Topiary photo: beautiful and different pictures, the most unusual new ideas, interesting and original for inspiration

Topiary - a universal piece of interior, allowing you to decorate any room Topiary is a universal piece of furniture that allows you to decorate any room. Special popularity, today, it uses the topiary. The fashion trend to decorate festive halls or home interiors is gaining momentum. An actual element of the inspiration of such modern art is floristics. Yes, yes, you did not misinterpret. And to create a unique composition is possible with their own hands and according to their individual taste. Topiary means "tree of happiness".And happiness made by own hands, doubly brings home cosiness and pleases others.

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The most simple topiary: a master class for beginners

The most simple topiary is made from ready-made paper or plastic flowers. No knowledge or special skills will be required, the main thing is to have a great desire and patience.

Even a beginner can create not just a topiary, but a masterpiece Even a beginner can create not just a topiary, but a masterpiece

Materials for work:

  • Prepared polystyrene ball;
  • Pistol with liquid glue;
  • Trunk;
  • Pot;
  • Powder gypsum;
  • Non-living flowers;
  • Silo;
  • Scissors.

It takes about an hour to create such a composition.

The process implies:

  • To begin with, trim the prepared flowers from the stem so that the tails have a length of not more than one cm.
  • In the bowl, make a shallow notch up to 2 cm.
  • Begin the ball decoration. Shilom should gently puncture the holes and quickly smear the tail of the flowers with glue to insert into the finished holes. In the head it is necessary to present the finished composition and, accordingly, to distribute the flowers according to the color scale. It is not necessary to arrange flowers very tightly to each other. It will be sufficient to completely cover the sphere without radiographing the base.
  • The ball should be glued to the ball and left to dry.
  • Prepare the gypsum, mix it with water until it is dense. Pour into the pot. A little to wait and in the middle to insert a trunk.
  • Hold the tree until the gypsum freezes well.
  • You can hide unattractive gypsum with the remains of small twigs and leaves.

The simplest topiary is done quickly, but financially - more expensive.

Flowers and a ball can be made by yourself, in this case the tree of happiness will be much cheaper.

Making cheap and simple topiariy themselves

Simple toiarii are done quickly. Beginners also try their hand at learning techniques on simple topiarias. The most budgetary way to make a topiary is to make it from improvised materials that are kept by every house.

It is not necessary to spend money on buying materials for creating topiary. For the most simple topiary material you will find at home You do not need to spend money on buying materials for creating topiary. For the most simple topiary material you will find at home

Some of the simplest ideas are described below.

Topiary of napkins

Quite simple and cheap type of topiary. You can make flowers from napkins not only with white, but also in bright colors. This option is pretty nice.

Topiary made of napkins makes it colorful and bright Topiary made of napkins allows you to make it colorful and bright

Tree of Happiness from cotton pads

At first glance, such a solution may seem irrelevant, but in the end, this composition is not inferior to its other analogues. Wadded disks are often decorated with purple or soft creamy large beads and lace ribbons. Topiary in this performance looks very gentle and romantic.

New application of cotton wool - creating a stylish and original tree of happiness New application of cotton wheels - creating a stylish and original tree of happiness

Such products, in turn, test the performer well for diligence and painstakingness.

A simple idea for decorating a topiary can be ordinary flowers made of colored paper.

Interesting ideas for topiariy: options for beginners

Doing the topiary, do not be afraid to experiment. It is possible to apply the most unusual, new and bold ideas. In this case, the tree will be strictly individual, not having any of its kind.

It is important that when creating a topiary you do not limit yourself, but completely surrendered to your imagination It is important that when creating a topiary you do not limit yourself, but give yourself completely to your fantasies

Interesting ideas for topiarii:

  • In topiary of cones it is interesting to use a real tree branch. You can decorate it with a small bird.
  • Cones or coffee beans can be dyed with acrylic paint or the steel spray paint will look spectacular. In this case, the tree of happiness will play completely new colors, both literally and figuratively.
  • You can use small florets with beads or coffee beans as a jet from the topiary "floating cup".
  • For the New Year holidays, the tree of happiness can be decorated with a small garland. Such a topiary can be used as a night lamp.
  • For children's topiracies an interesting stand will serve as a container of clear glass. These forms are interesting to fall asleep round small sweets of small sizes or sweet peanuts. This tree will be more appetizing.
  • In the role of the stand can be a glass or a volume transparent vase by the type of aquarium.
  • Effectively look topiary in the form of various bizarre shapes, letters or numbers.
  • For financial well-being, it is possible to put a coin on the bottom of the stand or attach a banknote in a prominent area.
  • On grandiose holidays it is possible to make a topiary of large sizes from fruit. The basis is a cone, decorated with edible rings of exotic fruits.
  • Make the composition luxurious, it means to decorate it with fresh flowers. Such a topiary will be appreciated even by the most unromantic person.

An important feature in the manufacture of topiary is the color scheme. Do not overdo it with bright colors. In this case, the tree of happiness will lose its charm and attractiveness.

The product should harmoniously blend elements of the decor.

Create a masterpiece: beautiful topiary with your own hands

Make beautiful topiary with your own hands - get great pleasure from such an exciting process.

The original solution - topiary of sweets, cones and ribbons like even the smallest The original solution - topiary made from chocolates, cones and ribbons, is liked even by the smallest

Beautiful trees can be made:

  1. Of cones, acorns, nuts. It is possible to combine these elements, or separate compositions of one kind will look very beautiful. Cones, for example, can be painted on the edges with white paint. This design is well suited to winter holidays, creates a slight sense of cold. These elements can be covered with shiny gold or steel spray paint. From candies.
  2. . A candy tree will be a huge sweet surprise for kids. Use in this case you can absolutely any candy or chocolate candy. A beautiful view will have a topiary from chupa-chups.
  3. Out of felt. The topiary made of felt looks very nice and attractive. With such material it's very easy to work, so you can connect the child's skill and imagination to the process.
  4. Of satin ribbons. The tree of happiness in the form of flowers from satin ribbons has amazing beauty. Such a composition looks very attractive due to saturated and flickering ribbons.

Such attractive compositions can be easily presented to close people on a special occasion or simply as an attention.

Additional decor can serve as small beads or colored stones.

The most unusual topiarii with your own hands: new ideas

Unusual topiary can be done absolutely from any handy material, the main thing is to include a multi-faceted fantasy.

In today In the modern world, nothing will be left without attention for creating topiary - even pasta

Examples of unusual topiary:

  • Flowers made of notepaper. Very original and unusual will look like such flowers. Classical black and white coloring looks a bit strict, but quite interesting.
  • Of grains. And it can be absolutely different grains, from corn to coffee beans. Of course, such a tree will be counted very simple, but the process of making such a topiary will take a lot of time and patience.
  • Out of yarn. The yarn from the wool looks very unusual. Such a product brings comfort and comfort to any home.
  • From macaroni. Today, the producers of pasta can pamper us with products of various shapes and colors. Flour products can be left in the original form, and you can paint with colored paints.

Unusual in topiary can be a base, and a trunk, and a stand. It's important not to be afraid to experiment.

An unusual decoration can serve as a thin copper wire in the form of a spiral.

Learning to make creative topiarias at home

To create creative topiary is inherent in creative natures, whose thinking and ideas are unlimited.

On the eve of the New Year, please your loved ones with a topiary made of Christmas balls On the eve of the New Year, please your loved ones with the topiary of the Christmas balls

Some examples of creative topiary:

  1. From Christmas balls. In this case, it is better to use small balls of plastic or plastic of the same color. The void in this case can be filled with tinsel.
  2. Topiary - floating cup .The jet of the drink from the inverted cup is the frame.
  3. Of burlap, beads and lace. Such topiarias are often used as decorations for banquets. The production of this tree will take a sufficient amount of time and effort, but the effectiveness will justify all efforts. The tree of happiness in this performance is very impressive.
  4. Of umbrellas. Cocktail umbrellas are an interesting and simple option for a creative tree. Freshly berry.
  5. . Fresh berries. The base in this case is made in the form of a cone. Elements of decor can be strawberries, cherries, cherries. Such a delicious topiary will be relevant at any time of the year and an excellent gift for any holiday.

The trees of happiness in monophonic performance will look very impressive. And the emphasis should be on saturated bright colors: violet, green, blue, red, turquoise, etc.

Pretty creative is the topiary with the photo inside. The base, in a way, serves as a frame for framing a photo that is valuable and valuable to your life.

Doing expensive topiarios with your own hand

Expensive topiarias immediately imply the use of materials that are quite expensive financially. Such products require special care and caution, because the material is easily spoiled.

Topiary of money bills attracts money and wealth to the house The topiary of monetary denominations will draw into the house money and wealth

Expensive topiarias can be products:

  • Of cash notes or coins. In this case, the high cost of the product depends on individual welfare. And the color of the notes can be completely different. This solution does not spoil the general impression. In fact, this composition is a real tree of happiness. Often, as money notes used souvenir bills, which can be purchased at any store for needlework.
  • Of pearls. Such a topiary will be a rich and fashionable adornment for any home. A pearl tree can be presented as a gift for a wedding or other significant event.

The wooden stand can be decorated with coins or paste pictures with the image of Feng Shui signs.

You can make a product from expensive materials yourself, but to get started, it's better to familiarize yourself with the process, in order to avoid unforeseen additional costs.

Topiary in ekostile: master class( video)

If you are interested in the process of creating topiary and there was a great desire to try and not be afraid to translate your ideas into reality, then do not rush to buy most elements for the creative process in the store. Absolutely all the components can be made by hand. And such an occupation is no less interesting than the decoration of one crown. After all, interesting and original ideas appear during the process.

Creative Topiary own hands( photo example)