Topiary with their own hands: how to make beautiful, video, crafts from threads, making for the kitchen, small and unusual

Topiary is often made of natural materials Topiary is often made of natural materials Topiary means "European tree" or "tree of happiness" - a popular decoration for the interior, symbolizing well-being and prosperity in the house. This art has come to us relatively recently. Topiary is a small tree with a crown. The composition is created mainly from natural materials and is an ornament of any interior.

    • Create unusual toiarii with our own hands
    • How to start a newbie: a simple topiary
    • Making a topiary from pistachios
    • How to make topiary at home from rowan ash
    • Topiary: how to make quickly out of coffee beans
    • We make a topiary of threads with our own hands
    • We make a topiary for the kitchen by our own hands
    • Topiarii with our own hands: what is this
    • Mini-topiary with our hands: where to start
    • KaTo make a topiary bonsai with your own hands
    • Making a topiary lamp yourself
    • How to make a topiari with your own hands( video)
    • Examples of self-made topiarios( photo)

Creating unusual toiarii with your own hands

Creating an unusualTopiary is possible only with the help of original materials and ideas.

Such topiary can be:

  • From egg goose shell, decorated on one side with small bright beads or artificial flowers;
  • Of feather boa;
  • Of gold-painted paint spray of various gears, nuts and bolts;
  • From satin ribbons in the form of petals, when, as a result of the crown, a dahlia flower is obtained;
  • From macaroni. And they can be painted in bright green or blue;From dried mandarin peel.
  • .

If fantasy allows, you can embody the most daring idea when creating a topiary If imagination allows, you can realize the most daring idea when creating a topiary

The creative idea of ​​an unusual topiary is to make small pads for needles. Additional decor is provided by needles, pins, buttons and skeins of thread. This is a kind of needle bed for the most creative master.

The trunk and stand in skillful hands are transformed into unusual and original elements of the topiary.

Pictures of unusual topiarii can be viewed on the Internet.

How to start a newcomer: a simple topiary

Simple topiarios are performed absolutely from any material that is at hand at home.

To create a simple topiary material can be found even at home To create a simple topiary, the material can be found even at home

It can be:

  • Napkins;
  • Wrapping paper and ribbons;
  • Cotton swabs;
  • Figures from colored or corrugated paper;
  • Artificial flowers;
  • Beads, buttons or colored stones;
  • Yarn;
  • Nutshell, acorns and bumps;
  • Flowers from fabric.

Simple topiarias are made with a minimum of financial costs. Therefore, it is rational not to throw out interesting and unusual materials, but to save for further use.

Decorate a simple topiary can be elegant beads.

Manufacture of topiary from pistachios

The original idea for topiary is from pistachios.

Topiary from pistachios - original solution Topiary made of pistachios - original solution

Basically two pistols are used with pistachios:

  • First. A flower is made from the shell by gluing. Basically, in the composition of the three are not very large, or one, but more impressive. In this case, the twine is used.
  • Second. Paste the chopped shell on the ball.

In both cases, the pistachios can be left in their original form, which is quite cute, or painted in the right color.

For work it is better to use a whole and strong shell.

How to make topiary at home from rowan ash

Topiary from rowan berries is a very interesting idea for children's creativity. The manufacture of crafts in the home from small natural material well develops the child's abilities and motor skills.

To create topiary at home, you can use rowan To create a topiary at home, you can use rowan

Required materials:

  • Wooden or plastic stick;
  • Rowan branches;
  • Twine;
  • Packing of office pins;
  • Adhesive and scissors;
  • Polyfoam ball.
  • Flower pot;
  • A piece of styrofoam.

Getting Started. Cut out the foam plastic in the shape of a pot and plant the wrapped stick with a twine on the glue in the center of the stand. From above on a stick we fasten a foam ball and fix it with glue. Wait until the product dries. We begin decorating the ball with berries. To do this, each berry pierce a pencil pin and stick them into the crown tightly to each other.

Rowan berries should be dried beforehand, as they decrease in size during drying.

White foam can be pre-painted with red paint. Decorate the base of the pot can be dried leaves and cones.

Topiary: how to make quickly from coffee beans

To quickly and accurately make a topiary, then think in advance of the idea and prepare suitable materials. Topiary made from coffee beans is made very simply and quickly, but with taste.

Topiary of coffee beans perfectly fits into any interior of the kitchen Topiary made of coffee beans will perfectly fit into any interior of the kitchen

You will need:

  • Coffee beans;
  • Strong wire and thick thread for the barrel;
  • Polyfoam ball( bought from the store);
  • Gypsum and water to strengthen the stand;
  • The pot is brown;
  • Adhesive.

The most time-consuming and jeweled work process is the gluing of the grains onto the ball. And they can be glued on either side. Next, according to the usual scheme, a trunk is built, it is planted on a ball and immersed in a diluted gypsum pot.

Preliminary the ball must be dyed in a dark brown color.

You can decorate such a tree with a cinnamon stick. The fragrance in this case will be even more fascinating.

Globus-topiary: the technique of manufacturing with their own hands

Very often topiary made from coffee beans is made in the form of a globe.


  • The frame is made from the help of a wire wrapped in twine;
  • A ball is pierced through with a stick;
  • Crown is wrapped in twine, imitating the axle.

The globe-topiary looks very original, with its help you can decorate the room The globe-topiary looks very original, with its help you can decorate the room.

The globe in such an interesting design will decorate the schoolboy's table or any work surface.

The twine can be made lighter by soaking it in a chlorine solution.

We make a topiary of threads with our own hands

Quite unusual is a topiary with a transparent crown made of thread.

  • Inflate the balloon of the required size and wind it with a thread pre-impregnated with the glue. Wait until the PVA dries, pierce the ball with a needle and get it through the crack.
  • Prepare the barrel for the topiary from the wire so that the sphere from above stays steady.
  • Pour the prepared pot with diluted gypsum and place the trunk in the center until it dries completely. Then thread the barrel with threads or tape.
  • Secure the crown with hot melt.
  • Beautiful topiary of threads can be decorated with an additional decor, the balloon with flowers, and the trunk - with strung beads on the thread. Gypsum can be stashed with the same beads or thread of a different color and thickness.

    Winding the ball with wetted threads not completely, you can get another shape for the crown.

    We make the topiary for the kitchen with our own hands

    Kitchen is the only place in the house where you can place absolutely any topiary.

    But still the subject is closer:

    • Of plastic fruits, berries or vegetables:
    • Of coffee or other grains;
    • From macaroni;
    • Of bright colors;
    • Of nuts and acorns;
    • From the eggshell;
    • From the heads of onions and garlic;From sweets.

    Each hostess will appreciate such a topiary and certainly decorate their kitchen Each hostess will appreciate a similar topiary and will certainly decorate their kitchen with them

    A good idea can serve as a sisal decorated with decorative plastic exotic fruits.

    Very often topiary for the kitchen is decorated with various spices, the aroma of which favorably affects the appetite.

    Topiary "soaring cup" is most combined with the general atmosphere of the kitchen.

    Topiarii outdoor with his own hands: what is it?

    The popular topiary is very popular. The technique of production is similar to the usual topiary, the only difference is its larger size.

    Outdoor topiarium in your home will create an atmosphere of coziness Outdoor topiary in your home will create an atmosphere of comfort

    Additional tools for the manufacture of outdoor topiary:

    • Pliers;
    • Construction knife;
    • Pistol with liquid glue.

    The floor topiary is built taking into account the size of the room so that when placed on the floor, the tree of happiness is harmoniously matched with the overall interior. This topiary looks good near the picture.

    The longer the flower leg on the ball, the larger the sphere looks.

    It is necessary to pay special attention to the weight of the finished product, and take into account the size of the stand and the amount of gypsum in it.

    Mini-topiariy with your own hands: where to start

    You can learn the techniques of making a tree of happiness by making a smaller version of yourself - mini-topiary. Such a product will look beautiful in the form of a souvenir on the shelf or it will be an original surprise for the holiday.

    Mini topiari is perfect for the role of a small souvenir or gift close to

    Ideas for mini-topiary:

    • As a stand, you can use any lid from spirits, cups from candles or caps fromDeodorants;
    • For the trunk suited skewers, toothpicks or candy sticks;
    • A ball for tennis or an antiperspirant ball will serve as a ball;
    • The decor can serve everything that is in the house;
    • You can fasten the tree with plasticine or putty. This material is more than enough to hold such a lightweight product.

    The small topiary is made much faster and its costs are minimal.

    The finished tree has a height of no more than 20 cm.

    How to make a topiary bonsai with your own hands

    A topiary made by bonsai has a special charm and attractiveness. And with such a task to cope with their own hands is not a problem, rather, it will even bring a lot of pleasure.

    For bonsai production you need:

    • Styrofoam ball;
    • Artificial branches of green color;
    • Wire;
    • Several thick sticks of the same length;
    • Pot.

    Minimum costs - and the topiary bonsai is ready to please your eye The minimum cost - and the topiary bonsai is ready to please your eye

    The work should begin with making a notch in the ball and decorating it with twigs. Stick them must be dense, if necessary, secure with glue. Then tie the sticks with wire on both sides and attach one end to the ball, secure with glue. The second connected end should be placed in the center of the pot and covered with gravel or gravel.

    Additional pot decorations can be pieces of moss, and a ball - several blossoming flowers.

    We make the topiary-lamp with our own hands

    Creativity and tremendous creativity have made it possible to transform the topiary into a real lamp. Topiary light-fitting harmoniously fits into the interior of any room.

    The topiary lamp will not only decorate the room, but it will also become a very practical piece of furniture The topiary lamp will not only decorate the room, but it will also become a very practical piece of the interior.

    To make a topiary lamp you will need:

    • Finished topiary;
    • LED Light Bulb;
    • Wire.

    How to do topiary with your own hands, perhaps we will not. We will emphasize its transformation into a lamp. Everything is very simple. The only thing is to get the end of the wire through the tree trunk so that when connecting the bulb it does not look out of the sphere. Accordingly, the wire should be carefully secured.

    As a crown it is rational to use a homemade sphere of threads. In working condition, the luminaire will pass additional light through the void between the fibers.

    A popular trend was the manufacture of a wood-lamp from an artificial pumpkin. Such a product adorns the room all year round.

    How to make a topiary with your own hands( video)

    Topiary can be made from a wide variety of materials, there is no restriction of the color gamut in such a composition. There are no specific rules and instructions in the appearance of the tree. Everything depends on the creativity, ideas and imagination of the creator. It is very simple to take care of such a wonder-tree, it is enough to brush off the dust periodically and protect it from direct sunlight.

    Examples own hands made Topiary( photo)