Topiary of seashells with their own hands step-by-step photo: from marine master class, mk

Topiary of shells will always remind you of the best moments of your life spent at sea The topiary of shells will always remind you of the best moments of your life spent at sea For the first time, the technique of creating topiary from shells with your own hands appeared in ancient Egypt when creating the "Hanging Gardens".In that era, by "topiary" was meant exclusively figured cutting of bushes and trees. As it spread to other countries, the masters turned their attention to pebbles, beads and shells. There are many technologies that allow creating different-sized compositions.

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Stylish topiary from seashells : master class

The marine theme prevails in souvenirs brought from vacation. If the holiday is still a long way off, then it's easy to make a decorative composition with your own hands. First you need to choose the shape, size and color solution. To direct the imagination in the right direction will help the photo of the finished works. The next step is to collect in the necessary amount of material for creativity. If it was not possible to bring the seashells out of the holiday, you should go to the store of goods for needlework.

When choosing a material, you need to remember the place where the finished composition will be. For office, a reserved red or burgundy is chosen, and for the bedroom - sky blue. It is recommended to use compositions from cockleshells in the living room or bedroom, where it will be more appropriate.

To diversify the composition, you should take seashells of different colors and shades To diversify the composition, you need to take seashells of different colors and shades

For work you will need:

  • Multicolored beads.
  • Seashells of dark and light shades.
  • Small pot.
  • Several skewers.
  • Polystyrene beads.
  • Sisal blue.
  • Satin ribbons in different colors.
  • Acrylic paints.
  • Scissors.
  • Brushes.
  • Construction gypsum.
  • Putty.
  • Adhesive gun.

Before you start, you must put before your eyes a visual implementation of what is planned to be implemented. This is done to avoid possible errors. Correlating your own actions with the picture, you can always see how successfully the work is progressing. If the experience in creating compositions from shells is not - better to print step-by-step execution. It will not be out of place for newcomers to visit specialized master classes.

We create a topiary from shells with our own hands

To begin with, you need a large table, protected by oilcloth. Underneath it there should be no carpet that gets dirty. Nearby put a trash can, where immediately go excess parts. The preparatory stage is completed by checking the integrity of all containers and the strength of the skewers. If during work any tool breaks - it is necessary to begin all anew.

Shells on topiary perfectly match with beads of golden color Seashells on topiary are perfectly matched with beads of golden color

The practical stage begins with mixing of building gypsum or putty with water. Orientation will be a thick consistency. After making sure that the resulting mixture has become thick, it should be carefully poured into a prepared pot. Immediately after this, skewers are stuck. With the help of a glue gun, balls of foam are attached to the tops of the skewers.

Then you need to do the following:

  • The end of the satin ribbon is attached to the skewer near the base of the ball.
  • The free end should be wrapped around the entire length of the skewer.
  • Secure the tape with glue, and cut off the excess.
  • The ball is decorated with shells, greased with glue.
  • It is recommended to glue 2-4 shells on each ball.
  • The pot is decorated with white acrylic paint. Allow the pot to dry for 10-12 minutes.
  • On top of the white paint, light blue brush strokes are applied.
  • On the putty putty or gypsum in the pot is applied glue.
  • The sisal is attached over the glue.

Beautiful topiary made of shells mc

It happens that handicrafts sold in stores are not pleasing to the eye, that's why many people want to master the decorative technique themselves. Make a topiary is not very difficult, the main thing is that the hand was strong, and the eye - accurate. In the rest it is necessary to rely entirely on imagination, but you should not overload the composition too much. Otherwise, it seems lurid.

To diversify such a topiary can be with the help of a starfish or smooth colored stones It is possible to diversify such a topiary with a starfish or smooth colored stones

As additional tools to diversify the composition from shells, it is recommended to use the following:

  • Pearls that will become a visual center of the composition.
  • Beads for the formation of visual accents.
  • Multicolored bows made from satin ribbon.
  • Chaotically located rhinestones will give lightness.

Do not focus on shells solely as the main material for the composition. They can be used freely, for example, as a decorative element for mirrors or pots. The only recommendation is the correct color selection. Identical it should not, but too strong a visual difference will be redundant.

Topiary of seashells in the interior

Minimalism is the basis of compositions made from shells. Designers are advised to approach the creation of a new topiary with restraint. It is necessary to look at the object that is planned to be used. What strengths and weaknesses does he have?How can they be used?Correct answers to these questions will help you choose the right option.

If this did not help, you can visit a master class where an experienced designer will devote to the secrets of mastery. If desired, you can take with you several objects that are planned to decorate. A specialist on the spot will give practical advice.

  • Decorate with shells containers for things or flower pots. Among the most commonly used solutions are:
    • Decorate with shells containers for things or flower pots.
    • Topiary beads are decorated with beads.
    • Seashells just lay out any geometric shapes that are in demand in a modern interior.
    • You can use shells and pebbles, which requires sea stones, strong twine and burlap.
    • From shells it is easy to create a bonsai, taking for this several shells, 2 skewers and glue.

    The topiary of shells is an easily created composition that easily fits into the interior of a living room, office or living room. The main thing is to correctly choose the color of all elements. The bedroom focuses on ease of perception and calm tone, and in the office or in the store - on a warm scale.

    Workshop on making topiary of seashells( video)

    As additional decorative elements ribbons, beads, pearls and everything that is easy to find in the cabinet are used. It is not recommended to overload the composition too much.

    topiary in the interior of the shell( photo)