will be a red topiary in the shape of a heart An excellent gift for your favorite girl will be a red topiary in the form of a heart

In the World Wide Web, you can see hundreds of photo variations of the design of a mini topiary for every taste. On them you can understand what are the shapes of the crowns, what techniques can be used for the final decoration( for example, golden ribbon for the trunk, artificial snow for the crown).But always remember that the work is not limited to fantasy.

Who can give and what is needed for the topiary

Probably this is the most frequent question asked by the master when creating the "tree of happiness".For the same reason for growing flowers - to create beauty, an atmosphere of comfort and well-being. Plus, the topiary is a unique opportunity to realize your fantastic ideas in real life as a handmade decoration. It can be called somehow unique, and the history of origin will be known exclusively to the creator.

To decorate the topiary, you can take any plastic items of small size: fruits, vegetables, flowers, beads To decorate the topiary, you can take any small plastic items: fruit, vegetables, flowers, beads.

The topiary can also be used:

  • As a gift( no worse than artificial flowers).
  • For interior decor( art house now in the trend).
  • For decorating a plot of land or a flower bed( someone has gnomes, and you have a topiary).

Many in general undertake the manufacture of topiary in order to develop the creative qualities of the child. It is much better and more interesting than simple drawing, molding from plasticine and other things that the toddler will have to try in the kindergarten, school. And someone creates a topiary for profit!And, it is worth noting, such handicrafts are quite expensive. For example, a mini-tree from coffee beans will cost several thousand rubles. But it will take many days to produce it.

Manufacture of topiary made of napkins( video)

Does the topiary bring happiness and wealth?In this originally believed the Greeks, as well as the French. Of course, no one claims that the product has some magic. Rather, it is a symbol of peace and prosperity in the family circle. Many people even think that this is a separate direction of floristry, although it is not entirely correct to say this. Flowers as an ornament here are used quite rarely.

Topiary in the interior( photo)